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8base is a cloud-based platform that helps front-end developers build enterprise web and mobile apps through its ready-to-use serverless, GraphQL backend-as-a-service. Front-end developers benefit from using 8base by leveraging a ready-to-use backend while not having to depend upon backend developers or DevOps. Businesses benefit when their developers use 8base because development teams shrink, consisting mostly of front-end developers and thus positively impacting cost, time-to-delivery and risk. Additionally, 8base scales automatically to meet user demands, so businesses do not need to worry about ongoing DevOps efforts.

8base makes it easy for developers to construct a comprehensive data model that is persisted in a hardened cloud-based environment hosted by AWS. Developers can also connect their data instances in other cloud-based systems such as Salesforce.com and expose an integrated view of their enterprise data model via GraphQL. 8base allows front-end developers to write back-end code in JavaScript and TypeScript and deploy it via 8base's command line to the 8base serverless backend. 8base supports GraphQL resolvers, triggers, REST webhooks, and scheduled tasks. Developers can implement custom security for their applications using native role-based security to incorporate data and application level permissions and implement single sign-on.

Pricing is usage-based. 

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Supported Operating System(s):

Web browser (OS agnostic)

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