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Inuvika OVD Enterprise

Looking to replace Citrix or VMware Horizon? Look no further! Inuvika OVD Enterprise delivers Windows and Linux apps and desktops to any device. OVD Enterprise is built on Linux. With our resource containerization technology, ...Read more about Inuvika OVD Enterprise


Workspot is a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that is designed for businesses in finance, legal, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, life sciences, construction and education. Administrators can configure security policies acr...Read more about Workspot

ConnectWise Automate

ConnectWise Automate (Formerly LabTech) is a cloud-based and on-premise IT automation solution that helps companies track and manage IT assets from a single location. Content management features allow users to share documents an...Read more about ConnectWise Automate

ManageEngine Applications Manager

ManageEngine Applications Manager is an application performance monitoring and observability solution that is designed to empower businesses with deep insights into the performance, health, and availability of their critical appli...Read more about ManageEngine Applications Manager

ManageEngine OpManager

ManageEngine OpManager is a network management solution that includes network and server monitoring, bandwidth analysis, configuration management and fault management. The solution is suitable for businesses of all sizes. OpManag...Read more about ManageEngine OpManager


Centricity is an application platform developed by CloudHesive. It is for AWS management professionals without cloud service, maintenance, or development expertise. Amazon Web Services users can benefit from this SaaS web-based to...Read more about Centricity

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Nerdio empowers IT professionals and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to deploy, manage, and cost optimize virtual desktops in Microsoft Azure. Nerdio Manager for Enterprise is a packaged Azure application that runs in users’ own ...Read more about Nerdio

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Cortado MDM

Cortado is an intuitive mobile device management solution that allows businesses to enroll and manage mobile devices, deploy and manage apps, and ensure data security. Cortado MDM utilizes native management capabilities to support...Read more about Cortado MDM

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Virtual Desktops

Evolve IP Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a cloud-hosted virtual desktop solution that helps businesses of all sizes streamline processes related to remote working. It comes with built-in antivirus and malware protection tools, ens...Read more about Virtual Desktops


VMmanager is a server virtualization management platform that helps users create a scalable QEMU/KVM or LXC/LXD virtual environment. The software's core features are: - High availability clusters - Network management: IP managem...Read more about VMmanager

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Paperspace is a desktop virtualization solution that lets businesses run virtual machines and desktops on Windows operating systems. Product designers can utilize the platform to handle graphical workloads including rendering, bui...Read more about Paperspace

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Seebo is a cloud-based internet of things (IoT) development platform that helps businesses in the manufacturing industry design and deliver connected products and systems. The solution combines tools for IoT modeling, simulation, ...Read more about Seebo

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Sketchfab is a web-based viewing, creating, and publishing tool for 3D models. With this solution, users can organize models using the tool's collection, tag, and category options. 3D models created with Sketchfab can be embedded ...Read more about Sketchfab


FastDesk is a desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) solution designed to help businesses access, and audit manage remote desktops using virtualization techniques. Hosted on DDoS-protected cloud infrastructure, it enables IT teams store and ...Read more about FastDesk

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Cameyo is the secure and 70% more cost-effective alternative to virtual desktop products like Citrix & VMware. Cameyo's Virtual App Delivery (VAD) service provides ultra-secure access to all SaaS, legacy Windows & internal apps yo...Read more about Cameyo


Incredibuild is a cloud-based and on-premise platform designed to help small to large organizations manage compilation, testing and release automation processes while building applications. Features include continuous integration,...Read more about Incredibuild

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Fairwinds Insights

Fairwinds Insights is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution that helps businesses of all sizes automate, monitor and enforce best practices across Kubernetes-based applications. It enables team members to identify errors,...Read more about Fairwinds Insights

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Citrix DaaS

Citrix DaaS is a cloud-based and on-premise virtualization solution designed to help businesses enable secure and remote access to Windows, Linux and web applications and ensure desktop delivery from multiple devices over any netw...Read more about Citrix DaaS

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Runecast is a provider of one solution designed to help IT Security and Operations teams like yours effectively manage and mitigate risks. Our platform offers a range of valuable features to enhance your operational efficiency and...Read more about Runecast

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Systancia Workplace

Systancia Workplace is an application virtualization product that enables immediate access to virtual desktops and applications, both on-premise and in the cloud. With admirable performance in application access, flexible deployme...Read more about Systancia Workplace

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Virtualization Manager

Virtualization Manager is an automation and troubleshooting solution purpose-built for managing virtualized data centers. The platform offers a unified monitoring observability and service management platform that enables organiza...Read more about Virtualization Manager

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BigPanda is an AIOps solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to event correlation, outage resolution, incident response and more on a centralized platform. It allows staff members to use artificial intelligence...Read more about BigPanda

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Ace Cloud Hosting

ACE Cloud Hosting’s Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a virtual desktop environment offering customized desktop solutions for diverse industries. ACE’s DaaS ensures efficient virtual desktop and application delivery over secure chann...Read more about Ace Cloud Hosting

