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Amazon CloudWatch is an automated testing software designed to help DevOps engineers, IT managers, developers and site reliability engineers (SREs) monitor application performances. The platform enables administrators to set up alarms, detect anomalous behavior and troubleshoot issues across environments.

Managers can respond to performance changes and track the operational health of infrastructures on a unified interface. Amazon CloudWatch allows teams to collect and analyze metrics from distributed AWS applications including Amazon S3 and Amazon DynamoDB. Additionally, supervisors can also gain insights into log analytics and address operational issues in real-time.

Amazon CloudWatch lets businesses integrate the system with AWS Identity and Access Mana...

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November 2021

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Darian from Unique Insurance Company

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November 2021

Review of Amazon Cloudwatch

Cloudwatch is used best when it is used with all the other AWS services. I wouldn't really say you use Cloudwatch by itself, it's always to check or report on another service. With that said, Cloudwatch really excels at monitoring once you put in the time to setup metrics. Otherwise, you sit on a wealth of potential data that ends up not being used.


Cloudwatch is best used when we try to identify/debug our code. We check logs for our cloud functions through cloudwatch and due to it being realtime it allows us to quickly diagnose any issues. By making our functions verbose, our logs become clear to sort through as well. Cloudwatch also allows us to monitor our servers load. We have some automations to post on our channels when certain servers have too much load, low memory, or when too many error events have occurred in a short period. This has allowed us to resolve issues as fast as possible.


I think the slowness can sometimes be a limiting factor. Opening several pages of logs at the same time will slow down the system. This happens to me because I usually am trying to find specific text that was output, but there is no search for data within the log files, just for the filenames of the log files (which in my case is not helpful).