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NeonCRM helps nonprofit organizations manage, streamline, and automate fundraising and/or membership needs. A cloud-based system, it features built-in communication tools and donation forms that mimic the nonprofit’s website.
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Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct’s Cloud-based accounting solution offers reporting, forecasting, performance management and invoicing in addition to its core accounting features. Built on the Oracle database and accessible via any Web browser.
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DonorPerfect Fundraising Software

DonorPerfect is the easy solution to keeping track of all fundraising efforts & donations. By collecting all incoming information in one location, the system allows users to easily communicate with volunteers and members.
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DonorSnap offers a comprehensive donor management system that is both user-friendly and cost-effective. It is a great fit for nonprofits frustrated with tracking donors with messy spreadsheets or simplistic homegrown databases, because... Read More
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Kindful is a cloud-based online fundraising and donor management solution designed specifically for growing nonprofit organizations. With this solution, nonprofits can manage three core aspects of fundraising - managing online giving,... Read More
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Trail Blazer Non-Profit Manager

Trail Blazer is dedicated to making non-profit management easier than ever. The system has an easy-to-use interface that can quickly create mass email campaigns, track finances and organize events.
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Member365 is a cloud-based nonprofit solution for member-based organizations. Features offered within the platform include membership management, automated membership renewal, a member portal, event planning, email marketing, fundraising... Read More
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Salsa CRM

Salsa CRM is a cloud-based constituent relationship management platform that helps nonprofits track  supporter relationships, manage online and offline fundraising, and intelligently report on everything. Salsa CRM features include... Read More
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Abila MIP Fund Accounting

Abila Fund Accounting 100 has a variety of standard features including accounting and grant management as well as specialized features like a visual analyzer & employee Web services. This diversity makes it perfect for growth.
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Denali FUND

Denali FUND is a system that offers accounting options for nonprofits with multiple funds. The product is suitable for small to midsize nonprofit organizations that need to manage accounting. The system is offered both as a web-based... Read More
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AccuFund Accounting Suite

AccuFund provides nonprofits with a system that focuses on tracking and organizing accounting and financial data. This software is modeled after the Windows interface, making it more familiar and easier to use for most people.
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Abila Millennium (formerly Sage Millennium)

Abila Millenium (formerly Sage Millennium) is a comprehensive, web-based solution designed to handle the often complicated and unique needs of nonprofit organizations and agencies looking to streamline and simplify their fundraising... Read More
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Financial Edge by Blackbaud

Financial Edge NXT is a cloud accounting solution from Blackbaud that provides transparency across teams, security, compliance, and reduces the need for manual processes. The system is a fund accounting solution that provides a general... Read More
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Unit4 Business World

Unit4 Business World is a scalable ERP solution designed to address the unique demands service organizations face. It offers multi-lingual and multi-currency capabilities, and is a fit for higher education, nonprofits and NGOs, professional... Read More
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MatchMaker FundRaising Software

MatchMaker FundRaising Software helps small and midsize nonprofits manage fundraising and donor relationships. Deployment options include client server and hosted deployment. It is suitable for a range of nonprofits including those... Read More
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DonorDirect provides faith-based ministries and nonprofits organizations with robust, intuitive fundraising and donor management solution that was designed for their unique, specific needs. DonorDirect has developed an entire suite... Read More
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FUND E-Z Fund Accounting

FUND E-Z is a fundraising software for nonprofits that gives visibility into every facet of their organization. The software helps users to create and track budgets across fiscal years, detailing actual vs. budget for multiple projects,... Read More
Visit Website is the market leader among cloud-based CRM providers. They serve a wide range of industries and business sizes. Because the system is Web-based, users can access this powerful solution anywhere with Internet access.
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eTapestry offers an affordable option to track and manage all fundraising needs like maintaining donor relationships, event planning and more. The system automatically backs up activity, so no information is ever lost.
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Created in 2012, Bloomerang is a solution for small and growing nonprofits. It enables users to view an organization's donor records, track the best time to contact each donor and measure a donor's engagement level to make it easier... Read More
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Classy is a web-based Non-Profit software for organizations that need to manage their fundraising efforts. Fundraising and Donor Management is available stand-alone or within a suite with Email Marketing. Whether there's a need to... Read More
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iMIS is a cloud-based association and non-profit management system that is mobile-ready and PCI-validated. The solution includes options for membership, fundraising, events, product sales, certification, email, online communities,... Read More
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MemberClicks offers a configurable, cloud-based software solution to small associations and member-based organizations. The system can stand alone as a membership website and social community or integrate with an existing website... Read More
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StarChapter Association Management

