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What is student information system software?

With student information system software, schools can organize this information in one central repository while also providing a way for students, teachers, and parents to interact with student records and assess progress.
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STARS is a cloud-based campus management solution that helps schools and colleges manage operational data. It is suitable for the needs of small and midsize institutions. Key features include lead management and reporting, email t...Read more about STARS

4.57 (14 reviews)


DreamClass is a school and classroom management solution designed to help educational institutions, such as schools, colleges, dance studios, language academies and more, manage operations. The platform, which is deployed within t...Read more about DreamClass

4.76 (33 reviews)

Blackbaud Student Information System

Blackbaud Student Information System is a learning management system (LMS) that helps K-12 schools and higher educational institutions streamline administrative processes related to attendance tracking, grading and more. Students ...Read more about Blackbaud Student Information System

2.00 (1 reviews)


PraxiSchool is your complete solution for School Management Software! Enjoy an easy tool for attendance, grades, daycare, lunch, accounting, donors, time clock, texting and much more! Our online registration feeds data directly to...Read more about PraxiSchool

4.62 (39 reviews)


Orbund is a cloud-based education management solution for training institutes, higher education, and universities. Primary features include an online application, lead forms, registration portal, instructor portal, administrator p...Read more about Orbund

4.29 (24 reviews)

Administrator's Plus

AdminPlus by Rediker is a cloud-based student information solution that helps schools collect, manage and analyze student information. The solution caters to public and private schools of all sizes and grade levels. The solut...Read more about Administrator's Plus

4.13 (71 reviews)


MySchool is a cloud-based school management system that helps store and manage all the information related to new registrants, teachers, students, parents and other educational administrators. It comes with a donation management m...Read more about MySchool

4.68 (37 reviews)


Gradelink is an internet-based school management solution that connects teachers, students, and parents through a single, easy-to-use platform. Schools worldwide use it to save time managing student enrollment, reporting attendanc...Read more about Gradelink

Creatrix Campus

Creatix Campus is a cloud-native higher education software for higher education institutions that helps academic administrators, student support staff, and others in the education industry manage the student’s journey from admissi...Read more about Creatrix Campus

4.89 (27 reviews)

Edsembli | SIS

Technology has transformed the way schools approach student information management. With more information available than ever, modern education needs intuitive solutions to their student information management problem. Keeping sc...Read more about Edsembli | SIS

No reviews yet

Campus Cafe

Campus Cafe is a cloud-based student information system that helps in managing admissions, student services, business office and alumni development functions. Primary features are inquiries tracking, applicant tracking, status tra...Read more about Campus Cafe

4.68 (19 reviews)

Teach n Go

**Mobile app available** **Available in multiple languages** Teach ‘n Go is the perfect all-in-one solution for managing your learning centre efficiently from anywhere, anytime, saving you the headaches of excel or outdated and ...Read more about Teach n Go

4.66 (44 reviews)

Destiny One

Destiny One is a cloud-based student lifecycle management solution which helps colleges and universities manage higher education programs for non-traditional learners. Key features include registration, synchronous/asynchronous le...Read more about Destiny One

3.94 (36 reviews)

Curriculog Curriculum Management

Curriculum Manager is a web based platform that helps you build, manage and distribute your curriculum. You can quickly and easily create content that meets the needs of today’s job market. Curriculum Manager saves time spent on c...Read more about Curriculog Curriculum Management

No reviews yet


iGradePlus is a cloud-based school management solution designed for individual instructors, schools and colleges. Key features include student and class management, school and district management, grade management, attendance and ...Read more about iGradePlus


Classe365 is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) and student information system (SIS) suitable for educational institutions. The software helps educators manage their students and course content and offers blended learn...Read more about Classe365

4.93 (99 reviews)


EdOptim is a web-based student information management system designed to help businesses in the education industry streamline communication with students and parents. It lets teachers share various information with parents, includ...Read more about EdOptim

No reviews yet

Alma SIS

Alma’s future-ready, cloud-native student information system tools optimize K-12 school operations, empowering educators to improve family engagement and student outcomes. From daily processes to community-wide communication and...Read more about Alma SIS


Catering to educational institutions of all sizes, Ucampus is a learning management platform that enables users to manage online learning, admissions, student engagement, and collaboration through a unified platform. The on-premis...Read more about Ucampus

5.00 (3 reviews)


Fusion helps businesses create and manage a database of contacts. It allows users to keep track of all their contacts met via conferences, seminars, and other events as well as organize them by company, industry, or location. Usi...Read more about Fusion

4.35 (34 reviews)

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Last Updated: March 16, 2023

Software Applications for Student Information System

Managing a school’s student records is a complicated process as students matriculate each year, semester, or in some cases even for a single course or class session. Each student brings a mountain of personal data, course progress information, and registration records that require careful administration.

