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About Fairwinds Insights

Fairwinds Insights is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution that helps businesses of all sizes automate, monitor and enforce best practices across Kubernetes-based applications. It enables team members to identify errors, scan for vulnerabilities and audit clusters to reduce issues related to compliance, downtime and cost overruns. Fairwinds Insights' built-in dashboard lets staff members automatically generate cluster reports to gain insights into security, efficiency and reliability issues. The action items functionality allows employees to assign, search and resolve issues based on specific categories and pre-defined priority lists. Additionally, administrators can set up permissions and role-based access rights, restricting specific employees from view...

Fairwinds Insights Pricing

Fairwinds Insights offers a free Community package including 1 cluster, up to 5 nodes, up to 3 users, container image scanning, cluster security scanning, configuration validation, and workload optimization. See for other configuration pricing options.

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$79.00 per month

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