DataTap Software

DataTap by Adverity is a business intelligence (BI) solution that helps businesses to connect and manage their data sources in a single platform. Key features include standardized database and spreadsheet integration, a data quality monitoring system and a transformation and calculation engine. DataTap can either be hosted in the cloud or deployed on-premise.

The solution helps users to collect data via email or directly from databases, FTP, REST, feeds, web services or internal applications and process multiple data types and formats. DataTap also provides users with data provisioning capabilities that allow them to ship data to multiple destinations such as Google Data Studio, Tableau, PowerBI and more.

The transformation and calculation engine enables users to manage the amount of data and the load on target data consumers. Additionally, DataTap features pre-built data connectors for various marketing tools such as Facebook, Google Drive, Oracle. YouTube and more.

Support is offered via phone and email. Pricing is per month. 

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