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Omnitraq is a business intelligence solution that offers data mining and speech analytics tools for large and midsize call centers in a variety of industries.

Omnitraq can capture customer interaction data from a number of sources, such as online video and audio files, customer phone calls and chat logs and text. Brand sentiment data, news coverage and user reviews can also be analyzed. Omnitraq includes a starter phrase list to help users build a database of analyzed words and phrases, and this database can be configured to suit a company’s needs using the report configuration tool.

Users can save and review call logs and sort calls by phone numbers, agent, call type, time and duration. Call reports include client contact details such and a list of identified words and phrases, plus the timestamp for when each was spoken.

Pricing is per month. Support is offered via email and over the phone.


Omnitraq - Call summary
  • Omnitraq - Call summary
    Call summary
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    Configure reports
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    Call transcript
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic)

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