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ECTS is a cloud-based complaint management solution that helps businesses across various industry verticals to automate and manage their complaint workflow process.

ECTS allows customers to submit issues and complaints electronically via external web portals. Users can notify appropriate staff members  of incoming complaints, assign follow-up tasks, perform collaborative investigations and tracking progress until complaints are resolved. The software provides users with customizable settings to configure workflow processes and alter user actions at different stages of a complaint. Users are provided with a central dashboard and calendar to prioritize and keep track of active complaints.

ECTS also enables users to upload, view, download and categorize documents. Users can perform searches based on customizable filters and generate reports.

ECTS offers a perpetual and annual licenses. Support is available via phone, email and other online resources.


ECTS - Complaints
  • ECTS - Complaints
  • ECTS - Administrator controls
    Administrator controls
  • ECTS - Consumer portal
    Consumer portal
  • ECTS - Dashboard
  • ECTS - Reports
  • ECTS - Calendar
Supported Operating System(s):
IBM OS/400, Web browser (OS agnostic)

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