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ProcureDesk is a cloud-based purchasing solution designed to assist small and midsize businesses to generate and manage their purchasing processes and cash flows. The solution offers purchasing and invoicing modules that help users to generate purchase orders and record payment remittances.

ProcureDesk’s purchasing module enables users to create purchase orders for suppliers and automate purchase order transmissions and approval workflows. The solution also allows users to track expenses and analyze purchasing trends over a period of time.

ProcureDesk’s invoicing module allows accounting departments to process invoices and make payments to suppliers. The solution offers an automated exception management feature that helps accounting staff to identify issues in billing and invoices and route those issues to concerned departments or individuals for resolution.

Additionally, it offers dashboards, supplier repository, payment management and supplier self-service features. Services are offered on a per user per month subscription basis. Users can submit tickets online for any support inquiries or reach out to the support team via live chat.


ProcureDesk - Approval process
  • ProcureDesk - Approval process
    Approval process
  • ProcureDesk - Catalog search
    Catalog search
  • ProcureDesk - Spend dashboard
    Spend dashboard
  • ProcureDesk - User dashboard
    User dashboard
  • ProcureDesk - Reporting
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 10

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