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11 Necessary Skills and Traits for the Modern Chief Marketing Officer

May 2020: Kelly Hopping, CMO of Software Advice, said the ability for CMOs and product/engineering leaders to align on project goals and deliverables is a critical step that is a lot easier said than done.

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Telemedicine during COVID-19: Benefits, limitations, burdens, adaptation

March 2020: Actually, telemedicine is reducing the burden on hospitals as they deal with the spread of COVID-19 and the associated increased caseload, said Lisa Hedges, senior content analyst at Software Advice.

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Five ways you can help small businesses survive the coronavirus pandemic

March 2020: According to a survey by Software Advice, a Texas-based company that specializes in software applications for businesses, 34% of all small businesses in the United States have been hit by customers canceling appointments, meetings and purchase orders in the past two weeks because of the virus.

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Local software companies use technology to ease coronavirus concerns

March 2020: Other Austin-based companies are doing what they can to ease concern over the virus. Software Advice helps local health providers get linked up with telemedicine, meaning patients can virtually see a doctor without having to leave the house.

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Top three small-business technology predictions for 2020

March 2020: The business world moves quickly, and leaders don’t have the time to sift through, for example, more than 650 CRM products without assistance. Software Advice exists for this reason—to streamline this process so buyers can identify and implement new technology before their competitors.

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More 2020 Predictions for Small Business, Why it’s Time to Automate Your Business, Best States for Startups and Other Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know

January 2020: Blake Clark, general manager at Software Advice shares his top three small business technology predictions that will have the most impact in 2020.

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Social Media is the Top Way Small Businesses Get Customers Over Holiday Shopping Season

December 2019: According to a recent survey from Software Advice, social media is the top and most-used channel for businesses to reach customers for holiday promotions. The survey also states that giving discounts is the most preferred strategy to grow sales.

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2020 Marketing Trends

December 2019: According to Software advice, "social media emerges as the top and most-used channel for holiday promotions and it also delivered the most ROI"

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How to Invest in a Recruiting Chatbot Based on What Your Applicants Want

October 2019: Earlier this year, Software Advice surveyed almost 200 recruiting professionals about recruiting chatbots and found that their concern about the impact of a lack of human touch on candidates was the top reason preventing them from adopting one.

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Q&A: Patients prefer a provider who offers telemedicine services

October 2019: The survey comes from Software Advice and it finds that telemedicine is increasing in popularity, to the extent that 81 percent of patients are more likely to select a medical provider who offers telemedicine services over one who does not when choosing doctors.

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A Complete Guide to Outsourcing Human Resources

October 2019: Outsourcing HR functions can alleviate this stress and distractions from primary job functions. Software Advice™, Inc. reported that using HR software and/or an external HR organization can keep a business from having to hire a dedicated HR employee until the business has more than 200 employees.

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MRM Research Roundup: End-of-September 2019 Edition

September 2019: In a research report from the team at Software Advice, servers were quizzed about what they need to do to ensure their restaurant runs smoothly on any given day: their main challenges, key responsibilities and what skills are most valuable for their efficiency as servers.

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3 Reasons Why Recruitment Chatbots Should Assist in Your Hiring Process

September 2019: As the recruiting process becomes more candidate-centered — as it should do in such a tight labor market — organizations will soon begin evaluating the role of chatbots and virtual assistants in supporting recruiters,” tells us Rhiân Davies of Software Advice, in an exclusive with HR Technologist.

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The Rise of the Smart Home, Apartment or Condominium

August 2019: A survey by Software Advice reveals that safety is one of the main deciding factors for tenants when considering an apartment to rent. Security measures like video surveillance cameras are not new but have become more advanced.

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We need to let our children know that “they have infinite worth”, with Blake Clark and Dr. Ely Weinschneider

June 2019: As a part of my series about “How extremely busy executives make time to be great parents” I had the pleasure to interview Blake Clark. Blake is the General Manager of Software Advice, the leading online service for businesses navigating the software selection process.

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Online Reputation, Provider Reviews Tied to Hospital Revenue

March 2019: A 2018 survey from Software Advice revealed that 82 percent of patients use online provider reviews to make a decision about where to access healthcare.

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5 key considerations to hire the right practice manager

March 2019: Hiring an office manager is often one of the most overlooked steps in building a medical practice, said Rahul Kumar, medical analyst at Software Advice, an Austin, Texas-based company that helps healthcare organizations select medical software.

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Top 23 Effective Retail Loss Prevention Tips From the Pros

March 2019: By ensuring that product displays aren’t too tall and by avoiding large clusters of products that obscure line-of-sight to the rest of the store, thieves are far less likely to take their chances while in view of store employees.

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5 medical marketing mistakes doctors make—and how to fix them

February 2019: Online review sites tend to rank highly on search engines and, in a survey by Software Advice, 72 percent of patients say they use online reviews as their first step in finding a new doctor.


Feeling manipulated by digital tips for coffee? The struggle is real.

February 2019: That uncomfortable space, that's a real thing. Research from Software Advice found 41 percent of people are more likely to increase their tip because of that awkward proximity, where you're in each other’s face.

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How to Win Construction Bid Proposals

February 2019: The real grind happens before a single shovel ever hits the dirt: the construction-bid-proposal process, in which you essentially apply for jobs over and over again, only to get “laid off” at the end of each project, left to find another employer. It’s a necessary part of the business, but that doesn’t make it any more fun.

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4 Health Care Marketing Tips for 2019

January 2019: According to a Software Advice survey from last year, 72 percent rely on online reviews to find a new provider, and when a patient is deciding between two providers, 91 percent of the time they will choose the one with better reviews.

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How telemedicine expansion will affect physician practices

January 2019: A 2018 survey by Software Advice showed that 77 percent of consumers would be more likely to select medical providers that offer telemedicine services—and that the majority of patients who use telemedicine appreciate its convenience.

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6 Areas New Technology Can Help Construction Finance Professionals

January 2019: CFOs are working with HR — and, occasionally, external strategists — to refine their hiring, retention and benefit strategies. Mobile training technology can help onboard unskilled workers faster, allowing companies to draw from a larger talent pool. Virtual reality technologies also offer promise for quicker training.

