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Simply Voting

Simply Voting is a web-based voting system that helps organizations manage elections securely. Over 5000 organizations across multiple industries rely on Simply Voting for safely executing their elections. Whether you are runni...Read more about Simply Voting


BigPulse is an online voting solution that helps organizations such as homeowner associations, universities and unions design and run multiple election campaigns. The application comes with an election manager, which lets team mem...Read more about BigPulse

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eBallot is a web-based voting platform designed to help businesses of all sizes. It provides the tools to help you get opinions and feedback on business decisions via secure online votes. With eBallot, you can build custom ballots...Read more about eBallot


Whether planning an AGM, town hall, special owner's, turnover or requisition meeting, CondoVoter ensures compliance with applicable legislation and proper governance protocols while using cutting-edge technology to provide users w...Read more about CondoVoter


NemoVote is a cloud-based voting software that helps businesses in manufacturing, consumer goods, retail, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, financial services, education, and other industries manage votes, conduct surveys, and receive...Read more about NemoVote

AssociationVoting offers an online voting solution to professional, religious, trade, and home / property management associations to manage their election process in a snap. The software offers personalized ballots for differ...Read more about AssociationVoting


DialogLoop is an Audience Engagement Platform for Presenters, Zoomers, Live Streamers, Companies, Performers, and Event Organizers who want to interact with their Audience during Live, Hybrid, and Remote Events. Create Polls, Wor...Read more about DialogLoop

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ONR app

ONR App is a community management platform that helps HOA and Condo board members, residents, and property managers with community management, amenities, and communication. The main features of ONR App include visitor management, ...Read more about ONR app

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Assembly Voting

Assembly Conference Voting is a secure and user-friendly all-in-one system designed to help private companies, professional associations, government bodies or NGOs to run digital or hybrid general meetings. It enables you to mana...Read more about Assembly Voting


SmartiElection is a political campaign management tool that helps organizations manage strategic planning operations across multiple levels, such as state, country, constituency, and ward. It enables staff members to centrally man...Read more about SmartiElection

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ONLZ is a multilingual online voting solution designed in Europe to ensure secure and transparent online elections and assemblies. With ONLZ, users can run national, local or private elections with an end-to-end auditable system w...Read more about ONLZ

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Designed for educational institutions, government organizations and businesses, Votrite is a cloud-based voting platform that helps manage electronic polls, mobile voting, data encryption, voting records and more....Read more about Votrite

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Voting 4 Schools

The software can be used for prom King and Queen voting, homecoming nominations, class elections, student body elections and many more types of school elections or nominations that you want to conduct online. Get accurate results...Read more about Voting 4 Schools

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Audience Response Systems

Audience Response Systems is an online voting solution that helps event organizers and trainers conduct online voting, capture audience response, and analyze results from within a unified platform. It allows staff members to creat...Read more about Audience Response Systems

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SurveyLegend is a cloud-based survey solution for individuals and businesses of all sizes. The solution enables users to create mobile-friendly surveys, manage survey questionnaires, customize questions and track responses. S...Read more about SurveyLegend

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Vevox is a cloud-based polling and Q&A platform designed to help educational institutions and businesses improve employee/student engagement via feedback, polls, interactive sessions and more. The application enables organizations...Read more about Vevox

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Boost voter turnout and empower your community to make informed decisions through comprehensive candidate information and voter education. BallotReady makes it easy to contact office holders, recruit candidates, and mobilize vote...Read more about BallotReady

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ElectionBuddy is a voting platform that helps organizations improve voter engagement, save time, create a better voter experience and ensure election integrity. The platform is used by over 40,000 organizations worldwide for remo...Read more about ElectionBuddy

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Designed for businesses in consumer electronics, pharmaceuticals, consulting, banking and other industries, CustomVote is a cloud-based voting solution that helps streamline online polling via QR codes, data export, online quizzes...Read more about CustomVote

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Meeting Manager

Meeting Manager is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses of all sizes plan, schedule, and handle meetings, voting processes, and related operations during remote or in-person meetings. It allows users to participate in the ...Read more about Meeting Manager

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