PVT Warehouse Management Software

PrimeValue Technology Warehouse Management is a cloud-based supply chain management solution to manage workflow for midsize to larger organizations. Functionalities include demand planning, vendor managed inventory, order fulfillment, warehouse management and contract management.

PVT Warehouse Management offers a billing engine that offers 3PL services, in-house storage fees, value-added service and itemized price change. The system offers ERP data mapping, which allows users to integrate sales orders, purchase orders, SKU data and invoicing.

Users can also view orders in detail, handle all inventory location movements, adjust inventory for breakage, wastage, or write-offs, as well as automate replenishing jobs. The solution provides reporting tools that help users to get real-time analytics on inventory aging and other metrics.

The system can also be deployed on-premise and is compatible with Mac or Windows devices. With the mobile solution, users can handle receiving, put away, picking and count cycle to barcode scan from anywhere at anytime. 

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