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We’re making it easier, faster, and cheaper to book business trips and keep travelers safe and happy. The result is a smoother booking and travel experience for everyone, that also gives businesses all the control they need. Wit...Read more about TravelPerk


Lemax is an online software solution for tour operators that create, sell and operate multi-day tours and want to be more efficient and grow faster by digitalizing their business: 1) Get all products and calculations centralized,...Read more about Lemax


Ezus is a travel management software that helps organizers create custom events and travel plans. The platform enables organizations to design budgets and programs. Ezus assists users with handling customer information using ...Read more about Ezus

Travefy Agent

Travefy helps travel advisors and travel professionals grow their businesses and wow clients! Travefy's comprehensive software platform helps travel advisors and professionals create branded client quote and itineraries, manage c...Read more about Travefy Agent


Zaui Software is a web-based reservation system that helps transport, tour & activity, event planning and rental companies with online booking and travel management. Its key features include user access control, reseller managemen...Read more about Zaui


Originally built within Gate 1 Travel, Softrip offers one comprehensive and "source of truth" platform for multi-day tour operators. Our expansive suite of products includes Reservations, Product Management, Operations , CRM & Mar...Read more about Softrip

4.5 (4 reviews)


Designed for travel agencies and activity resellers, Hero is a comprehensive ticketing, payment, and booking solution that allows businesses to streamline reservation operations without the need for multiple systems. From customiz...Read more about Hero


One-stop solution for travel agencies by providing online booking solutions in order to increase sales of flights, hotels, cabs, and tour packages along with mid & back office solutions to automate the bookings, cancellations, and...Read more about AgencyAuto

4.0 (1 reviews)


Travellect is a cloud-based travel agency software that is designed specifically for travel agents, destination management companies, and tour operators. Users can associate suppliers with saleable travel products. They can choose...Read more about Travellect

5.0 (1 reviews)


PHPTRAVELS is PHP and MySQL-based travel agency software designed for the online travel and booking industry. The solution is suitable for owners of hotels, vacation rentals, travel agencies, tour operations, rental cars, cruises,...Read more about PHPTRAVELS

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Tourwriter enables travel specialists and destination marketing professionals to craft chic, cutting-edge itineraries that stand out from the competition. We are an end-to-end tour operator software solution designed by tour opera...Read more about Tourwriter

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Online Travel Reservation and Management System (OTRAMS) is a cloud-based hotel management solution that is suitable for travel businesses of all sizes. OTRAMS helps users manage bookings and operations from a single console ...Read more about OTRAMS

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Invent App

Invent App solutions help companies and event organizers promote, plan and hold digitalized events. It provides web and mobile applications (available on Android and iOS) to support the organization of any type of event: virtual c...Read more about Invent App

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Dolphin CRM

Dolphin is a cloud-based booking and information management software for tour operators and travel agents. The solution includes modules such as online booking, a product database and reservations. It is suitable for travel busine...Read more about Dolphin CRM


REZY360 is a cloud-based travel management solution that enables businesses to streamline processes related to client communications, email marketing, customer databases and more. The profile management system lets administrators ...Read more about REZY360

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Regiondo is an all-in-one B2B booking software that lets you sell tickets online, manage bookings, show your availability and grow your business. The solution can be easily integrated into your own website to let your customers b...Read more about Regiondo

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TripsCommerce is a hotel management solution suitable for small to midsize travel and accommodations businesses. Key features include website building, booking management and tour management. TripsCommerce enables users to re...Read more about TripsCommerce

5.0 (1 reviews)


TrekkSoft is a cloud-based tour and activity booking solution for tour operators of all sizes. TrekkSoft offers tools to help users manage online bookings, payments, marketing and more. Mobile apps are available for iOS and Androi...Read more about TrekkSoft

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Avochato is a messaging and reputation management solution designed for companies of all sizes. It offers customer review management, response management, review monitoring and reporting functionalities within a suite. The product...Read more about Avochato

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Thomalex is a cloud-based solution that helps small to mid-size travel agencies and travel management companies build and run online booking engines. It allows end-users to create personalized profiles and receive frequent flyers ...Read more about Thomalex

Buyers Guide

Last Updated: March 01, 2024

What is travel agency software?