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4 Healthcare Marketing Tips for 2019

January 2019: According to a Software Advice survey from last year, 72 percent of survey participants said they rely on online reviews to find a new provider, and when a patient is deciding between two providers, 91 percent of the time they will choose the one with better reviews.

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3 Use Cases for Utilizing Blockchain Technology in Small Practices

December 2018: The blockchain is expected to completely redesign the DNA of healthcare delivery systems in the coming years. The global blockchain market for healthcare is forecast to rise to $1.4 billion by 2024, from $34.5 million in 2017. The U.S. is expected to see rapid growth in the near future as it is one of the most highly developed markets for this technology.

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9 Trends That Disrupted The Digital Workplace In 2018

December 2018: Amanda Lombraña offers a number of trends identified in the Workplace Trends research from Gartner owned SoftwareAdvice. The survey uncovered that, globally speaking, small and midsize business (SMB) leaders who don’t think strategically about technology face a high risk of falling behind their competitors.

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Look who’s talking! Conversation not confrontation is the key to winning customer’s hearts

December 2018: But this isn’t such a revolutionary idea. A recent survey from Software Advice, a website that provides information on customer support software, is a great illustration of the fact that most customers would prefer not to engage with agents who sounded as if they were reading from a script.

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Ten Benefits of Using an Android POS in Your Restaurant

December 2018: A study conducted by Software Advice found that customers are 29 percent more likely to tip if they have an option of opting out. By breaking down the tip options and offering a “no tip” option with your Android POS, customers will be more likely to tip your staff.

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These 7 Austin tech companies welcomed new leaders in November

November 2018: Blake Clark has been named the new general manager at Software Advice. As GM, Clark will support daily operations and company-wide initiative implementations.

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People on the Move

November 2018: Blake Clark recently joined Software Advice as its new General Manager. Clark brings more than 10 years of experience managing ecommerce business, leading product strategy and customer experience across a diverse range of industries including gaming and hospitality.

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As Healthcare Turns to ERP, It Also Turns to the Cloud

November 2018: While 30 percent seems low, it is not far from average: Software Advice recently found that only one-third of enterprises across major verticals use an ERP system, with another 44 percent using disparate systems.

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AI is going to disrupt your sales processes – in a good way!

October 2018: In fact, according to a recent research report from Gartner-owned analyst firm Software Advice, 30 percent of all companies will employ AI to augment at least one of their primary sales processes by 2020.

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6 Ways Businesses Are Using Augmented and Virtual Reality Today

October 2018: For Taylor Short, a senior content analyst with Austin, Texas-based Software Advice, VR is only starting its life. He said VR is making its way into the mainstream.

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Autonomous equipment is coming in hot & why that could be good for business

October 2018: In a recent Software Advice survey of construction managers, 32 percent of respondents indicated they were employing or planning to soon employ technology to address labor shortage issues.

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Benefits of digitized medical data

October 2018: A 2015 study from Software Advice found that: Traditional offices spend an additional six hours per week searching for documents. With electronic documents, there are copies saved and backed up.

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Staying Open for Labor Day? Here’s How to Show Appreciation for Your Employees

August 2018: Staying Open for Labor Day? Here’s How to Show Appreciation for Your Employees

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Hotel property management systems you should know about

August 2018: It may be a major shopping weekend, but don't forget to honor your staff while you make bank.

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Robot butlers are coming to this downtown hotel. Is Miami ready for robo-room service?

August 2018: In August 2014, robotics company Savioke revealed a robotic butler, or “botlr,” designed to deliver small items (e.g., toothpaste and razors) to guests. Is the world ready for robot service?

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CVS Health Introduces Access to Direct-to-Consumer Telehealth Tool

August 2018: A 2018 Software Advice survey found that 77 percent of patients are more likely to select a doctor who offers telehealth access than one who does not.

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How chatbots cut chatter and better engage patients

July 2018: An intelligent chatbot can engage patients by offering them a personalized experience, even without a physician or customer service representative.

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Can intelligent chatbots improve healthcare? Q&A

July 2018: AI is disrupting healthcare and medical practices need to understand the potential benefits in order to offer patients the most up-to-date care and stay relevant in the field.

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CareDash detects fraudulent reviews with the help of AI

July 2018: Tens of millions of users evaluate their doctor’s visits with star ratings and written reviews. In theory, health provider scores aren’t a bad idea — as many as 80 percent of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

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What healthcare CFOs should know about artificial intelligence, machine learning and chatbots

July 2018: A study conducted by Software Advice found as many as 47% would go out of network for a doctor who has more favorable reviews.

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How Rating Your Server Is Making Their Life Miserable

June 2018: Tabletop tablets let chain restaurants keep score on their employees through impersonal customer surveys.

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No tech background, no problem: How 7 Austinites got started in the industry

May 2018: Contrary to what you may think, you don’t always need a tech background to work for a tech company.

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Moving to a Place Instead of a Job

May 2018: Location-first movers are a less educated, less elite crowd than those who move to take new jobs. But at least they stick around.

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How to Start Loyalty Rewards for Your Restaurant

April 2018: People love to be invited to exclusive events, so why not offer members-only dinners, apparel, or prioritized reservations for special events?

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Survey: 48% of patients would choose out-of-network providers with better reviews

April 2018: Eighty-two percent of patients use online reviews to evaluate physicians and nearly half of patients would go out of their insurance network for a physician with better reviews.

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Worth the Wait? 15 Ways to Reduce Patient Wait Times

March 2018: The company Software Advice surveyed 5,000+ patients and reports that 97 percent of them get frustrated by having to wait in their providers’ exam rooms or in aptly-named "waiting rooms."

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India Inc is now willing to pay more to fix its gender diversity problem

March 2018: Studies have shown that bringing in more women translates into increased revenues and profitability as female employees bring in different perspectives and ideas.

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How Practices Can Improve Patient Reviews

March 2018: Seventy-two percent of patients use online reviews as their first step in finding a doctor, so your online reputation is often a first impression for many patients.

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How AI and Machine Learning Can Help Build a More Engaged Workforce

March 2018: In a recent poll, 38 percent of workers said when their bosses ignore their suggestions, it leads to decreased initiative and poor morale.

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Improving Workplace Culture, One Review at a Time

January 2018: With its emphasis on transparency, the jobs site Glassdoor aims to upend corporate power dynamics.

