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TelePacific Communications is a provider of voice and data services that offers a cloud-based phone system known as TelePacific Hosted PBX. TelePacific also offers SIP trunking, PRI/CAS and analog services for businesses with on-premise PBX systems.

In addition to voice services, TelePacific provides Internet service with numerous connectivity options, including metro private line, Ethernet over copper/fiber and fixed wireless. By consolidating voice and data services with a single provider, organizations can decrease the time and expense involved in network troubleshooting and service providers can optimize traffic flow to improve voice quality.

TelePacific Hosted PBX includes a self-service portal that allows users to configure features and call routing settings. Administrators can manage group settings and reset passwords remotely without having to call for support.

In addition to standard PBX features such as call transferring and auto attendants, TelePacific offers advanced features like voicemail-to-email and Hosted Contact Center. Telepacific's Hosted Contact Center enables sophisticated modes of call routing such as Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)/call queuing as well as call reporting.


TelePacific Hosted PBX - Call logs
  • TelePacific Hosted PBX - Call logs
    Call logs
  • TelePacific Hosted PBX - Network node details
    Network node details
  • TelePacific Hosted PBX - Call detail filters
    Call detail filters
  • TelePacific Hosted PBX - Call reporting
    Call reporting
  • TelePacific Hosted PBX - Network monitoring overview
    Network monitoring overview
  • TelePacific Hosted PBX - Toll free configuration
    Toll free configuration
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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Karen from Orange County BAR Foundation
Specialty: Nonprofit

March 2015

March 2015

Telepacific Review



Product Quality

Customer Support
Likes Best

This system is easy to use. The vendor was very helpful in setting up the system and training on how to use. We are a small non profit, and the system we have is affordable and very user-friendly.

Likes Least

We have no complaints about the system or vendor. We have had the system for over two years and continue to be happy with it.


Know what your needs are before deciding what to invest in - you don't want to outgrow your system in a few years. Don't get something with too many features - one you won't use if it's too difficult.