StarChapter is a cloud-based association management software solution for local or national, professional and trade associations. The system offers membership management, online event registration, email communication and website content... Read More
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WizeHive is a cloud-based platform designed to collect, review and manage applications for grants, scholarships and other nonprofit programs. The system offers tailored workflows, reporting dashboards, automations and batch emailing. WizeHive... Read More
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Stratus365 is a web-based solution designed for mid-sized and enterprise-class non-profits. The fully integrated suite focuses on relationship management with features to support online and traditional fundraising, business intelligence,... Read More
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SilkStart is an integrated suite of association management tools created for small to mid-size associations, as well as multi-chapter associations. SilkStart serves the needs of multi-chapter organizations through a connected backend... Read More
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Network for Good

Network for Good offers donor management software integrated with fundraising pages and personal coaching for growing nonprofits.  Donor Management Software: Search and segment donors, track gifts, and launch personalized email and... Read More
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With NetSuite's unified business management solution, nonprofit organizations can manage their entire end-to-end operations with a single business application. It integrates accounting, fundraising, customer relationship management... Read More
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Raiser's Edge NXT

Raiser’s Edge NXT is an integrated, cloud-based fundraising and relationship management solution for nonprofits. Raiser's Edge NXT provide tools to streamline various activities of a nonprofit organization and provide a single view... Read More
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ClubExpress is a cloud-based management tool for any association or club. The solution is suitable for arts and cultural clubs, environmental groups, healthcare and hospitals, higher education groups, human services organizations,... Read More
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GrowthZone, formerly MemberZone, is an online platform designed to help non-profits manage their members, fundraising, marketing, donors and volunteers.  An online application form facilitates member signup, and the data from that... Read More
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Findjoo Membership Management Solution is a software platform developed for non-profit organizations of scaling sizes and segments. Arts and cultural organizations, associations, higher education, human services, environmental, education,... Read More
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VeryConnect is a cloud-based membership management solution that provides services such as member data collection, subscription and payment management, email campaigns and event creation. It is suitable for membership organizations... Read More
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Sparkrock is an all-in-one solution for large and midsize Nonprofit organizations. It offers Finance & Accounting, Workforce Management, Payroll, Employee Scheduling, Case Management and Donor Management. Each module can be purchased... Read More
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Virtuous is an integrated, cloud-based solution for small to large non-profit organizations. It assists with various aspects of a non-profit’s needs, from managing donors and fundraising, as well as marketing and outreach. It’s... Read More
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EventBank is a cloud-based engagement management platform for nonprofit organizations. EventBank integrates event management, membership management, customer relationship management (CRM), email marketing, payment processing and dedicated... Read More
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MemberNova is a configurable cloud-based software platform designed to help non-profits and associations monitor member engagement, manage membership experience and track growth through task automation and communication tools. MemberNova’s... Read More
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CyberGrants is a cloud-based non-profit and grant management solution. It offers features such as automatically checking tax IDs, scanning data against watch lists, integrating with accounts payable systems, automating reporting tasks,... Read More
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Charityproud is a cloud-based nonprofit management solution suitable for small to midsize nonprofit organizations. Key features include constituent management, donation and pledge tracking, campaign and event management, email integration... Read More
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FastFund Nonprofit Fund Accounting

FastFund Nonprofit Fund Accounting performs fund accounting operations for nonprofit organizations. The system’s modules include fund accounting, accounts payable and receivable, cost allocations, payroll and fundraising donor management. FastFund... Read More
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Serenic Navigator

Built for nonprofits of all sizes, Serenic Navigator provides a comprehensive software experience with full accounting, billing, invoicing, budgeting & reporting capabilities. It also has both on-premise or hosted options.
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Abila Fundraising 50 (Sage)

The features provided by Abila Fundraising 50 (formerly Sage Fundraising 50) help nonprofits strengthen their outreach and better manage all activity. This system archives all communications, creating a full, searchable history.
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The Raiser's Edge

The Raiser’s Edge maximizes your non-profit fundraising strategies by offering tools for monitoring and managing contributions, providing this data in comprehensive reports or simple dashboards.
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Little Green Light

Little Green Light helps small and midsize nonprofits manage fundraising and development efforts by offering a cloud-based constituent relationship management database, as well as event planning, activity tracking, mail merges and... Read More
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FirstGiving gives nonprofits the tools to create powerful & effective campaigns as well as the ability to expand their donor pool. This system is completely Web-based, making it easy to access data & communicate with donors.
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ClearView CRM

