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AdTriba is a cloud-based reporting tool that gathers data from multiple marketing channels and provides reports on campaign performance. It is suitable for small to midsize businesses across all industries.

AdTriba’s reports aggregate data from various platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google apps, as well as information from both converting and non-converting customer journeys. It tracks digital campaign touches and utilizes machine learning algorithms to measure the performance of channels and campaign. The results are displayed on a dashboard, and each channel has its own dashboard.

AdTriba also provides campaign-optimization suggestions, scenario and what-if analysis. Users can compare return on investment based on various attribution models including last-click attribution and algorithm-based attribution.

Support is provided via live chat and email. Pricing is per month.


AdTriba - Project dashboard
  • AdTriba - Project dashboard
    Project dashboard
  • AdTriba - Performance report
    Performance report
  • AdTriba - Customer journey report
    Customer journey report
  • AdTriba - Channel report
    Channel report
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 10

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