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Managing Relationships on the Run: 4 Reasons to Adopt a Mobile CRM

January 2018: In fact, according to a survey by Software Advice (a Gartner company), 82 percent of salespeople using a mobile CRM believe it improves data quality.

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Why should Startups use CRM software

November 2017: “In 2017, smart data discovery will emerge as a major force in CRM analytics, as well as business intelligence more generally.”

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Interview with Nathan Kontny, CEO, Highrise

November 2017: According to a report from Software Advice, almost three-quarters of buyers (72 percent) are using manual methods (and an additional 5 percent are using nothing at all) to manage their CRM.

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How to Integrate the Patient Voice into Healthcare Decision-Making

November 2017: "In 2015, nearly one-third of patients were leaving online provider reviews, according to a study from the Journal of General Internal Medicine."

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How To Balance Speed and Communication In Your Recruitment Process

October 2017: Software Advice’s research found the top complaints candidates have about the recruitment process are...

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3 Ways to Take the Risk Out of Buying a CRM System

October 2017: Instead of struggling with those kinds of features, almost three-quarters of buyers are using manual methods to manage their customer relationships, according to a 2016 Software Advice report.

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How to Build the Perfect Small Business Tech Stack

October 2017: "When getting started, it is very important to select software that fits your size of business. You don’t want the software to be overkill, but it needs to be able to fulfill your basic requirements.”

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4 Ways You're Misusing Your CRM Data

October 2017: According to Software Advice, 74 percent of CRM users report seeing improved access to customer data through their systems.

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Opinion: Phone spoofing more than annoyance

October 2017: A survey from Software Advice found that people are four times more likely to answer a local number than an out-of-state or toll-free number.

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How Will Digital Transformation Change the Marketing Funnel?

October 2017: Additionally, a Software Advice survey reports nurturing leads by way of data collected for things like targeted email campaigns results in 451% increase in qualified leads.

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Is an Ethical Supply Chain Worth the Cost?

October 2017: The good news, according to a 2014 report by Software Advice, is that consumers are likely to respond no matter which supply chain improvements businesses choose to make.

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Their first office was a bedroom—wait until you hear about their first hire

September 2017: "Austin Merritt has seen a lot of change in his role as general manager and co-founder of Software Advice, which provides free, research-backed phone consultations to help software buyers make the right decisions."

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Industry-leading ERP Systems for fast business growth

September 2017: “Using disparate, poorly integrated business software systems can lead to messy, non-standardized data. This makes year-over-year comparisons less accurate, more difficult and more time-consuming—and can also be a serious detriment to forecasting."

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Google’s New HR Product is a Game Changer: Which Industry is Next?

August 2017: With Google Hire, the search giant is invading shopping, travel and recruitment. Columnist Nate Dame explains why it all comes down to ads.

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Why Yelp is #1 with Users Looking for Home Services

July 2017: A study done by Software Advice found that people who used a review site to find a Home Services business used Yelp more than Google+ Local, Angie’s List and the BBB.

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Why Are Hoteliers Taking Their Properties to the Cloud?

July 2017:Software Advice research indicates that of all hoteliers currently in the market for new technology to manage their hotels, 96 percemt are investing in cloud-based property management systems.

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Insight Job: CRM Lets You Use Data You Already Have To Win More Business

July 2017:"Implementing excellent CRM is a complex, complicated process that requires keeping track of a lot of moving parts," cautions Andrew Friedenthal, CRM market researcher Software Advice.

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I Tested Out Three Different Marketing Platforms, Here’s What I Thought

June 2017: Josiah Motley tests three of the bigger marketing players in the field, noting their ratings from Software Advice.

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Creating an Online Customer Experience

June 2017: Craig Borowski, a market researcher at Software Advice, summarizes some key points to a great digital customer experience.

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What Doctors Are Doing About Bad Reviews Online

June 2017: More than 70 percent of consumers search for health information online, and 77 percent of consumers say they use online reviews as the first step in finding a new physician.

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Choosing Project Management Software: A Buyer's Guide

June 2017: Reputation-management firms help physicians undo the damage done by critical feedback.

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‘Sometimes it is Necessary to Bend the Rules a Bit’

June 2017: Software Advice surveyed 110 employees across a variety of industries to better understand the (in many cases) daily violations of company policy they commit.

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MACRA: 5 Tips to Protect Your Practice’s Reputation

May 2017: According to Software Advice, 84 percent of patients surveyed use online reviews as their first step in finding a new doctor.

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Six Tips for Improving Your Candidate Experience to Attract Top Talent

May 2017: As for creating a stellar experience, let’s first explore what not to do. A recent Software Advice survey asked respondents to share causes of bad candidate experiences as it relates to the online application process.

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Supporting Home Health Aides in Their Vital Work Assisting America’s Seniors

March 2017: There are now a variety of software tools available to help home care agencies efficiently schedule and deploy their home health aides each day.

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AdvancedMD Named Leader in Gartner's FrontRunners for Electronic Medical Records Quadrant

March 2017: The FrontRunners quadrant derives from end-user reviews as well as vendor-supplied and publicly available product and company information that gets applied against a documented methodology.

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Five Strategies (Old And New) To Improve Communications In Senior Care

March 2017: With 84% of patients consulting websites to view or post comments and ratings of health care companies (according to one survey), it has never been more important to keep your patients happy.

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How to Report a Toxic Work Environment Without Sacrificing Your Job—Or Entire Career

February 2017: 67% of employees say they would feel uncomfortable filing a complaint against their manager, according to a survey from HRIS software consultancy Software Advice.

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011: Future Project Management trends with Eileen O’Loughlin of Software Advice

February 2017: Eileen O’Loughlin is a Market Researcher at Software Advice (a Gartner company), which hosts online reviews for project management software.

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4 Tips For Securely Accepting Payments

January 2017: In fact, only 38% of SMBs are “very confident” that they comply with the payment card industry (PCI) DSS 3.0 standard – which has been required since January 1, 2015 – and 19% admit they don’t even know what "PCI-DSS" is (see figure below).

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The Most Effective Ways To Protect Your Small Business From Cyber Attacks

January 2017: Yes, I know you don’t want to do it. But you should. Paying an IT security consultant might seem to be a little expensive. But it’s a great investment.