ClearView CRM Software gives you the tools to easily manage all fundraising activities for a nonprofit of any size. With a donor portal, the system allows you to better maintain donor relationships and encourage more giving.
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Sumac is a software system designed for small to midsize non-profits that need technology to manage fundraising and donor management, contact management, event management, marketing outreach and membership management. The solution... Read More
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The Databank

The Databank makes it easy for even the smallest nonprofits to manage finances, track donors & more. This software has a great communication feature that allows users to connect through social media, email & text messages.
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ResultsPlus Fundraising Software

ResultsPlus is a user-friendly system that helps keep non-profits organized and efficient. Of its many features, ResultsPlus allows users to easily communicate with constituents and nurture donor relations.
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Buyer's Guide

With hundreds of software for nonprofits on the market, nonprofits of all sizes have more options than ever to efficiently grow, manage and streamline their organizations. From individual, standalone applications for donor management software to comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, nonprofits can more easily and cost-effectively manage their essential day-to-day functions. This includes advocacy and email marketing campaigns, accounting, reporting and constituent management. The challenge for nonprofit buyers, however, is determining exactly which of these solutions can best meet their organization’s unique needs today—and grow with them over time. This guide provides an overview of nonprofit software and nonprofit management software reviews to help you make the most informed purchasing decisions.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

What Is Nonprofit Software?
Common Features of Nonprofit Software
What Type of Buyer are You?
Benefits and Potential Issues
Market Trends to Understand
Recent Events You Should Know About

What Is Nonprofit Software?

Software for nonprofit organizations includes a wide range of standalone applications and comprehensive programs that help nonprofits manage the many facets of their administrative, fundraising, donor relations, tracking and reporting functions. Regardless of their size, scope of offerings or budget, every nonprofit stands to benefit from utilizing these feature-rich nonprofit management solutions. While each delivers its own unique flair and functionality, most of the systems provide similar core offerings, which we’ve highlighted below.

Common Features of Nonprofit Software

Nonprofit accounting software Keeps tabs on critical financial information to ensure dollars are collected, budgeted, allocated, tracked and reported with ease and efficiency. Functions include budget monitoring, futures forecasting, grant management, payroll processing and tracking and reporting.
Fundraising & donor management Empowers nonprofits to securely solicit, collect and track donations through individual, planned, recurring or major giving. Functions include auctions, a-thons, campaign creation and management, online giving, customized donation forms, receipt generation and reporting.
Membership management Membership management houses constituent contact information and helps organizations record interactions, set membership levels, manage benefits and track renewals and dues.
Volunteer management Facilitates a nonprofit organization's interactions with their volunteer workforce. This software stores contact information, a participant's history, availability and more. It also provides outreach tools to contact those who've volunteered for upcoming events, and scheduling tools to track responses and availability.
Nonprofit marketing & outreach Enables and supports customized direct marketing, email marketing and online campaigns. Functions include communications management, personalized content, targeted email delivery, message archiving and in-depth reporting.
Nonprofit CRM Creates a seamless database environment to engage and manage all types of constituents—including volunteers, members, alumni, corporations and foundations. Functions include campaign/fund administration, advanced query, lead generation, accounting integration, donations processing and management, tracking and reporting. 
Charity/event planning Helps organizations prepare for events and meetings of all types and sizes. Functions include online registration, searchable event listings, email reminders, payment acceptance, rosters and tracking and reporting.
Grant management Lets organizations keep track of proposals and awards. It also gives them the tools to process funds and allocate them to the right recipients. Functions include application status notifications and generated task lists for each step of the application process.

Key performance indicators in donorperfect

Key performance indicators (KPIs) in donorperfect


What Type of Buyer Are You?

Before jumping into purchasing software for your nonprofit, it’s important to understand your organizational needs and how a system could help meet those requirements now and in the years to come.

Small local or regional-based nonprofits. Generating donor support for every nonprofit is essential, but for small nonprofits it’s even more critical that they can secure gifts and grants to fund their programs. Individual email marketing and fundraising systems for small nonprofits can be an effective and budget friendly way for these nonprofits to create social engagement and track online donations for the audit trail.

Mid-sized nonprofits. These nonprofits are looking to cultivate relationships that can turn those who are actively engaged as newsletter readers, volunteers or occasional givers into repeat donors. For mid-sized nonprofits focused on long-term growth, they are typically looking for nonprofit database suites that include integrated donor software for nonprofits, email marketing and financial management applications that offer centralized control, high levels of security and robust reporting and audit functionality.