Travel agency software is a tool that helps travel businesses and agencies manage their operations. It simplifies tasks such as booking reservations for flights, hotels, car rentals, and creating customized itineraries. The software also assists in tracking sales and commissions while providing detailed reports on business performance.

Moreover, this platform often includes features such as customer relationship management (CRM) to maintain a customer database and track customer interactions, invoicing to handle payments smoothly, and marketing tools to promote deals or packages.

Using travel agency software can help travel advisors and tour operators save time by automating routine processes, such as data entry and sending confirmation emails and invoices.

What are the core features of travel agency software?

  • Reservations management: Handle reservation processes such as online booking, scheduling, and modifying customer reservations for flights, hotels, or tour packages through a built-in booking engine. Reservation management also often includes availability checking and automatic booking confirmations. 

  • Itinerary creation: Assist in planning, scheduling, and organizing client trips. With the itinerary creation feature, details such as flight or train schedules, hotel reservations, and car rental details can be compiled into a single document for easy access during travel.

  • Payment processing: Handle transactions with clients securely. It processes various forms of payment, such as credit cards, debit cards, and digital wallets, for booking services such as flights, hotels, and car rentals. The feature ensures safe and efficient payment processing while maintaining transaction records for future reference.

What are the benefits of using travel agency software?

  • Simplifies the booking process: Travel agency software simplifies booking processes by automating tasks such as searching for and suggesting flights, hotels, and car rentals. Travel agents can book services quickly without checking multiple providers' websites or platforms for the best deals. Such a process saves considerable time and effort, resulting in an efficient booking process with fewer errors.

  • Manages customer information effectively: Travel agency software stores all customer-related personal information, such as contact details, booking history, and preferences, in one place for easy access. Such centralization helps travel agencies provide personalized service for online travel booking based on past interactions or preferences, enhancing customers' experience and leading to repeat business.

  • Automates invoicing and billing tasks: Travel agency software simplifies financial management by auto-generating invoices, calculating total costs accurately, applying discounts, if any, and sending them to clients. This level of automation reduces manual effort for staff members while minimizing errors in calculations or data entry for online booking, which can lead to customer dissatisfaction or revenue loss.

What are the potential issues with travel agency software?

  • Poor customer support: The tourism and travel business is fast-paced, so clients need quick resolutions for problems. If they encounter problems or have questions that aren't promptly addressed, it could cause frustration and negatively affect their overall experience. Having software that doesn't offer seamless customer support options might lead to losing customers to competing services offering better user assistance.

  • Inadequate payment gateways: Lack of adequate payment gateways limits the number of options customers have to make payments, which could lead to a loss in sales if preferred methods are not supported. Also, insecure or unreliable payment systems may deter clients due to security concerns, thereby further negatively impacting your business.

  • Lack of customization: Lack of customization means the inability to tailor services based on individual customer preferences, potentially leading to dissatisfaction and lost business opportunities. Customization helps provide personalized experiences, which is crucial for maintaining client loyalty and attracting new customers in a competitive market.   

How much does travel agency software cost?

Most travel agency software products are priced “per month” basis, and their entry-level pricing plan ranges from $49 to $99+*. An enterprise product priced higher may include additional features such as customized travel package management, advanced itinerary reporting and analytics, gift card and voucher management, and advanced booking widgets.

*The pricing included is for the entry-level/lowest-priced offerings found on vendor websites as of Feb. 13, 2024. 

What is travel agency software used for?

A travel agency software system centralizes processes related to booking management, payment processing, and client–agent communication. However, the software can have multiple use cases based on the data fed into the system and the tool's features leveraged. Some of them are:

  • Operations management: Travel agency software helps manage day-to-day travel management operations for businesses. These include task automation for repetitive tasks such as sending booking confirmations, generating invoices, and updating customer records. Additionally, the software helps create staff schedules and manage fleets for operators that provide transportation services by identifying peak booking periods.