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Get Your Daily Fiber ... Network

December 2016: According to Software Advice, more SMBs already use VoIP service (36%) than any other type of telephone service.

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18 Hidden Costs in EHR Purchase and Implementation

December 2016: Hospitals and health systems pay fees to license EHR software, with the upfront costs often between $1,200 to more than $500,000, according to Software Advice.

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Top Workplaces 2016

November 2016: The top large, small and midsize companies to work for in Austin.

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5 Tips for Tactfully Combatting Negative Patient Reviews

October 2016: According to a survey by Software Advice, 77% of patients use online reviews as their first step in finding a new doctor, with nearly half of respondents saying they would even go out-of-network for a doctor who had more favorable reviews than an in-network doctor.

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Why Brand Consistency is the Holy Grail of Positive Brand Experience

October 2016: In order to answer this question, research and review specialist, Software Advice, let us use their research data.

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Essential Strategies for Earning Chiropractic Reviews on Yelp

October 2016: Nearly 80 percent of patients use online review sites as their first step to finding a new doctor, according to a 2014 Software Advice survey

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Breaches Compromise Credentials From Almost All Large Companies: Study

September 2016: In a survey of U.S. businesses, Software Advice found that about seven out of every 10 companies only use passwords, although some require randomized passwords.

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Stay Flexible—How to Benefit From the Rise of the Softphone

September 2016: According to a survey taken by the Business VoIP reviews company Software Advice at the end of 2015, “Generally, mobile apps and softphones offer far more call routing, messaging and communications functionality than a traditional cellphone does.

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Healthcare’s Struggle with Social Media Continues, But Help May Be Forthcoming

August 2016: An analysis of online reviews of physicians from 2014 from Software Advice, a Texas company, found that less than 20 percent of posts about physicians were negative.

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Pros and Cons of Using Texting in Recruitment

August 2016: According to Software Advice, an Austin, TX firm, 60% of recruiters use texting with their clientele as a part of their recruitment practice.

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4 Companies That Can Help You Find Better Customers

July 2016: Software Advice is also a tech review site with a twist. When a company submits its information for a particular type of software, Software Advice will actually reach out and provide unbiased thoughts to the prospect on who they should consider.

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IM on it—Why Instant Messaging is Collaboration’s Secret Weapon

July 2016: According to a survey of employees using chat services conducted by SoftwareAdvice.com, 75 percent saw decreased call and email volume, and 66 percent noticed quick resolution for simple questions.

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How to Train New Grads on Corporate Security

July 2016: Similarly, Wagner points to a survey from Software Advice that found millennials are the worst when it comes to password security -- 85 percent said they use the same login credentials for multiple sites, and they're the group most likely to use security workarounds.

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Hacker Mindset: Email is the Golden Ticket

June 2016: Hackers using email as a vector makes sense—most everyday users of the internet lack either the knowledge or the vigilance required to identify simple threats, such as phishing scams or suspicious email attachments.

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The Never-ending Battle Over the Best Office Temperature

June 2016: A 2015 survey of 129 office workers in the US found that 42% of people think their building is too warm, while 56% think it’s too cold.

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5 Roles That Will Power 21st Century Human Resources Departments

June 2016: The human resources department of the 21st century will favour specialization over a generalized, one-size fits all approach to workforce management.

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When Taking an Uber—Should You Tip or Not?

April 2016: “It will definitely muddy the experience, which is supposed to be as clean and succinct as possible,” says Justin Guinn, author of a 2015 survey on digital tipping and an Austin, Texas-based market researcher at Software Advice, which helps businesses choose software.

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Attract Top Talent: Show Them You Have What They Want

March 2016: A 2014 report by Software Advice found that almost half of the 4,633 job seekers surveyed said they used Glassdoor, before looking for jobs, in order to find top employers.

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How to Develop Integrated Social Customer Service Strategies

March 2016: A report from Software Advice discusses the importance of developing integrated omnichannel customer service strategies effectively for a consistent brand image online and happier customers overall.

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What Is the Present and Future of Telehealth?

February 2016: Of equal importance are the findings from a public survey by Software Advice: Among patients who have not used a telemedicine service, 75 percent express interest in using one in lieu of an in-person medical visit, and only 16 percent of patients would prefer to seek care for a minor ailment at an emergency room (ER) if they also had access to telehealth services.

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Q&A: Sound Advice On ERP Selection

January 2016: Forrest Burnson, a researcher with Software Advice, talks about ERP software trends and offers advice in finding the right solution for your company.

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16 Marketing Trends for 2016

November 2015: Do you want to stand out in 2016? These marketing trends from Software Advice may help to distinguish your brand is a world of sensory overload.

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B2B Solution of the Week: How to Avoid the Pitfalls of ERP Implementation

December 2015: Forrest Burnson of Software Advice shares insight about why ERP selection can be daunting and why implementation projects in particular often fail.

iMedia Logo

16 Marketing Trends for 2016

November 2015: Do you want to stand out in 2016? These marketing trends from Software Advice may help to distinguish your brand is a world of sensory overload.

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What a Great Digital Customer Experience Actually Looks Like

November 2015: Craig Borowski of Software Advice discusses why a good customer experience strategy doesn’t equate to a good digital customer experience strategy.

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Understanding & Winning Millennial Diner Loyalty

November 2015: Justin Guinn of Software Advice shares some insight and best practices for crafting loyalty programs that will resonate with millennial diners.

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Five CRM Systems Your Salespeople Will Actually Use

November 2015: With help from Software Advice, MarketingProfs put together a list of five CRM systems your salespeople would actually use.

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The Importance Of Electronic Therapy Notes And Why You Should Be Using Them

November 2015: Gaby Loria of Software Advice shared with us her thoughts on who should be using therapy notes and why, as well as how to integrate them with EHRs.

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Using Fleet Management Software to Reduce Fuel Expense

November 2015: Many trucking and transportation businesses are not taking full advantage of solutions that are proven to be effective and are readily available in the marketplace, says a recent survey and analysis by Software Advice.

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5 Red Flags to Watch for During Video Interviews

October 2015: When combined with results from Software Advice’s survey of nearly 400 professionals that suggest once an applicant participates in a video interview they’re 47 percent more likely to prefer them over other methods, it’s easy to see why video interviewing is becoming more commonplace.

