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Beacon’s supply chain visibility platform equips supply chain and logistics teams with real-time transportation tracking, reporting, planning and collaboration tools that help them take control of their supply chains, manage risk ...Read more about Beacon

4.6 (5 reviews)


WISMOlabs is a Post-Purchase experience, marketing, and communication platform for eCommerce retailers. It is a shipment tracking platform taken to the next level. WISMOlabs keeps consumers in the loop between the time when the ...Read more about WISMOlabs

Swap Commerce

Swap provides a comprehensive platform to streamline and simplify the operations Shopify ecommerce brands looking to scale. Swap offers an array of services spanning shipping, tracking, insurance, returns processing, and eco-con...Read more about Swap Commerce

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FreightPOP is the leading software in the logistics and supply chain management sectors, offering a comprehensive, cloud-based 5-in-1 platform that expertly caters to a wide range of shipping and transportation management needs. T...Read more about FreightPOP


Detrack is a robust delivery management software that offers real-time vehicle tracking through a live map and seamless electronic proof of delivery (E-POD) using our user-friendly iOS and Android apps. With availability in 26 lan...Read more about Detrack

TIMOCOM Live Shipment Tracking

Live Shipment Tracking is a cloud-based logistics tracking software that helps businesses manage transport orders, send status notifications, and calculate the estimated time of arrival. The tool allows users to monitor the locati...Read more about TIMOCOM Live Shipment Tracking

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If you are looking for a powerful and advanced returns management platform, look no further. ReturnGO’s Returns & Exchange Portal enables you to automate your returns process and configure your return portal to match your store’s ...Read more about ReturnGO

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Narvar is a cloud-based customer experience management solution, designed to help retailers manage returns and exchanges, track packages and connect with customers via messaging. Supervisors can monitor delivery exceptions and r...Read more about Narvar


Rush is an order tracking and delivery updates app for Shopify brands. It helps increase repeat sales, customer loyalty, and product reviews with a branded order tracking experience. The software targets ecommerce brands selling o...Read more about Rush

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The easiest and most predictable way to ship. Shippabo saves importers time and money by making it a snap to manage siloed carriers, track shipments in real time and secure pre-allocated space at competitive rates — all with a si...Read more about Shippabo

4.7 (3 reviews)

Accelerated EXIM

Accelerated EXIM Solution is a cloud-based software that helps businesses automate and manage export-import compliance and documentation processes. It is SAP-certified and offers real-time analytics and insights into import-export...Read more about Accelerated EXIM

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Take control of your logistics with Fretron TMS, India's leading cloud-based Transport Management System. - Boost efficiency: Automate every step, from order to invoice. - Slash costs: Proven track record of saving businesses ove...Read more about Fretron

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Freight Club

Freight Club is a shipping management solution designed to help eCommerce and retail businesses quote, book, track and manage LTL shipments efficiently. Users have the flexibility to choose from over 40+ specialty carriers and com...Read more about Freight Club

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Qapla' is a SaaS-based shipment tracking solution that simplifies the management of all shipments for eCommerce operations. By connecting with different marketplaces and eCommerce platforms, Qapla' can monitoring all shipments acr...Read more about Qapla'

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CargoWise is an integrated logistics execution platform that enables logistics service providers to run complex transactions for customs and cross-border compliance, international eCommerce, warehousing, landside logistics, freigh...Read more about CargoWise

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Responsible for growing an eCommerce business? Our multi-carrier shipping technology helps you ship smarter, optimise your fulfilment and share better post-purchase experiences, so you can focus on what you do best. Shipping and ...Read more about Shippit


techSHIP is a cloud-based multi-courier shipping solution designed for third-party logistics companies (3PLs) and manufacturers to make shipping easy. With a scan of a barcode or a batch number, you can automatically process 1 or ...Read more about techSHIP

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Shipwell's TMS platform is a comprehensive transportation management solution that helps businesses of all sizes streamline their shipping operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. With Shipwell's TMS, businesses can manag...Read more about Shipwell


Sorted is a delivery management solution designed to help businesses handle carriers, shipments, returns, refunds and exchanges. Teams can generate shipping labels and customs documentation according to requirements. Sorted allow...Read more about Sorted

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eHub is a shipping application programming interface (API) that helps businesses compare and find shipping rates between carrier providers across domestic and international shipments. We're a best fit for those who want to optim...Read more about eHub

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Buyers Guide

Last Updated: March 16, 2023

When businesses do not offer shipment tracking services, customers are not able to estimate when their packages will arrive and companies can not confirm if and where packages are located. This can result in a variety of customer frustrations, which can eventually lead to a decrease in customer satisfaction.

