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Resolver’s risk management software is a cloud-based solution for midsize to larger enterprises that serves customers across a variety of industries and business needs. These industries include banking and financial services, heal...Read more about Resolver

4.33 (45 reviews)


Corporate investigation management is complex. Today, every incident presents a greater risk to your organization than ever before. Recording incidents, responding consistently, and collecting data means messy spreadsheets, infor...Read more about i-Sight

4.70 (10 reviews)


Sofvie is a web-based collaborative intelligence platform designed to enhance communication and risk management in the workplace. The platform offers various tools for data collection, record management, hazard monitoring, custom ...Read more about Sofvie

4.67 (24 reviews)

FaceUp Whistleblowing System

FaceUp is a comprehensive whistleblowing platform, ethics hotline and HR tool. It is a secure, intuitive and easy to use solution, which allows employees and pupils to report instances of wrongdoing. Anybody can anonymously send r...Read more about FaceUp Whistleblowing System

4.75 (24 reviews)

HR Acuity

HR Acuity is a cloud-based solution for employee relations management. This platform is built to identify, track, and investigate issues. HR Acuity can help managers easily manage and document employee case details while conductin...Read more about HR Acuity

4.33 (30 reviews)

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Case Closed

Case Closed is a CJIS-compliant case management solution for law enforcement investigation units, state bureaus, federal agencies, large investigations firms, and others. This solution can be hosted on the cloud or on on-premise. ...Read more about Case Closed

5.00 (10 reviews)


Filevine is the #1 most customizable legal management software. Don't waste your valuable time on a free trial – Filevine is customized to how you do business and adapts to how your team evolves. Exceptional collaboration tools e...Read more about Filevine

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EthicsPoint by NAVEX is a cloud-based solution, which assists risk and compliance teams with incident management and reporting. Key features include forms management, issue tracking, policy management, and compliance reporting. T...Read more about EthicsPoint

2.50 (2 reviews)


Omnigo is a public safety, incident and security management solution. The software is suitable for law enforcement, education and health care organizations. Key features include tools to help users manage Clery Act investigations,...Read more about Omnigo

4.36 (85 reviews)

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CROSStrax is a cloud-based solution for investigation management. It is suitable for organizations of any size and can be used by risk managers, HR departments, corporate security, investigation agencies, law enforcement, plus oth...Read more about CROSStrax

4.38 (8 reviews)

Ethics and Compliance Cloud

Convercent is a cloud-based compliance management solution that helps small businesses to large enterprises manage corporate ethics via analytics, reports, and data-based predictions. It includes various modules to help manage cas...Read more about Ethics and Compliance Cloud

4.63 (8 reviews)

Incident Tracker

Incident Tracker is an on-premise and cloud-based solution that helps security firms, educational institutions, healthcare agencies, and other businesses manage incidents. It enables users to categorize digital forms into multiple...Read more about Incident Tracker

4.61 (23 reviews)

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CloudNine is a cloud-based eDiscovery platform that assists professional services, law firms and information technology organizations to find, store, review and create legal documents. The solution includes preservation analysis, ...Read more about CloudNine

4.73 (45 reviews)

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ITRAK 365 is a cloud-based, ISO-compliant environmental, health and safety (EHS) solution catering to industries such as mining, forestry, oil and gas, waste management and manufacturing. Key include custom workflow creation, inci...Read more about ITRAK 365

4.58 (12 reviews)


Presynct_OnDemand is a cloud-based reporting solution that lets users log activities, create reports, track incidents and analyze data. The solution is suitable for a range of organizations and businesses such as police department...Read more about Presynct_OnDemand

4.57 (7 reviews)


Conceptualized by a partner at a personal injury law firm, SmartAdvocate is a legal management platform that offers flexible deployment options and a modular suite of applications. In addition to case management, attorneys a...Read more about SmartAdvocate

4.73 (73 reviews)

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Veriato Workforce Behavior Analytics

Cerebral is an AI-driven threat detection solution that combines behavior analytics and user activity monitoring. This solution allows businesses to monitor and analyze devices from a single platform and can be deployed on the clo...Read more about Veriato Workforce Behavior Analytics

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VCM is a legal management platform that helps private investigators, law firms, claims adjustors and corporations manage administrative and accounting operations. It enables professionals to access case information, assign tasks t...Read more about VCM

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Integrum is a fully integrated, cloud-based or in-premise, QHSE Risk and Compliance platform. Used by organizations of all sizes, across diverse sectors of commerce and government to manage incidents; conduct audits and inspection...Read more about Integrum

4.07 (14 reviews)

SAS Intelligence and Investigation Management

SAS Intelligence and Investigation Management is a comprehensive operational platform for law enforcement teams. It can be used to conduct complex investigations, gather large volumes of structured and unstructured data, and impro...Read more about SAS Intelligence and Investigation Management

