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Careers at Software Advice


Our mission is to help small businesses make the right technology decisions and find the right tools they need to grow, optimize and become more effective at what they do. Software Advice is part of Gartner Digital Markets - a global industry leader in connecting software buyers and vendors through research, reviews and lead generation. 

Experience the best of both worlds. In our Austin, TX location, you can expect all the fun perks of an entrepreneurial workplace like Massage Fridays and on-site yoga classes. As part of Gartner, you'll have boundless potential for career growth and the opportunity to be on the frontlines of innovation in an industry that is always growing and transforming.


We can offer you a career—one where you can grow. We provide great health insurance that includes dental and vision, a matching 401(k), four weeks of paid vacation a year, a one month Work Abroad program and lots of other perks along the way.


We believe in paying exceptional people exceptionally well. Our starting salaries are above-market, and we offer performance-based bonuses in almost every position. We're a meritocracy where outstanding performers can out-earn their peers.

Paid time off:

This is a great place to come to work every day, but getting away is important. That's why we offer four weeks of paid vacation each year to new employees. As you grow with the company, so does your vacation time - up to seven weeks per year!


We provide great healthcare insurance, with several options to fit your needs. We also offer dental, vision and life insurance coverage. The coverage is so good it'll make you wish you were sick.


Our retirement savings plan offers a comprehensive portfolio of funds managed through Fidelity. We match 100% of employee contributions up to 4% of your annual income. We've also got a financial advisor ready and willing to help you effectively plan for your future.

Perks & stuff:

We've got a kitchen stocked to the brim with healthy food to keep us energized and focused. We celebrate made-up holidays like Massage Friday, Smoothie Tuesday and host onsite yoga classes twice a week. And we're always taking suggestions on how to make this place even better.