Searching for software can be overwhelming.

Let us help.

We help you find the right software for your business—for free and in as little as 15 minutes.

It takes the average business 2 years to purchase software.

Don’t waste time and money on software research—we’ll guide you to your top options within 15 minutes (and it’s 100% free).



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We're committed to helping you thrive.

We're inspired by the energy of entrepreneurs and professionals like you. These are the values that fuel us.

Be ridiculously gritty

We push ourselves — and each other — to get better every day.

Keep it real

We act with integrity and transparency because it's the right thing to do.

Fear no change

We thrive on new ideas and always put our best foot forward.

Team first — seriously

We're proud to hire and work with only the best.

Get. Stuff. Done.

Results first. We're all about getting you the help you need, fast.

Figure it out

We're not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get dirty to solve problems.

We’ve come a long way...and we can’t wait to see what’s next!


Years ago while on a hike in Montana, our founder had a revelation about software. At the time there weren’t any websites that consolidated research on software in one place (especially when it came to industry-specific software). We founded Software Advice to fill that need.


We got our start in Montana as “RiverGuide,” helping people “navigate the treacherous rapids of software selection.”


We came into our own with a better name, “Software Advice,” and made a new home in Austin, Texas.


We went from a bootstrapped start-up to a thriving business, helping over 600,000 people find software.


To bring more insights and better quality help to our customers, we were acquired by Gartner, the world’s leader in tech research.


As part of Gartner, we continue our mission of helping you confidently choose software.

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Our world runs on coffee breaks.

Our world runs on coffee breaks.

Doing good, one volunteer opportunity at a time.

Doing good, one volunteer opportunity at a time.

Sometimes we get all dressed up.

Sometimes we get all dressed up.