Yahoo Small Buisness

HR Desperately Needs A Technology Makeover

October 2015: It seems nearly impossible these days to have a conversation about recruiting and employment that doesn’t funnel directly into discussions of technology. Yet according to a Software Advice report nearly half of buyers currently use manual methods to handle their HR needs.

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Here’s Why Your Credit Card Now Has a Chip and Why You Should Care

October 2015: A Software Advice survey found that only 22% of small business will be ready to accept EMV cards by the Oct. 1 deadline.


How to Avoid an ERP Implementation Nightmare

October 2015: Software Advice analyzed 22 recent ERP implementation failures to better understand where companies went wrong—and what other organizations can learn from them.

My Customer

What makes a customer service application stand out?

October 2015: Software Advice’s latest research into this particular CRM subset used a combination of metrics to measure the overall popularity of the available products, including user adoption levels, search traffic and social media preference as key indicators.

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Avoiding ERP Implementation Failure: The How, Who, What, When and Why

September 2015: To help avoid common pitfalls and offer some considerations, Software Advice recently conducted an analysis of 22 failed implementation projects and looked into the most common reasons for failure.

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Technology Increases Pressure To Tip

September 2015: Justin Guinn of Software Advice says the combination of a tablet-based point-of-sale (POS) system and proximity to a cashier or server increases the pressure to tip.

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Most Americans Still Don't Have the Newest Credit Card Upgrade

September 2015: Most people don't yet have EMV cards, and the majority of retailers aren't ready to accept them, according to a recent report from Software Advice.

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10 Most Popular CRM Apps

August 2015: Software Advice has developed a unified set of metrics that it is positioning as a tool to help companies purchase Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications.

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Can We End the Thermostat Wars?

August 2015: Office workers complain it’s too hot or too cold; it’s hard to make it just right. Software Advice conducted a survey of office workers to provide greater understanding of this subject.

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Marketers Failing To Take Advantage of Predictive Analytics Tools According To New Report

July 2015: Software Advice asked social media users and marketers across the US to answer surveys about social media influence and advocacy. It found that a few influencers were responsible for most of the influence across the web.

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Marketers Struggle to Identify and Engage Social Media Influencers

July 2015: Influencer marketing is the big buzz this year as marketers plan to increase their budgets in an attempt to get their content in front of relevant audiences. Influencers themselves have become more sophisticated, and marketers seem to have a hard time keeping up with them, according to a report from Software Advice.

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Survey: Yelp is #1 Choice for Finding Doctors, Lawyers & Home Service Providers

June 2015: According to three independent studies conducted by Software Advice, Yelp is the most popular choice for people who use review sites to find a doctor, attorney or home service provider.

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Love Your Content Management System

June 2015: According to Craig Borowski, a market researcher at Software Advice,"There is a long laundry list of improvements that CMS brings, but many enterprises don’t seem to get it, at least initially.”

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How Order Management Systems Help Streamline Ecommerce

June 2015: Of the retailers that Software Advice spoke with, 96% said that online store integrations reduced processing time. When you sell with Amazon or Ebay but don’t have an integrated management system, there’s plenty of room for man-made mistakes.

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The Road to Self-Driving Cars Will Be a Long Strange Trip

May 2015: "The more revealing question here is...what does the autonomous car do when it is confronted with something it cannot understand? What's the default?" says Forrest Burnson, Researcher at Software Advice. "Does it just stop right there in the road? If so, it's presumably programmed to stop relatively quickly, and if you're running on the highway at 70 MPH at the time of the event, that's probably not good."

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More Options, More Issues

May 2015: Only 37 percent of respondents in Software Advice’s quarterly small business survey actually use POS software; 44 percent don’t use software to manage transactions.

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How Twitter Can Become the Premier Site for Job-Seekers

May 2015: A new study by Software Advice shows that Twitter has more job openings than other social media sites and even more job seekers than LinkedIn.

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The Top 100 Tech Companies in Austin

May 2015: Built In Austin recognizes Austin’s top 100 tech employers. These digital companies have driven the city’s talented workforce to new heights and economic growth by creating over 42,000 jobs. These 100 companies alone comprise about 48 percent of the roughly 86,000 people estimated to be working in STEM jobs in Austin.

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Why the tipping point is on the rise

April 2015: About four out of 10 consumers said they'd tip more if the server was nearby, a survey from Software Advice found. While diners might just feel more positively toward their waiter if he's nearby, the society pressure is hard to discount.

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Survey: Small Businesses Want Marketing-Automation Software

April 2015: Nearly all (98%) of small-business software buyers are shopping for marketing-automation software for the first time, according to a new report by research firm Software Advice, a division of Gartner.

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More Marketers Seek Automation For Digital Campaigns — But Not for Social

April 2015: A new report from Software Advice examines how buyers are approaching the automation software market.

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Pardon me brother, can you spare a $1 tip for a $2 cup of coffee?

April 2015: A recent survey found that when the server is looking on, 41 percent of people are more likely to tip. An equal number said it would have no effect on their tipping, according to Software Advice.

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Tracking Impact? Non-Starter If Your Nonprofit Partner is Old School

April 2015: According to a new report by Software Advice, a company that helps organizations find volunteer management software, only 7% of nonprofits in their sample currently use a bona fide volunteer management system.

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Report: Most SMBs Don’t Know What Cyber Insurance Is

March 2015: According to a report from market research firm Software Advice, decision makers at SMBs are unsure about cyber insurance. In fact, most don’t even know cyber insurance exists.

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Which Type of Interview Is Best for Your Company?

March 2015: As technology and the hiring process evolve and become more personalized, companies are developing more unique strategies to fill their talent needs.

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How Technology Is Tricking You Into Tipping More

February 2015: A new report by the tech research firm Software Advice discovered that digital point-of-sale terminals, like the one in my cab, increase the frequency and amount of tips left by customers. What’s the secret behind how these manipulative machines get us to pony up?

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How To Determine Nonprofit Software Costs

February 2015: Software is at the heart of so many nonprofit functions. You can’t afford down time. And you don’t want to find out your new system won’t talk to an existing one after it is up and running. What’s a nonprofit leader to do?

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The Only Thing That Can Stop Tip Inflation Is Stingy Millennials

February 2015: Justin Guinn, a retail market associate at Software Advice – who recently completed a study on the effects that POS systems have on users – told the Times “The onset of iPad POS systems is completely changing the way consumers tip.”