Large/national nonprofits. Like any large enterprise, national nonprofits with thousands of constituents across the country and multi-million dollar budgets need to plan, strategize and act with precision to serve people all over the nation—and world. These nonprofits are looking for enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions that can help streamline back-end operations—as well as feature-rich constituent management, fundraising and email marketing capabilities that can handle large volumes of traffic and all types of giving.

Associations. Member-based organizations and associations, including museums, clubs and trade organizations, have unique requirements. In addition to fundraising and event planning activities, most associations must set membership levels, collect dues and renewals, manage committees and track member progress in certification programs. Many nonprofit software vendors offer association management software with features built to support the complex interactions within associations.

Churches and faith-based ministries. These organizations operate differently than general nonprofits—rather than intense fundraising, they routinely collect contributions from members, manage more complex relationships and track member attendance and involvement in multiple groups and activities. Large churches and faith-based ministries often require special check-in and security systems to maintain the safety of children left in the their care. Church management software offers tools and features which caters to these buyers.

Benefits and Potential Issues

Nonprofits that adopt the right types of software for their organization stand to benefit in many ways, such as:

  • Secure online giving with back-end tracking, processing and reporting donations for audit and regulatory purposes.
  • Tracking grants, fundraising and major donor activity for more accurate budgetary planning, forecasting and allocation.
  • Cultivating engaged constituents through advocacy campaigns, events and regular communication.
  • Securely capturing, managing and culling critical constituent data.
  • Reducing data redundancy for more effective marketing, event planning and ongoing announcements.

Nonprofits that fail to realize some of these core benefits often do so because they:

  • Fail to strategically plan, budget or prepare for their changing needs and growth.
  • Overlook essential accounting, compliance or regulatory issues.
  • Do not have the right infrastructure in place to support integration of software systems from different vendors.
  • Do not adequately prepare staff for adoption of new software.
  • Fail to properly train staff/volunteers on how to leverage the software’s full scope of features and functionality.

Market Trends to Understand

As a nonprofit, you know that budgeting, giving and compliance are ongoing issues that impact your ability to serve your communities. Here are a few other issues to keep in mind as you explore the right software solutions for your organization:

Social media. For many nonprofits these days, Return on Investment (ROI) is quickly being replaced by an equally essential metric: Return on Engagement (ROE). To boost ongoing engagement with supporters, nonprofits of all sizes are using social media tools (blogs, Twitter, Facebook etc.) to cultivate relationships, share information and generate support. It’s essential your email marketing, advocacy and event campaigns easily connect your constituents to your social media channels—and provide ways for users to opt-in for future communication.

Mobile applications. Nonprofits are now going mobile to get mobilized. While the adoption is a bit slower than with other types of social media, mobile applications for smartphones are the up-and-coming tool nonprofits are leveraging to boost engagement and donor support. In fact, one national nonprofit’s text-to-give campaign generated more than $30 million alone.

Software as a Service (SaaS). For many nonprofits, the software as a service (SaaS) model offers an excellent way to implement and maintain leading-edge software solutions without the leading-edge price tag. For many growing nonprofits, SaaS is ideal because applications can be modified and updated quickly to support new user growth and back-end productivity. Nonprofits leaning toward this model will want to evaluate service providers based on issues, such as data security standards, maintenance and updates, connectivity rates, 24x7 support, uptime and future scalability.

Software integration. With so many standalone nonprofit accounting software, fundraising and email marketing systems to choose from, it’s more important than ever that nonprofits consider how these systems integrate with each other. This is particularly critical when it comes to capturing interest from social media, mobile and Web-based applications. So, for example, your software needs to be able to route supporters and donors to the right database to capture their information and log donations—and give you the capability to track this data for future audits or email campaigns.

Recent Events You Should Know About

Abila adds features and functionality to MIP Fund Accounting products. Software vendor Abila’s MIP Fund Accounting platform was upgraded in October 2016. The update brings improved Accounts Payable features and intuitive reporting that will help users visually analyze key activities and integrate with other services using MIP’s interface.

ACTIVE Network acquires Maximum Solutions. In early January 2017, ACTIVE Network acquired Maximum Solutions. This resulted in ACTIVE Network integrating the acquired technology into a product portfolio that provides nonprofit organizers with a scalable software suite to handle all aspects of program and participant management.

NonProfit Times Predicts Workplace Challenges for 2017. In early January 2017, the NonProfit Times published an article outlining the trends and challenges nonprofits will likely face in 2017. These include funding instability, structural staffing changes, clustering, for-profit CFOs moving to nonprofits and the rise/importance of educational outreach, foundations, and memberships. The free flow of information between software solutions is listed as being of particular importance to nonprofits in 2017.