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InfiSecure is a cloud-based bot mitigation solution that provides protection to online businesses against threats from scrapers, hackers and spammers.

InfiSecure features bot detection technology that protects websites against threats that cause issues such as web and price scraping, account takeover, credential stuffing, carding fraud, form spam, skewed analytics and inventory exhaustion. The solution features 'Known Violators Testing' that tests website hits against proxy IPs, TOR exit nodes, harvesters and downloaders. It uses 'Device Fingerprinting' that analyzes device-level data to retrieve the source of the bots.

Additionally, InfiSecure offers features such as IP behavior analysis, user behavior analysis, machine learning algorithms and real-time automated blocking of malicious bot traffic. It provides users with APIs that help in integrating the solution with existing user website.

InfiSecure offers services on a monthly subscription basis that includes support via phone and email.


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Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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