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9 B2B Social Media Marketing Tips for Social Media Managers

February 2015: Business-to-business social media marketing is no longer just an innovative way to boost sales—it’s essential to your organization’s survival in the competitive B2B market. In fact, a recent survey found 92% of B2B marketers use social media as a content marketing tactic to drive sales.

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SMBs Prep for EMV Shift: How Ready is Your Business?

February 2015: 69% of SMBs doubt their ability to upgrade payment terminals for EMV-compliance by the fall, according to a survey conducted by Software Advice, a software reviews site.

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Study: SMBs lack thorough understanding of state data breach notification laws

February 2015: One recent study found that only 33 percent of small business owners and decision-makers feel "very confident" in their understanding of their states' breach disclosure legislation.

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$3 Tip on a $4 Cup of Coffee? Gratuities Grow, Automatically

January 2015: “The onset of iPad P.O.S. systems is completely changing the way consumers tip,” said Justin Guinn, a retail market research associate at Software Advice, who recently completed a study on the effect of such systems on tipping practices for clients in the restaurant industry.

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The 5 New Rules of Employee Engagement

January 2015: Employee engagement has become such a hot topic that great swarms of consultants and authors are undoubtedly banging on your door as we speak, armed with enough action plans and PowerPoint presentations to make your head swim. Whom to trust? What to believe?

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Consumers to retailers: Don’t ‘guilt tip’ us with iPads

January 2015: Some 29% of respondents say they would actually be more likely to leave a tip if they were presented with a “no tip” button to allow them to opt out of leaving a tip, according to a study released Thursday by Software Advice, which helps businesses choose software.


Little, Latest, Likeable: 3 Qualities of Five-Star Companies

January 2015: Known as the go-to website for employee reviews of their companies, Glassdoor only has 37 companies (out of nearly 150,000) with a perfect five-star rating. In order to determine what these highly-praised companies were doing right, consulting firm Software Advice analyzed their qualities and reported the following.

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What SMB CRM Shoppers Want

January 2015: SMBs are more likely to want an integrated CRM suite than standalone applications, a recent Software Advice survey found. Some 62 percent of participants said they wanted to purchase a single, best-of-breed CRM application this year.

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Help, I've Outgrown My Spreadsheets!

January 2015: If you feel your business has one or all of these symptoms but you’re not sure how to evaluate all the different CRM tools on the market, then the latest report from CRM software consultancy Software Advice may be a helpful starting point to getting you on your way.


The 1 Weird Reason You're Tipping More

January 2015: When software research company Software Advice surveyed consumers who use iPads or similar devices to buy food and drink, it found that the use of iPads increases the amount many people tip when they pay.

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Survey Results: Who is seeking new point of sale software

December 2014: A survey recently conducted by Software Advice, a firm that compares POS technology, has turned up some unexpected results that speak volumes about the state of retailers today, including the fact that a number of establishments are still running on DOS based systems.

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Austin's 2014 Top Workplaces

November 2014: Software Advice is pleased to announce that it has been selected as one of The Austin American Statesman Top Workplaces.

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Half of SMBs surveyed not prepared to accept digital currency payments

November 2014: Software Advice, an accounting technology recommendation service, has published results of a survey of accountants and bookkeepers at small to midsize businesses (SMBs) to gauge whether their firms were ready to accept and perform accounting for digital currency.

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The Most Effective B2B Lead Generation Tactics

November 2014: B2B marketers say tradeshows, search engine marketing, and email are the best channels for generating large numbers of high-quality leads, according to a recent report from Software Advice.

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Not So Fast: Cloud Hits Roadblocks

November 2014: A recent survey by market researcher and consultant Software Advice indicates a decidedly mixed view by respondents about use of the cloud.

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Survey: Public not keen on driverless trucks

November 2014: Nearly two-thirds of respondents to the survey from Software Advice said they’d feel either “much less safe” or “less safe” sharing the road with “driverless semi-trucks.”

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New Survey Results: Online Reviews are Key to Gaining B2B Software Customers

October 2014: A recent survey of 386 B2B software buyers conducted by technology review firm Software Advice and Research Now, revealed intriguing facts about buyer behavior in regards to online reviews.

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Study: America’s youth are super excited about robots working in hotels

October 2014: Research conducted by Software Advice delivered predictable findings — young people excited to try a new technology, and older people with little interest.

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Mobile docs get most from their EHRs

October 2014: One of the takeaways of a recent survey conducted by Software Advice indicates that mHealth users are better at using electronic health records – and getting more out of them – than doctors who use PCs.

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Study: Half of US Small Businesses Aren't Ready to Accept Bitcoin

October 2014: Software research firm Software Advice surveyed roughly 400 small business owners and customers, who answered a series of questions regarding their willingness to use digital currencies should they become more widely adopted.

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Customer Service: A Market Differentiator For Small Business

October 2014: Telecom technology review firm Software Advice recently released a report on IVR optimization which suggested that companies need to think harder about which services they want their IVRs to automate.

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US consumer group asks Google to import Europe's right to be forgotten

October 2014: A recent survey of 500 Americans by the security firm Software Advice found that 61 percent of those surveyed believe some version of the right to be forgotten is necessary.

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America's Right to Be Forgotten' Fight Heats Up

September 2014: In a study conducted by Software Advice, 61% of Americans already believe that some version of the right to be forgotten is necessary.

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Why Patient Portals Remain Healthcare's Enigma

September 2014: Asked to name their top frustration with patient portals, respondents cited "unresponsive staff" (34 percent) and "confusing interface" (33 percent) almost equally.

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Where Apple Watch Leads, CRM Will Follow?

September 2014: Some 29 percent of participants in a recent survey accessed CRM through four devices: laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones.

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Mobile First: Why Mobile Security Should Not Be Your Concern

September 2014: In August, a survey by Software Advice showed that only 39 percent of employees work under a “bring your own device” (BYOD) policy for mobile technology in the workplace.

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Peer Recommendations Make Buyers 5X Happier With B2B Software Purchases

August 2014: According to a new report from Software Advice, getting feedback from real customers is the most effective tactic for evaluating software.

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Small businesses are shifting toward VoIP solutions, report finds

August 2014: Small businesses are shifting toward VoIP solutions although still rely heavily on both mobile and landlines also according to a recent report by software company Software Advice.

