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Midex Time Control is a cloud-based time and attendance software that tracks employees’ time at work, paid time off, sick days, vacations, holidays, overtime and shift scheduling. It helps users automate payroll processing and manage employee attendance.

Users can track attendance at multiple locations and view when employees are late for work, leaving early or absent. Midex Time Control allows users to assign employees to more than one location or team, and users can generate time cards for employees that allow employees to divide hours between different locations.

Multiple report formats are available, and users can run reports that summarize employee working hours and total cost of labor. The solution is compatible with biometric and non-biometric standalone time clocks.

Pricing is per employee per month.


Midex Time Control - Punctuality report
  • Midex Time Control - Punctuality report
    Punctuality report
  • Midex Time Control - Individual employee attendance
    Individual employee attendance
  • Midex Time Control - Schedule calendar
    Schedule calendar
  • Midex Time Control - Vacation scheduling
    Vacation scheduling
  • Midex Time Control - Time card
    Time card
  • Midex Time Control - Time worked by department
    Time worked by department
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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