About CallPro CRM

CallPro CRM is a cloud-based sales and marketing solution that comprises email marketing, customer relationship management, lead profiling, website tracking, and outbound calling functionalities. It has the ability to build campaigns which can be triggered by set parameters and behaviors, actions and communications to turn prospects into customers.

Users can nurture prospects and engage with the different methods of communication, whether that’s a unique email or a direct SMS.

CallPro CRM allows organizations to track a prospect from its inception through to creating a profile in order to target a new customer and decide who may need further nurturing.

The solution's integrated call center application helps ensure leads are followed up regularly. Progressive dialing, click-to-dial, and preview dialing help manage daily call volume, agent productivity, and customer satisfaction.

CallPro CRM offers support via phone and email.

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Supported Operating System(s):

Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 10

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November 2017

Cris from Solar Energy Company

Verified Reviewer

Review Source: GetApp



Value for money


Customer support




November 2017

Avoid FiveCRM "AT ALL COST" Horrific Company to work with!


This is a company that you should avoid “AT ALL COST”, let me start by saying that I would not take the time or spend the effort to post my reviews online unless there was something seriously wrong going on with them and the way they treated me.

1st. They outright lie. I was promised a custom CRM build for a fee which is advertised on their website. I was told this would include setup of dispositions, dialer, SMS, calendar…..etc. – This was all promised to me via email (I have copies of these emails that are time stamped). Instead of providing a custom setup as promised, I was given an EXACT copy of my competitors CRM. They literally handed me all of my competitors’ information on a silver platter. This included my competitors’ dispositions, sales scripts, email templates, email addresses, templates with vendor information, their API password, user, service provider, and much more. Again, I have screenshots of this information which I intend to provide on a public blog as evidence due to the fact that the FiveCRM CEO is outright lying about this happening.

2nd. After they got me signed up, the software did not work and would not dial out. They blamed the problem on Google. I had to wait over 6 days until they finally told me nothing could be done and that I had to use Firefox. Note, I had already sent them payment for services, however services where not working as promised or described. They offered me nothing for these 6 days of unavailable service which I had paid for.

3. They claim to offer phone support. This is another lie. Call their office in Clearwater Florida and 1 person will answer the phone. If you need support he sends an IM to the 1 tech support guy they have working there. Then he might take days to respond that he is pushing you off to their ticket system.

4. I tried to use their software, however I had to spend days removing my competitors’ information and replacing it with my own. I made calls for approximately 3-5 days until hurricane Irma hit us and we had to shut our doors. I called and emailed explaining this was an extreme emergency situation and that I needed my account put on hold. We were shut down and could not use the software which I had just purchased, had MAJOR ISSUES with. Their response was as expected. They took days to respond and when they did, the response was “Too Bad - Pay us more money or we’ll close your account”. This was after I had already invested money and time with them. And, they knew it.

5. They made numerous charges to my credit card that made no sense and that could not be explained in any reasonable manner. When I first asked about the charges, their response was “You are all paid up”. In addition, the charges did not match what was agreed upon via email (Again, which I have copies of), and will include in my upcoming blog. Yet, I used their product for under 1 week at best, and had nothing but problems with it. In addition, this was happening while my state was being devastated by hurricane Irma.

6. They show zero compassion nor do they care about their customers. Eventually, my complaints made it to the CEO where I explained that I wanted to work in a reasonable manner to rectify my dissatisfaction, and I asked for a compromise. I could not believe his response! He was combative and he even claimed that I owed him more money.

He then sent another follow up email stating that he intends to dispute all my claims, Again, just being uncooperative and combative while ignoring the evidence. No apologies, or even basic customer service comes from FiveCRM. The people at FiveCRM have really bad attitudes, they outright lie, and this behavior comes from the top down.

February 2016

Alex from More Play

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Customer support


February 2016


CallPro is a fantastic CRM, since we fully integrated it it has doubled our revenue, significantly helping our business grow. We found all the capabilities really useful specifically the very customisable calling and email marketing functionalities. This is one thing which we felt put it way ahead of any other of the rival CRMs, it's an extremely customisable system. Also we're not stuck in a year long contract which was a big deal breaker for us.

Response from Quality System Solutions

Replied February 2016

Thank you for your feedback, Alex. We're pleased to hear your positive comments.