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Speakeasy is a cloud-based conference calling web and mobile app for sales productivity. Key features include call recording and Salesforce integration.

This solution can automatically record meeting notes and log calls to Salesforce. Speakeasy is designed to complement mobile use so users can host, manage and control call from any device, anywhere.

Speakeasy can call users so they don’t miss a meeting. Users can select whether they would like to be called at start time or when others join the meeting. They can also let the system know they are already in the meeting, or they can ask the system to call them at another number.

In Speakeasy, screens, documents and files can be shared. Tasks can be assigned to team members and users can take notes all in one place.

Speakeasy is priced per user or per seat per month.

Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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