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What California’s BYOD Reimbursement Ruling Means to CIOs

August 2014: A CompTia survey found anywhere from 39 percent to 51 percent of respondents are not doing BYOD. Most recently, results from a Software Advice survey show that only 39 percent of workplaces have a BYOD policy.

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WMS with Numerous Capabilities Still a Dream for 35 Percent Stuck in Manual Rut, Survey Finds

August 2014: Among big business, the research firm found that 72 percent wanted bar-coding capabilities, and nearly one-fifth sought radio frequency identification tracking capabilities.

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Only 39% of companies have a BYOD policy

August 2014: A new survey by Software Advice finds that only 39 percent of workplaces have policies in place to cope with BYOD.

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CRM Software Users Rate Their Biggest Challenges

August 2014: Most CRM users are satisfied with their product and about three-quarters feel that it has improved access to customer data, finds Software Advice in a new survey.

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To deploy cloud or not to deploy cloud, that is the question for SMBs

July 2014: Dr. Noel Radley, Managing Editor at Software Advice, wrote a report titled Cloud vs. On-Premise Software: Changes in Preference From 2008-2014.

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63% of practice management software purchases are replacements

July 2014: According to a new survey by Software Advice, 63% of providers looking to purchase PM or RCM products are replacing a current package, while first-time buyers are focused on efficiency and integration with their EHRs.

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How Well do EHRs Deliver on Key Benefits?

July 2014: In 2014, slightly more than 25 percent of electronic health record users said they plan to invest more in EHRs in the upcoming year, according to a report from EHR comparison resource Software Advice.

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Successful Software Selection: Do Your Due Diligence

June 2014: Speaking with ThomasNet News, Ashley Verrill, analyst at Software Advice, said that the firm commonly does research as part of its interaction with software buyers, who come to the company for free help finding the best software applications for their unique needs.

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EHR users investing more in patient portals, mobile access

June 2014: Thirty-five percent of EHR users say they are investing more money in patient portals in 2014, according to the initial findings of an ongoing survey by Software Advice, a consulting firm.

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CMMS: Trends And Attitudes

June 2014: Taylor Short, managing editor of Software Advice writes, “The data shows that prospective buyers in our sample are mostly from smaller businesses new to CMMS software, and who are looking to reduce manual work and increase efficiency of operations.

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Buyers of hotel management software reveal what they want most

May 2014: A majority of small to medium properties that are in the market for new hotel management software are seeking reservation and online booking capabilities in the new tools.

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What Buyers Look for in Sales Software

May 2014: 67% of buyers interested in sales force automation software are evaluating solutions for the first time, according to a recent report from Software Advice.

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Survey Shows What Call Centers Want in Software Solutions

May 2014: Software Advice polled 385 random interactions of call center software buyers, and found that 46 percent of buyers are actually buying for the first time.

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Is Your LMS Social Enough?

May 2014: I interviewed Erin Osterhaus, an HR analyst and managing editor for Software Advice, a consulting service for individuals looking to purchase software, and discussed what kind of technology Gen Y is most interested in and where the LMS fits in.

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Report: 40% of EHR Buyers Replacing Current System

April 2014: About 40 percent of providers shopping for a new electronic health record system during the first quarter of 2014 were seeking a replacement for their current EHR, according to a survey from EHR reviewer Software Advice.

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Software Advice: Igniting Success in the Lone Star State

April 2014: For companies like Software Advice, Texas’ limited government approach is more appealing. So much so, in fact, that the company moved its base of operations to the Lone Star State.

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Construction Software Usage Growing

April 2014: Software Advice has released the results of their 2014 buyer review for construction software. An article written by Janna Finch, Managing Editor of Software Advice, points out some interesting results.

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How to Navigate the Saas Options Jungle

February 2014: A promising company called Software Advice provides detailed information on software in more than 20 different industries including "Business Intelligence" and "Marketing Automation.

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Three Things That Can Make Employees More Productive

January 2014: We believe the Work Abroad program has played a big part in our high employee retention rate and has been a catalyst in our ability to recruit great talent.

These 4 Personalities Make Up Your Startup 'Dream Team'

January 2014:  Hiring was a challenge early on, but since then, we've grown our staff to over 100 people -- and for the top performers, we've gradually developed specialized roles that take advantage of their unique strengths.

The Three Types Of Leaders The World Needs Most: Artistic, Scientific and Interpersonal

January 2014:  When people see or hear “leader”, they generally think of interpersonal leaders inspiring and enabling teams.

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How Soon Should You Call a Sales Lead?

December 2013:  A report from the market research firm Software Advice tracked the number of qualified leads resulting from callbacks of website visitors who registered for something.

Awesome Austinite: Healing Hearts Globally

December 2013:  Five-year-old Confidence had spent all of her young life with with two holes in her heart. Children with her condition in Nigeria usually die before they reach age 10.

How Entrepreneurs Outside Of Silicon Valley Are Making Millions

December 2013:  We tend to think about entrepreneurs as high-tech, venture-backed executives," writes Don Fornes, CEO of Software Advice.

Austin's 2013 Top Workplaces

November 2013:  Software Advice is pleased to announce that it has been selected as one of The Austin American Statesman Top Workplaces.

10 Seriously Cool Company Perks

November 2013:  At Software Advice, employees are encouraged once a year to work remotely from anywhere in the world for a month. To date, employees have telecommuted from Vietnam, France and Spain.

‘Diamonds in the rough’: Offbeat — and effective — approach to hiring the best people

November 2013: One company that’s taken the “diamond in the rough” search approach is Software Advice, an Austin, TX firm that helps businesses find software to fit specific business needs.

Software Advice’s Open Plan Office, Complete with Open-Source Farm Tables

October 2013: Software Advice, a company that provides reviews and research to help organizations choose the right software, recently made the switch from a traditional office space to a open floor workspace.

Identify Top Performers: Tips for Hiring Your Dream Team

October 2013: In the following Q&A, the founder and CEO of Software Advice (pictured), discusses the research his company recently conducted that identifies the personality traits of successful employees, the four types of top performers, the roles they excel in and how to hire more people like them.