4.6 (7 reviews)


ScienceLogic is an AIOps and IT monitoring platform, which helps businesses of all sizes monitor service health across cloud and on-premise infrastructure. Features include prioritization, real-time data, workflow automation, beha...Read more about ScienceLogic

4.5 (2 reviews)


Tehama is a digital workplace software that helps businesses manage employees, products, finances, sales, expenses, and more on a unified interface. The platform enables teams to handle employee schedules, payroll, inventory, sale...Read more about Tehama


LoadUI Pro is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses of all sizes conduct load, stress and endurance tests for API frameworks, microservice architecture and databases. It enables IT professionals to use the predefined functi...Read more about ReadyAPI

4.6 (5 reviews)

Cloud Servers

Cloud servers offers different types of cloud software to users, from private cloud options to cloud adoption and migration. It also offers cloud optimization tools, rackspace elastic engineering tools, multicloud tools and many m...Read more about Cloud Servers

NovaBACKUP Server Agent

NovaBACKUP Server Agent is a backup solution that delivers Windows Server, Hyper-V, and VMware backup for small and medium-sized organizations. The all-in-one solution provides quick and easy recovery of lost data to minimize down...Read more about NovaBACKUP Server Agent


CloudSigma is a pure-cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provider that enables the digital industrial economy through its highly-available, flexible, enterprise-class hybrid cloud servers and ...Read more about CloudSigma

5.0 (9 reviews)

Thinfinity Remote Desktop

Thinfinity Remote Desktop allows you to securely deliver your Windows applications and desktops to any device with an HTML5 browser, no matter if they are hosted on the cloud, installed on-premises, or on hybrid architectures. Thi...Read more about Thinfinity Remote Desktop

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SkyCiv Structural 3D

SkyCiv Structural 3D is an engineering CAD software that helps structural engineers design structures such as buildings, bridges, and more. The platform enables managers to access beam calculators, design modules and section datab...Read more about SkyCiv Structural 3D

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Aviatrix creates a streamlined and uniform networking architecture within and among cloud service providers to enable an enterprise-grade secure cloud network, backbone, and edge for mission-critical applications. In conjunction w...Read more about Aviatrix

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Datadog is the monitoring, security and analytics platform for developers, IT operations teams, security engineers and business users in the cloud age. Datadog's SaaS platform integrates and automates infrastructure monitoring, ...Read more about Datadog

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IR Collaborate

IR Collaborate is a unified communications monitoring platform designed to help businesses predict disruptions and optimize performance across on-premise, cloud, or hybrid audio, voice, and other collaboration systems. Managers ca...Read more about IR Collaborate


PagerDuty is an incident management solution for monitoring systems and triggering alerts. Key features include monitoring aggregation, event grouping, real-time collaboration, mobile incident management, user reporting and live-c...Read more about PagerDuty

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Google Cloud Compute Engine

Google Cloud Compute Engine delivers configurable virtual machines running in Google’s data centers with access to high-performance networks and storage. Users can configure their virtual machines by choosing a machine type and ad...Read more about Google Cloud Compute Engine

4.5 (8 reviews)


Tilesview is an AI-based software that will assist customers in creating the ideal design for their spaces. It displays a 3-D view of any room with selected tiles. It offers a wide range of room previews in various categories. Fo...Read more about TilesView

5.0 (2 reviews)


StackBill enables you to launch or enhance your public cloud business with highly efficient, cost-effective, reliable, and scalable solutions through Apache CloudStack Orchestration Engine. StackBill provides an enormous number o...Read more about Stackbill

5.0 (3 reviews)

Thinfinity Remote Workspace

Thinfinity Workspace enables remote access to ALL your apps, desktops, and files on any device. Get the most cost-efficient and scalable remote access and application delivery solution. Create secure digital workspaces that users ...Read more about Thinfinity Remote Workspace

5.0 (2 reviews)

Thinfinity VirtualUI

Thinfinity Virtual UI delivers proprietary Windows applications to the web. It is like a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, but without the coding and infrastructure headaches. Just add a single line of code to your existing a...Read more about Thinfinity VirtualUI

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Venn’s purpose-built patented Secure BYO-PC technology is designed to secure remote work on any unmanaged or BYOD computer and provide a new alternative to VDI. Similar to an MDM solution, but for laptops – work lives in a company...Read more about Venn

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Softdrive is a high-performance GPU virtual desktop. Softdrive is the least expensive and only GPU Cloud-PC that has its own cutting edge remote desktop Software that feels like a local PC. Download Softdrive app on any old com...Read more about Softdrive

Talos OS

If you want to run Kubernetes, Talos OS is the right choice. Talos OS will automate the secure installation of a purpose-built operating system. It will install Kubernetes for you, configured for security. It will automate or e...Read more about Talos OS