With student information system software, schools can organize this information in one central repository while also providing a way for students, teachers, and parents to interact with student records and assess progress.

This guide will help you understand what student information system software is, as well as the various factors that should be considered when choosing a student information system software solution.

Here’s what we'll cover:

What is student information system software?

Student information system software helps educational organizations record vital student information, schedule courses, and manage student billing. The software also helps teachers assign materials and record grades while simultaneously providing a portal for students and parents to track progress, grades, and disciplinary issues. By serving as a central data repository for student records, student information system software also helps provide educators with statistical analysis and reporting.

Common features of student information system software

While features vary from product to product, student information system software typically offers some or all of the following functionality:

Admissions management

Direct the registration and admission process for existing and new students and record pertinent student data.


Provide a secure place for teachers to track students’ scores and grades on course materials, exams, and participation.

Reporting and statistics

Allow teachers and administrators to create customizable reports about students, courses, and matriculation.

Student management

Use a database of students to track personal information, such as parental contact information, educational needs, and tuition.

Attendance management

Record student attendance and notify parents, teachers, and administrators of lapses.

Class registration

Provide an online portal for students to register for classes.

Class scheduling

Allow teachers and administrators to schedule class times while taking into account other classes that are in high demand.

Discipline management

Record and track disciplinary interactions with students, view individual student's discipline records, and create notifications for parents.

Fee collection

Automatically invoice recurring fees or tuition from students and parents and provide account statements.

Report cards

Generate report cards for students' performance.

What type of buyer are you?

  • K-12 schools: Schools that host kindergarten through 12th grade students often require more than a simple registrar system to facilitate daily processes.These buyers need a student information system that allows teachers and administrators to track student behavior, attendance, grades, and contact information for parents and students. Paper-free student disciplinary tracking allows schools to keep an accurate record of student incidents for future referral.

  • Higher education: It's crucial for education institutions such as trade schools and universities to use a software solution that helps track student registration information and facilitate the registration process. Higher education college classes often fill up before the school year even begins, signaling a need for an accurate student registration system. These buyers should look for a student information system that allows both students and administrators to register for courses without hassle.

Benefits of student information systems software

  • Improves parental involvement: Student information system software gives parents a way to instantly access information about their child’s progress. Using an online portal and messaging, teachers can more proactively inform parents of their child’s educational progress, keep them updated on attendance issues, and notify them of potential behavior problems.

  • Maximizes teaching resources: By giving teachers and administrators a scheduling mechanism, student information system software helps school administration create schedules that provide the right amount of class offerings while maximizing classroom space.

  • Organizes class records: Student information system software allows teachers to keep information about all their students in one easily accessible repository and automates tasks such as keeping attendance, assigning homework, and calculating grades so teachers can focus more on education and less on recordkeeping.

As with any implementation of enterprise software, potential issues may arise. Consider the following:

  • Teacher learning curve: It’s not uncommon for a single teacher to be employed by multiple learning institutions. As a result, they may either be used to another type of student information system software or have their own style of recordkeeping. Keep in mind the level of support necessary to train and assist teachers in using a new system and whether your institution or software vendor is in a position to provide it.

  • Technical support availability: System outages are not only frustrating to student information system administrators, but also to students themselves. When choosing a student information system, be sure to ask your software vendor about their technical support availability to avoid the consequences of system outages such as not being able to pay student bills, access curriculum, or access vital student registration information.

Market trends to understand

When looking to purchase student information system software, be sure to understand the following market trends to ensure that you choose a solution that grows with your business goals:

Integration with learning management systems (LMS): Recent changes in the educational environment have caused a shift from in-person class settings to online learning. As this trend continues, look forward to seeing student information system software being the front end that allows teachers to distribute materials stored in the LMS as they are assigned.

SMS integration: As the average age of mobile phone usage continues to decrease, more and more student information system software tools will allow direct messaging to students' personal devices so that teachers can instantly update students on homework assignments or class schedules.

Note: The application selected in this article is an example to show a feature in context and is not intended as an endorsement or recommendation. It has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.