Gartner Digital Markets Content Compliance Policy


Submitting Questions or Requests to Use Gartner Digital Markets Content

1 General Usage Rules

1.1 General Logo and Trademark Use

1.2 General Content/Intellectual Policy Use

1.3 Required Disclaimers for Digital Media

1.4 Required Disclaimers for Events

1.5 External Sharing of Gartner Digital Markets Content

1.6 Internal Usage

2.0 Use and Promotion of Gartner Digital Markets Reviews and Related Products

2.1 General Use of Reviews Content

2.2 Use of Video Reviews

2.3 Gartner Digital Markets Reviews Insights

2.3.a Guidelines for all Reviews Insights

2.3.b Guidelines for the Ratings Discovery Module

2.3.c Guidelines for the Text Discovery Module

2.4 Reviews Insights Competitive Comparisons

2.5 Displaying Vendor-Specific Graphics from Gartner Digital Markets Content

3.0 Gartner Digital Markets “Buyer Discovery”

3.1 General Purpose Guidelines for Buyer Discovery Data

3.2 Legitimate Uses of Buyer Discovery Data

4.0 Special Cases

4.1 Reprints

4.2 Multimedia Products

5.0 Policy Violations

6.0 Attribution