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About ARC Platform

ARC Platform can support you in making your website accessible to people with disabilities. Your Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) includes: ARC Monitoring Dashboard for automated accessibility testing ARC Workspaces for organizing and streamlining team communication and ARC API for integrating accessibility testing into your SDLC We know accessibility can be complex, this why your Accessibility Resource Center includes: ARC Tutor for on-demand accessibility trainings ARC KnowledgeBase articles for easily finding solutions to the WCAG issues found on your site and ARC HelpDesk for when you need support from an accessibility expert.

ARC Platform Pricing

We offer three tiers for different sized organizations: Free Tier is $0 a month, Essentials Tier is $29 a month per seat, and Enterprise Tier is $59 a month per seat.

Starting price: 

$29.00 per month

Free trial: 

Not Available

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Screenshot of a Workspace dashboard within ARC and data from a scan displaying the WCAG density of a website, WCAG 2.1 Failures, Errors discovered on 50 pages scanned.
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