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iCall is a mobile VoIP solution designed for self-employed entrepreneurs and small startups. Whereas many VoIP systems require investments in hardware, such as servers and IP phones, iCall is a cloud-based solution that can run on cell phones and softphones instead of IP phones.

This solution is thus particularly suitable for small businesses with distributed workforces that simply want to use existing mobile devices instead of investing in office phones. iCall also provides SIP trunking for businesses that need to connect calls to and from the traditional phone network. Businesses only need to provide bandwidth in order to use iCall’s services.

iCall offers a pricing structure that differs considerably from most hosted VoIP solutions. Instead of paying user fees, businesses only pay a monthly fee for each of their iCall numbers as well as per-minute rates for local and long-distance calls.

iCall service includes PBX applications such as call recording and auto attendants.


iCall - Voicemail
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    VoIP routing
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    Voice calling
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Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic)

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