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WaiverFile is a digital signature software that helps businesses create, sign and send waivers to employees. The platform enables managers to securely store digital records of signed documents. It includes tools for creating waiv...Read more about WaiverFile

High Trek POS

High Trek POS is a retail management system designed to help capacity-based businesses such as adventure parks, waterparks, and FEC's manage online booking, point of sale, ticketing, customer experience, and other administrative o...Read more about High Trek POS


Wherewolf is a barcoding software that helps businesses store information such as dates, prices, and accommodation to host events. The platform enables managers to record guest data, monitor customer reviews and manage online pres...Read more about Wherewolf

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WaiverForever is an online solution for managing waivers across various industries such as fitness, beauty, sports, entertainment, non-profit, tourism, retail, rental, and events. The platform assists businesses in creating, colle...Read more about WaiverForever

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Clubspeed system is a powerful, venue management system designed for FECs and every team. The solution allows users to manage and improve customer engagement by collecting actionable insights into their behaviors. Regardless of sp...Read more about Clubspeed

Party Center Software

Party Center Software is an event and facility management platform that helps FECs and other entertainment venues streamline operations related to online bookings, online sales, digital waivers, point-of-sale, and integrated credi...Read more about Party Center Software

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LenzVU is a full-service digital waiver solution that offers a variety of options to simplify the process of managing your waiver and questionnaire needs. The solution eliminates the need for paper by digitizing liability waivers,...Read more about LenzVU

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Activity Messenger

Activity Messenger offers an all-in-one solution for the Sports and Leisure industry. From marketing to operational needs we help streamline your bookings and take care of all your communication needs. ...Read more about Activity Messenger

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ROLLER is a cloud-based software solution for attractions, entertainment and leisure venues. We help venues manage their operations and improve the guest experience while growing their business. Comprised of Ticketing, Point-of-Sa...Read more about ROLLER

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Agilysys DataMagine

Agilysys DataMagine is a cloud-based document management solution that helps businesses capture, store, share and print digital documents. The platform offers a variety of functionalities to help businesses streamline their front ...Read more about Agilysys DataMagine


Checkfront is a cloud-based business management software designed for tour operators, rental companies and accommodation providers. It offers booking and activity management, reservations and payment processing. Checkfront fe...Read more about Checkfront

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Waiver Electronic

Waiver Electronic is a digital signature solution designed to help businesses manage online liability waivers powering your business. With Waiver Electronic, you can make the waiver sign-up process quick, paperless and secure. We...Read more about Waiver Electronic

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WaiverSign is a digital signature solution that helps churches, resorts, yoga studios, salons, sports leagues, educational facilities, and other organizations capture and store customer signatures across digital waiver forms. It e...Read more about WaiverSign

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Smartwaiver is a cloud-based document management solution that helps businesses convert existing waivers into digital formats and facilitate deal-making operations from anywhere across the web. Features of Smartwaiver includ...Read more about Smartwaiver

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Oracle Textura Payment Management

Oracle Textura Payment Management is a construction payment management solution that manages all aspects of the construction financials while ensuring compliance with contractors and project mangers. The system allows construction...Read more about Oracle Textura Payment Management

eGolf Cart Waiver

The eGolf Cart Waiver is an user-friendly cloud-based platform which allows golf courses to easily manage their waivers. The platform helps users customize the layout of their waiver forms and add custom questions as well. Clubs c...Read more about eGolf Cart Waiver

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PandaDoc Waivers

PandaDoc Waivers allows users to create a smart electronic waiver that's legally valid in minutes. Whether you need a general liability release form, homeowner liability waiver, medical waiver form, or another kind of online waive...Read more about PandaDoc Waivers

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FormDr is a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based form builder application that allows organizations to create and send online forms to patients, enabling them to complete forms via mobile devices. It lets users set custom conditions, ensur...Read more about FormDr


With Demosphere, sports organizations can efficiently manage sports registration and scheduling without unnecessary stress. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of features to handle all aspects of the season, from tryouts an...Read more about Demosphere

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Cheddar Up

At Cheddar Up, our mission is to provide tools that help groups and organizations easily collect payments and information so they can save time, do more, and support and grow their communities. Groups and nonprofits use Cheddar U...Read more about Cheddar Up

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