  • Dynamic package creation: Travel agency software allows agents to dynamically create travel packages by combining flights, hotels, and leisure activities based on customer preferences. The software takes real-time pricing adjustments and availability updates from third-party websites and booking platforms, adding and modifying components for a client's trip accordingly.

  • Multi-channel booking integration: Travel agency software integrates with various third-party booking channels, ensuring that agents can seamlessly manage and synchronize bookings on these external platforms. Additionally, integrating multiple channels increases the visibility of a travel agency and its offerings. It also enables potential customers to find and book services through their preferred platform. The software ensures that bookings through such platforms are integrated into the central reservation system.

Which software tools integrate with travel agency software?

A travel agency tool integrates with various solutions for data export and import. We looked across thousands of reviews from software users in the travel industry to identify the products that the users frequently mentioned they integrated with their tools:

  • Stripe is an online payment platform that integrates with travel agency software to help accept and process digital payments from clients. Customers can send payments through such a payment gateway integration via their preferred mode, such as debit or credit cards or online banking. Stripe also helps generate invoices that businesses can use to track payments.  

  • Zapier is a workflow management software solution that offers task automation capabilities by providing integrations with various other applications and services, such as email marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) software. For instance, businesses can use Zapier to automate repetitive processes, such as data entry, sending booking confirmation and follow-up emails, and assigning agents to specific clients to manage customer support.   

  • Google Calendar is a calendar management and scheduling platform that helps businesses sync travel itineraries and booking details from the travel agency software to clients' Google Calendars. Google Calendar provides reminder notifications for upcoming events. By integrating with Google Calendar, travel agencies can help clients stay informed about their travel schedules, reducing the likelihood of missed flights or activities. 

  • QuickBooks is an accounting solution that integrates with travel agency software to keep track of customer financial data, including invoices, payments, and other internal financial transactions. Changes made in the travel agency software, such as booking updates, cancellations, or new transactions, can be reflected in QuickBooks in real time. This ensures that the agency’s financial records are consistently up-to-date.

  • Airtable is a collaboration platform that integrates with travel agency software and grants access to multiple team members to create a centralized database containing information about tour packages, customer information, and internal business data. Airtable allows travel agencies to create customizable tables and fields based on specific data requirements. This flexibility enables the customization of data structures to match the unique needs of the travel agency, accommodating various types of information, such as booking IDs, itineraries, service types, and other travel-related data.

*We identified these integrations mentioned most often in verified reviews of travel agency software published on Software Advice within the past two years. (as of Feb. 13, 2024).

Key considerations when purchasing travel agency software

  • Evaluate the ease of booking and reservation management: The ease of booking and reservation management directly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of operations. A user-friendly system allows quick bookings, updates, or changes to reservations, etc., leading to improved customer service experience and reduced operational errors.

  • Check the capability of creating customized travel packages: The ability to create customized travel packages allows for flexibility and personalization based on client preferences. This feature can enhance customer satisfaction, differentiate your services from competitors, and potentially increase revenue by offering unique experiences tailored specifically to individual requirements.

  • Assess the efficiency of customer relationship management functionality: Effective customer relationship management (CRM) features in travel agency software can help manage and analyze customer interactions, enhance relationships with customers, improve service quality, and increase retention rates. It also allows the identification of new potential clients, which ultimately drives sales growth. Therefore it's crucial to evaluate the efficiency of CRM functionality when purchasing such a tool.

Products evaluated for the pricing calculation were taken from Software Advice’s travel agency software directory. The pricing ranges exclude freemium versions of the products. The features highlighted were identified based on their relevance and the percentage of products in Software Advice's directory that offer them. 


This travel agency software buyers guide was authored by Software Advice’s content team. We develop our guides using the author's expertise, insights from 2M+ unique user reviews, and our proprietary data science algorithms to identify trends in user sentiment, preferences, and priorities. Some text was generated with assistance from artificial intelligence tools.