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TurningPoint Accounting is a solution best suited for companies who outgrow QuickBooks and other systems meant for smaller businesses, but aren’t yet ready for a more sophisticated system.

This solution is designed primarily to serve businesses in the distribution, manufacturing, and service-providing industries with around $25 million in sales volume.

TurningPoint fills the needs of companies outgrowing their core applications by integrating accounting, inventory management, purchase and sales orders, and reporting functionality in one complete system. 

The system provides an easily accessible cross-section called the Financial Snapshot Report. This function depicts cash balances, AP, and AR in an intuitive, integrated display. It can support multiple locations of warehouses, utilize multiple different kinds of measurement and store multiple different prices for goods and services.

Users who have specific preferences can even customize their own reminders, field labels, and other parts of the user interface. The interfact is modeled after Microsoft Explorer to leverage user familiarity.

TurningPoint has the ability to launch Microsoft Office applications within the system, ensuring unified Crystal Reports is used by TurningPoint to create standardized, recognizable reports.

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Supported Operating System(s):

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000

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June 2010

Lisa from Dowers Roofing Inc.

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Customer support


June 2010


I would recommend Red Wing software without any hesitation, thanks to the software support team.


I converted from Red Wing DOS to TurningPoint through the Internet with RW transferring data. I had read info I got off RW website so I was alittle familiar with the new look of AR, AP & GL, but of course it was still like sitting down to a new job! But I took it day by day, and with RW support I was surprised at how fast I became used to the new programs.


I guess the biggest problem was switching to new programs after 18 years of doing it all without thinking! But it can be done, even though there were times that I was frustrated that all I had was support by phone. Looking back, I am extremely glad I made the change. And I still find easier ways to do my work even a year and a half from my conversion.