bluQube Software

bluQube provides on-premise and cloud-based accounting software that includes features such as real-time data syncing, accounting tools, integrated ledgers and cash management.

The solution offers an accounting dashboard which provides an overview of an organization's finances, including reports on project expenses, budgets, cash flows and financial plans. bluQube offers iOS-based mobile apps that let employees submit receipts, bills, purchase orders and more. The purchase order screen displays a list of pending and closed orders.

Users can approve purchase orders individually or in bulk. The solution also integrates with other business applications to enable data syncing, including customer relationship management solutions, enterprise resource management software and payroll programs. bluQube also offers customizable forms, which enables users to create templates for bills, purchase orders, invoice receipts and pay orders.

bluQube includes customer support via phone and email, along with an online discussion forum for registered members.

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