Shipment tracking software enables companies to provide their clients with time estimates as to when their shipments will be delivered, taking the stress of customer service representatives and allowing clients to receive live shipment tracking updates.

This guide will cover what shipment tracking software is, its common features, and more.

Here’s what we'll cover:

What is shipment tracking software?

Shipment tracking software collects data generated by various mail carriers and automatically sends companies and their customers live updates on packages as they are sorted and delivered. Shipment tracking software enables eCommerce and freight businesses to keep their customers up to date on the whereabouts of their orders, increasing shipping transparency and customer satisfaction.

Common features of shipment tracking software

While features vary from product to product, shipment tracking software typically offers some or all of the following functionality:

Delivery record

Access a record of shipment processing that shows the location and time stamp of shipment delivery. Allow clients to access the shipment records to estimate when their shipments will arrive.

Status tracking

Retrieve real-time reports on changes over time to the state of a request, a process, or an object.


Set automatic alerts/notifications within the system to notify customers of changes or delays in shipment processing.

Website integration

Integrate system with 3rd party websites to facilitate other business interactions such as customer service efforts, product purchases, etc.

Delivery estimate

Receive notes detailing the expected delivery date and time of customer shipments. Allow customers to access shipment delivery estimates to ensure they receive their package within the estimated delivery window.

What type of buyer are you?

  • Ecommerce company: These buyers want to remove as much risk from the shipping process as possible to build trust with their online customers. Shipment tracking software allows these companies to use the tracking number/barcode provided to determine a packageʻs location. Each shipping terminal scans the tracking barcode on the package, allowing the package's last location to be tracked. Ecommerce companies should look for a software solution that provides their customers with the highest visibility into the shipping process as possible to increase customer trust and ultimately gain customer loyalty.

  • Freight company: These buyers are concerned with their ability to optimize shipping-related costs and their ability to locate lost packages. With shipment tracking software, these companies are able to view the patterns of their shipping operations, influencing decisions such as which carriers to use and which routes are most optimal. Freight companies should choose a shipment tracking software that prioritizes shipment data collection for analysis.

Benefits of shipment tracking software

  • Enables the discovery of lost packages: Shipment tracking software can determine the last documented location of a lost package using the packageʻs assigned barcode. This feature can save businesses revenue by eliminating the need to replace shipments that are thought to be lost. Instead, companies can contact their shipping provider and ask them to find the package at its last known location.

  • Increases the speed of shipment reroutes: When shipping packages to customers, there are a variety of risk factors that can delay the shipment process. Sometimes delivery trucks break down, come in contact with harsh weather conditions, or get stuck in traffic. In this case, companies can request that shipping companies reroute the package to avoid delivery delays. Shipment tracking software allows companies to alert customers of delays and find solutions such as in-store pickup to mitigate customer frustrations.

  • Increases customer trust: Customers that buy products online put their trust in ecommerce and freight companies to get their products shipped and delivered on time with little hassle. Shipment tracking software allows companies to ease any qualms customers may have during the shipping process, providing customers real-time updates on the status of their deliveries.

Key considerations for purchasing shipment tracking software

  • Integration capabilities: Be sure to ask your shipment tracking software vendor if the software solutions your business already has in place will seamlessly integrate with their software. Ecommerce and freight businesses typically have payment processing and customer relationship management software already set up that should be able to integrate into the shipment tracking solution to simplify the order placement and shipment process.

  • Data security: In this day and age, cyberattacks are more common than ever. Customers will not return to your business if their information is leaked to a malicious third party attacker. Be sure that the shipment tracking system your business uses is more than capable of keeping both your companies data and your customers data protected from cyberattackers.

  • User-friendly interface: Every customer that orders a package from your company will not necessarily be tech savvy. Be sure that the shipment tracking system you choose features a user-friendly interface that users of all technical backgrounds can utilize. Ask your software vendor if you can access a free trial of their solution to ensure the software will be easy to operate, no matter who uses it.

Market trends to understand

  • Increased usage of drone delivery: According to Gartner, global shipments are forecast to reach 1.3 million units by 2023. In light of this, many shipping companies are turning to cargo freight drones to aid shipping efforts. Cargo freight drones are environmentally friendly aerial technology that deliver goods to customers quicker than traditional delivery methods. Unlike traditional methods of delivery such as delivery trucks, cargo freight drones are not slowed down by traffic and can deliver to remote territories that large freight trucks cannot reach. These drones can also be easily tracked by GPS, providing more detailed and accurate shipment tracking information than traditional delivery methods. Before purchasing shipment tracking software, find out if your carrier of choice is considering using cargo freight drones to aid shipment operations in the near future, as this will innovate your shipment tracking abilities for both your company and its customers.