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Ontic is a risk management and physical security solution that provides protective intelligence, allowing businesses to manage and investigate physical threats against employees, customers and assets. It is SaaS software that enab...Read more about Ontic

5.00 (2 reviews)


IncMan SOAR is a cloud-based and on-premise solution, designed to helps MSSPs and organizations across finance, energy, healthcare or retail industries manage, measure, and orchestrate various security tasks such as threat hunting...Read more about IncMan SOAR

4.85 (13 reviews)


D3 SOAR is a cybersecurity and incident response solution that helps businesses streamline operations related to security automation, compliance management, auditing and more from within a unified platform. With the built-in visua...Read more about D3 SOAR

5.00 (1 reviews)

Forensic Toolkit (FTK)

Forensic Toolkit (FTK) is an investigation management software designed to help businesses in the healthcare, finance, legal, energy and other sectors search, process and index data from multiple sources. The platform enables admi...Read more about Forensic Toolkit (FTK)

3.75 (4 reviews)

Digital Evidence Investigator

Digital Evidence Investigator is a forensics software designed to help prosecutors and field investigators collect, analyze and manage artifacts and evidence across cases. Digital Evidence Investigator provides Mobile Device Inve...Read more about Digital Evidence Investigator

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Detego Digital Forensics

Detego Digital Forensics is designed to help intelligence agencies, law enforcement units, and forensic departments analyze and extract data from various online and external storage devices. It allows organizations to capture and ...Read more about Detego Digital Forensics

4.50 (2 reviews)

IBM QRadar Incident Forensics

IBM QRadar Incident Forensics is a digital forensics solution that helps businesses streamline operations related to data collection, rebuilding, analysis, and more on a centralized platform. It enables staff members to gain visib...Read more about IBM QRadar Incident Forensics

4.50 (2 reviews)


Many quality systems struggle with learning from experience. SOLABS helps by providing a platform to capture their learnings. It's the best and fastest way to maintain compliance and protect the public. SOLABS is a technology c...Read more about QM10

4.63 (8 reviews)


Tracers is an investigation management and data research solution that helps businesses utilize the search and filter functionality to find information across public as well as private records. It allows law enforcement agencies t...Read more about Tracers

4.07 (15 reviews)

isoTracker Complaints Management

isoTracker Complaints Management is an investigation management software that helps businesses record, assign and resolve complaints. The platform enables managers to record non-conformance and record root causes for complaints u...Read more about isoTracker Complaints Management

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Reveal(x) 360 is a SaaS network security solution designed to help small to large businesses safeguard networks across hybrid, multi-cloud, containerized and IoT environments. The solution assists with IT monitoring and optimiza...Read more about Reveal(x)

4.33 (3 reviews)

Column Case Management

Column Case Management is a cloud-based software designed to help law enforcement agencies handle and streamline the entire case lifecycle, from intake to case closure. Supervisors can store collected evidence in a unified databas...Read more about Column Case Management

4.33 (3 reviews)


SAFE Safety Management is a cloud-based environmental, health and safety (EHS) software solution offered by ASK-EHS. It is suitable for businesses of any size that need to manage one or more environmental safety aspects. Reporti...Read more about HID SAFE

4.50 (6 reviews)


Qtis helps businesses capture, store and search data according to requirements. The platform allows teams to view case data in a familiar timeline format on a calendar. Link analysis charts let users visualize how people, places,...Read more about Qtis

5.00 (4 reviews)


Safelink provides secure virtual data room and collaboration services for organizations such as law firms, accountancy practices, real estate specialists, M&A specialists, and financial services businesses. The cloud-based solutio...Read more about Safelink

5.00 (2 reviews)

Trimble Forensics Capture

Trimble Forensics Capture helps investigators map crime scenes and collect data faster with guided workflows. The guide, made up of a series of step-by-step instructions, can be customized by your organization to fit the needs of ...Read more about Trimble Forensics Capture

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CaseFleet is cloud-based, legal case management software that helps users organize case facts, track deadlines and manage litigation and investigations. CaseFleet allows users to detail out the facts of each case in a timeline in...Read more about CaseFleet

4.60 (25 reviews)

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Kaseware is a cloud-based investigation management solution for corporate security and law enforcement teams in public, private, and non-profit sectors. This platform can help teams manage operations, cases, documents, plus more. ...Read more about Kaseware

3.00 (3 reviews)


Polonious is an investigation management solution for insurance companies, banks, and other enterprises that conduct fraud investigation cases. Its automation features are designed to streamline case productivity and process manag...Read more about Polonious

4.50 (2 reviews)


BEAGLE is a criminal justice data integration and analytics software designed to be the all-in-one software for modern-day policing. BEAGLE comes with advanced visual recognition, real-time analytics, and social media integration ...Read more about BEAGLE

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