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WinAntiRansom is an on- premise IT security solution platform for small businesses and individual customers that helps users block ransomware and malware and prevent zero-day attacks. The artificial intelligence engine pre-emptively detects and blocks current and future versions of ransomware. Access history provides users with a list of files or folders opened by programs not considered safe.

WinAntiRansom’s “Safe Zone” feature allows users to designate certain folders on their workstation that are protected, so only approved programs can access the files contained within them. The program also automatically protects registry keys, as well as any predefined keys the user wishes to protect. It provides layered protection via SafeZone, network lockdown and registry protection.

Licenses for WinAntiRansom are sold on a subscription basis, renewed annually, for one, three or five workstations. Support is provided via email.


WinAntiRansom - File access history
  • WinAntiRansom - File access history
    File access history
  • WinAntiRansom - Registration page
    Registration page
  • WinAntiRansom - Pre-emptive ransomware block
    Pre-emptive ransomware block
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 10

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