How Being Small And Lean Actually Helped Us Grow

September 2013: Multiple online reviews have helped quickly accelerate our growth. Many of our reviews came in voluntarily. We prompted others to leave feedback based on their experience with the software at sites such as Software Advice.

10 hard-to-fill jobs: Software Advice's Content Savant

September 2013: "When we find someone great, we hire them, even if we don't have a formal open position. We see it as an investment in the company's future," Fornes said.

Software Advice's Farmhouse Table, Custom Workstations

September 2013: The farmhouse workstation was developed by Software Advice‘s Don Fornes, in collaboration with Wendy Dunnam Tita at Dunnam Tita Architecture + Interiors.

Software Advice Tapped for Inc. 5000 List

August 2013: Software Advice, a resource for software buyers, has been listed by Inc. magazine as one of the top 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in the United States.

Austin's Fast 50: Companies with phenomenal growth

August 2013: Software Advice, a trusted resource for software buyers, has been ranked 13th on Austin Business Journal’s 2013 Fast 50 list, which recognized the top 25 fastest-growing small businesses in Central Texas.

The New Voluntary Benefits Companies are Offering to Lure Top Talent

August 2013: As a small business in Austin, TX, Software Advice competes with brands like Facebook and Google. “We really have to differentiate ourselves when it comes to hiring,” says Ramsey. “This stand-out program has played a big part in our high employee retention rate and has been a catalyst in our ability to recruit great talent. It was certainly a determining factor when I decided to take my job here.”

Corporate Relocation: Why One Company Chose Texas

August 2013: About five years ago, Software Advice co-founder and CEO Don Fornes decided that for cost reasons and talent recruitment reasons he needed to relocate the company from California. He shares his story on what weighed into the corporate relocation decision and why he ended up in Texas.

California business basks in Texas warmth

August 2013: In 2005, Fornes, having spent 10 years in the software industry, took a leap of faith and invested much of what he’d earned over the course of his career into starting his own business, Software Advice. Fornes’ small startup, based in San Francisco, specialized in advising software buyers and generating demand for software vendors — and much to Fornes’ credit, it was a success.

The Health Care Act: How Can Small Business Plan Ahead?

August 2013: The result has confounded small-business owner Don Fornes, CEO of Software Advice. In a recent blog post, he estimates that his business will see “price increases of anywhere from six percent to 40 percent per employee next year.”

Business Interviews: Don Fornes, Founder and CEO at Software Advice

July 2013: "Don’t jump at technology because it's new and shiny, rather identify the biggest business challenges and inefficiencies in your processes first."

One Strategy for Health-Law Costs: Self Insure

June 2013: Software Advice Inc., a consulting firm for software buyers that has many male employees in their 20s, is likely to move to self-insurance when the law's effects kick in for employers of its size, currently 60 workers.

Software Advice: Bootstrapping In The Tech Space – with Don Fornes

June 2013: How does a founder build a profitable business by helping companies pick the right software? Don Fornes is the founder of Software Advice,a lead generation service for software companies.

A Team of Rivals: How internal competition can strengthen business

June 2013: Don Fornes, founder and CEO of Software Advice, an eight-year-old software consulting company based in Austin, Texas, often works with small business clients and agrees. “Don’t make it a zero-sum competition,” he stresses. “Rather make it where theoretically everyone can win.”

Don Fornes Business Profile: Putting People Over Profits in Argentina

May 2013: Scattered throughout Cordoba are six highly motivated employees. While some work from their kitchen table, others work from the cafe on the corner. Their employer, Software Advice, is located over 4,700 miles away in the Texas city of Austin.

How Software Advice overcame a broken business model to grow to 50 employees

January 2013: Fornes started the company alone, but today he employs about 50 people, and his Austin-based business has referred more than 97,000 buyers and built relationships with about 750 software vendors.

Lead Generation Reversed: Software Advice

May 2010: Software Advice, based in Austin, Texas, helps buyers from virtually any industry and company size with the daunting task of finding the right software for their business.

The Learner Buyer – Why Software Advice is taking off

May 2010: Before these buyers even find these websites, they may need help. That’s where a company like Software Advice may come in. Software Advice is an Austin, Texas based firm that helps software shoppers find the right solutions for their short-list.

Press Releases

Software Advice Unveils Results of Patient Experience Study, Highlighting Need for Data Breach Awareness & Healthcare AI

July 2021: New research reveals 67% of patients already trust AI to improve healthcare, while 1 in 5 do not know if their data has been exposed in a security breach.

Software Advice Research Reveals Clicks and Bricks are Paving the Way in 2021

April 2021: New research uncovers 1 in 3 small businesses are moving a physical store online.

Software Advice Unveils Results of Patient Experience Study, Highlighting Importance of Telemedicine and AI in Healthcare

March 2020: New research reveals 64% of patients prefer providers that leverage AI-powered tools, a growing emphasis on telemedicine for colds, and an increased affinity for EHRs.

Software Advice Selects New General Manager

November 2018: Software Advice recently announced Blake Clark as its new General Manager. Clark joins Software Advice from Apple Leisure Group, where he served as general manager for one of their consumer brands.

Software Advice Recognized as a Top Workplace in Austin

November 2017: Software Advice was named a Top Workplace by the Austin American-Statesman. This year marks the fourth time Software Advice has been honored with the award, most recently in 2016.

Gartner Acquires Software Advice

March 11, 2014: Gartner, Inc. (NYSE: IT), the leading provider of research and analysis on the global information technology industry, today announced the acquisition of Software Advice, Inc.

Software Advice Hires 100th Employee Amidst Rapid Growth

March 2014: Software Advice hit a milestone today by welcoming its 100th employee. This announcement coincides with continued rapid revenue growth in the new year.

Software Advice Named a Top Workplace by Austin American-Statesman

November 2013: Software Advice has been selected as one of Austin’s Top Workplaces for 2013 by the Austin American-Statesman, an accolade determined by employee feedback.

Software Advice Named 13th Fastest Growing Small Business in Central Texas

October 2013: Software Advice has been ranked 13th on Austin Business Journal’s 2013 Fast 50 list, which recognized the top 25 fastest-growing small businesses in Central Texas.

Software Advice Honored in Top 20% of Inc. 5000 List

August 2013: Software Advice, a trusted resource for software buyers, has been listed by Inc. magazine as one of the top 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in the United States.