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Personyze is a website personalization solution that helps businesses streamline marketing operations. It utilizes machine learning algorithms to create personalized content, website messages and emails based on multiple criteria ...Read more about Personyze


Hyperise introduces dynamic personalization layers to images, applicable across various channels such as websites, emails, chatbots, ads, videos, and social outreach. The rapid processing of images by our brains in milliseconds ma...Read more about Hyperise

Geo Targetly

Geo Targetly is an all-in-one geo targeting platform designed to help global brands increase website conversions using geolocation data. It can be used by multi-location and multi-lingual businesses with location-specific web page...Read more about Geo Targetly


Segment is a customer data management platform that can collect and control customer data from mobile and web apps to provide a comprehensive data toolkit for marketing, product, and engineering teams. With Segment, teams can easi...Read more about Segment

MarketDirect VDP Enterprise

MarketDirect VDP Enterprise is a software program designed to help businesses of all sizes create personalized gifts such as memorabilia, collector items and gifts that can be personalized on demand. The Enterprise Edition of Mark...Read more about MarketDirect VDP Enterprise

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AddSearch is an intelligent search software designed to help website owners provide an intuitive and efficient search experience to visitors. The software can be integrated into any website, providing a fully-tailored site search ...Read more about AddSearch


Outfindo leverages advanced research and data-processing AI models to assist customers in selecting products through a series of questions, aiming to convert potential buyers into actual customers. The platform streamlines the cus...Read more about Outfindo

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Mobiotics offers an over-the-top (OTT) platform along with broadcast and digitization solutions. It supports live and on-demand multi-bitrate video/audio streaming across multiple devices according to requirements. It provides co...Read more about Mobiotics

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Picreel is a lead generation solution that provides an advanced popup builder to help businesses convert website visitors into customers. With the advanced targeting and segmentation functionalities, users can create custom popups...Read more about Picreel

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Campaign Monitor by Marigold

Campaign Monitor by Marigold is a cloud-based email marketing solution that helps businesses manage new subscriptions, send email newsletters and generate reports. It caters to businesses of all sizes across various industry verti...Read more about Campaign Monitor by Marigold

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BrightInfo is a cloud-based content personalization solution built using artificial intelligence (AI) technology that offers automated triggers, account based marketing, page targeting, lead nurturing, content keywords and analyti...Read more about BrightInfo

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BEYABLE is a predictive marketing solution that helps businesses in retail, travel and other sectors implement a customer relationship strategy and manage site abandonments. The machine learning and behavioral marketing technologi...Read more about BEYABLE

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Finding the right partner is no easy feat. But doing so is crucial for delivering performance, and ultimately driving profitable sales for you. So why should you choose Criteo? • Criteo has one of the world’s largest sets of sh...Read more about Criteo

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Hull is a customer data management platform that helps businesses capture and store sales, marketing and product data in a centralized repository. The platform enables customer success teams to monitor the customer journey and ana...Read more about Hull

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Iridize is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS), which is suitable for businesses of any size. Key features include behavior-responsive messaging, activity tracking, employee targeting by role, A/B testing and audit trai...Read more about iridize


Instapage is a cloud-based landing page solution designed for marketers and businesses of all sizes and verticals. Without a developer, they can build sleek, mobile-responsive web pages that improve campaign results and ROI. Thos...Read more about Instapage

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Marketo Engage

Adobe Marketo Engage is as a centralized marketing hub for orchestration and execution of cross channel campaigns to acquire, engage, nurture, expand and retain customers, throughout complex buying journeys. Marketo Engage facilit...Read more about Marketo Engage

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OptiMonk is an all-in-one CRO toolset that provides popups, website personalization, and A/B testing. It is built for ecommerce marketers and agencies looking for simple and affordable solutions to boost the performance of their c...Read more about OptiMonk

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Adoric is a cloud-based lead capture and lead generation tool for businesses across all industries. The platform helps users capture leads and optimize conversions through engaging, personalized content including pop-ups, countdow...Read more about Adoric

Spotler Mail+

Pure360 is a cloud-based automation solution that enables businesses of all sizes to manage marketing and customer journey. The platform offers email marketing, cart abandonment emails, cross-channel personalization and behavioral...Read more about Spotler Mail+

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