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InTheChat is a cloud-based digital marketing customer service platform for companies of all sizes. It enables businesses to connect with customers via SMS texting, social media, live chat, messengers, email and chatbots.

The solution features secure authentication, which ensures that customers’ identities are verified either automatically or manually before the requests are processed. InTheChat’s “Visual IVR chatbot” feature offers defined set of questions and answers through which customers can navigate and find required information. The “Conversational Chatbots” feature analyzes the customer inquiries and sends automated replies based on predefined rules. InTheChat’s customer relationship management integration allows users to access customer information from a single location.

InTheChat’s language processing tool categorizes incoming messages and sends them to the most appropriate agent in order to get the fastest responses. This categorization can be done on the basis of language, region or product-specific parameters.


InTheChat - Mobile app
  • InTheChat - Mobile app
    Mobile app
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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