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Neverinstall is designed to get access to desktop-class applications without downloading or installing them on users machines. With Neverinstall, users get the ability to launch only one pre-installed application in a single works...Read more about Neverinstall

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Flaneer is a virtual desktop provider. With Flaneer, your staff can access their work environment in 1 click, and in any situation (WFH, mobility, etc), and from any device (tablet, PC, laptop). With Flaneer you can configure a...Read more about Flaneer

5.0 (4 reviews)

Oracle Linux

Oracle Linux is an open-source operating system that helps businesses streamline application development and virtualization operations of cloud-based applications. The application allows IT teams to apply security patches to a run...Read more about Oracle Linux

Amazon EC2

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a web service designed to help businesses with cloud computing, video encoding, batch processing and big data analytics for developing graphic-intensive applications. Key features inclu...Read more about Amazon EC2

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OpenText Exceed TurboX

OpenText Exceed TurboX is a cloud-based remote desktop solution that lets users access their applications securely from a unified platform and boost productivity in a hybrid work environment. It provides a wide range of industry-s...Read more about OpenText Exceed TurboX

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Citrix Hypervisor

Citrix Hypervisor is a virtualization platform that allows businesses to run multiple operating systems on one server. It offers the ability for businesses to consolidate and transform virtual machines from any server and access r...Read more about Citrix Hypervisor

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IBM Turbonomic

Turbonomic is an application resource management solution that helps businesses across healthcare, banking, retail and other industries track the performance of applications in various cloud environments. It allows IT teams to all...Read more about IBM Turbonomic

4.4 (8 reviews)


SuprXR offers unity 3D, augmented reality, virtual reality, metaverse, WebAR, 3D modeling, game development and game design. Technical skills include - Engines: Unity 3D - Virtual Reality: HTC Vive, Oculus DK2, Gear VR, Google C...Read more about SuprXR

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VM Backup

Hornetsecurity‘s VM Backup is a powerful, reliable and easy-to-use backup and replication solution for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware virtual machines (VMs) and physical Windows servers, to protect against enterprise data loss. The ...Read more about VM Backup

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Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

Evolve IP’s omnichannel contact center helps organizations manage voice, telephonic, email and other communications on a centralized portal. The platform allows managers to manage operations in real-time and gain visibility into t...Read more about Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

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Virtual Desktops

ComputerVault Virtual Desktops are an on-premises virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution that provides users with a secure, scalable, and accessible computing environment. It allows organizations to centralize their desktop...Read more about Virtual Desktops

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HPE GreenLake

HPE GreenLake is a cloud management platform that allows businesses to create, manage and deploy applications in the cloud. It is used for building and managing hybrid clouds. It allows users to manage their data in multiple locat...Read more about HPE GreenLake

4.7 (3 reviews)

Commvault Cloud

Commvault® Cloud is the industry’s only platform for cyber resilience, built to meet the demands of the hybrid enterprise at the lowest TCO, in the face of ransomware and other cyber threats. Commvault Cloud unifies the best dat...Read more about Commvault Cloud

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Traverse is a cloud-based network monitoring solution that offers tools to monitor hybrid cloud and network infrastructure. The solution is designed to help service providers and enterprises manage their data flow across multiple ...Read more about Traverse

5.0 (2 reviews)

VMware Fusion

VMware Fusion is a user-friendly application that lets users run Windows and other x86 operating systems on their Mac. With its drag-and-drop nature, VMotion, snapshots and other features that maximize the performance of their Mac...Read more about VMware Fusion

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vSphere is a server virtualization solution, which enables businesses to run, manage, connect and secure applications in a unified operating environment. The system automatically restarts VMs in case of hardware failures and sends...Read more about vSphere

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vCenter Server

vCenter Server is a server management solution that helps businesses automate and build hybrid cloud infrastructures. Administrators can configure infrastructure-wide roles, permissions and licenses to allow specific users to log ...Read more about vCenter Server

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4Reality is a real-time 3D rendering software that helps users in crafting high-quality and photorealistic renders. It is designed to help create 3D models originating from various software such as Sketchup, SolidWorks, Revit, 3DS...Read more about 4Reality

No reviews yet is a cloud-based solution designed to facilitate secure remote access to various applications and servers. It is particularly suited to businesses with a distributed workforce, offering a range of device compatibility and...Read more about

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DesktopReady™ is a modern DaaS management platform, with built-in automation and monitoring that simplifies the delivery and management of cloud desktops. A fully managed packaged virtual desktop, it integrates best-in-class techn...Read more about DesktopReady

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Workspace ONE

Workspace ONE is a user-friendly intelligence-driven digital workspace solution that enables users to securely manage and deliver any app anywhere and on any device. It provides one source of truth for end user access, provisioni...Read more about Workspace ONE

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ThinApp is an application virtualization platform that streamlines app delivery and management. IT departments use ThinApp to combine applications, including those that cannot be packaged with the ThinApp package, into virtual app...Read more about ThinApp

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