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Charityproud is a cloud-based nonprofit management solution suitable for small to midsize nonprofit organizations. Key features include constituent management, donation and pledge tracking, campaign and event management, email int...Read more about Charityproud

4.7 (65 reviews)

46 recommendations


NationBuilder is a cloud-based website, database and fundraising solution designed for nonprofits to connect with their communities and scale their organizations. It includes features to identify key supporters, turn them into don...Read more about NationBuilder

3.9 (41 reviews)

6 recommendations

Engaging Networks

Engaging Networks helps nonprofits maximize their impact through a suite of world-class online fundraising and advocacy digital engagement tools. Nonprofits of every size and cause—from human rights to disaster relief—use our plat...Read more about Engaging Networks

4.4 (10 reviews)

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Bloomerang gathers the best tools, resources, and people in a single place and, through our donor management platform, empowers nonprofit organizations to carry out their missions. Raise more funds by creating a seamless giving e...Read more about Bloomerang

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CRM tools within e-Way CRM are integrated with Outlook, allowing for further use and expansion of the system. With this software, marketing is done easily and efficiently because it can assist in creating strategic plans, sending ...Read more about eWay-CRM


Influitive is an engagement and advocacy software that helps organizations manage a group of "on-demand" advocates. Influitive AdvocateHub’s features include engagement of advocates with targets and interactive challenges, ex...Read more about Influitive


InviteReferrals is a cloud-based solution designed to help online businesses of all sizes manage customer referral programs through mobile applications and social sharing tools. Key features include campaign management, lead gener...Read more about InviteReferrals

Salsa Engage

Salsa Engage is cloud-based fundraising system for nonprofit organizations of all sizes which helps in donor management, digital marketing, online fundraising, online advocacy and peer to peer fundraising. With Salsa Engage, ...Read more about Salsa Engage


StoryChief is a marketing platform that helps businesses create, plan, approve and publish campaign content across various channels. It includes a data management module, which lets marketers create content lists with relevant inf...Read more about StoryChief


PostBeyond is employee advocacy and social selling tool that helps users share content and engage with their teams. It is a cloud-based platform that provides tools to manage social recognition, employee alignment and event-trigge...Read more about PostBeyond


Oktopost enables B2B marketing teams to amplify their brand on social media and measure the real impact of social on the business. Oktopost's social media management, social listening, and employee advocacy solutions are built for...Read more about Oktopost


The concept for SmartAdvocate was first created by a national plaintiff’s personal injury law firm. In their search for a software product to help resolve many of their specific case management challenges, they realized there were...Read more about SmartAdvocate


CallHub is a trusted, all-in-one campaigning platform that will revolutionize your outreach, canvassing, mobilizing, and marketing campaigns. We offer inbound an outbound calling, text broadcasting, peer to peer texting, relatio...Read more about CallHub


DSMN8 makes it easy to turn your employees into influencers, content creators, social sellers and publishers. Our innovative technology helps brands tap into the power of your number one asset - your employees through an all-in-...Read more about DSMN8


Sprinklr is a cloud-based customer experience management solution designed for businesses of all sizes. It offers social experience core, content marketing, social media management, paid advertising, website management (first-part...Read more about Sprinklr


Buyapowa is an enterprise advocacy solution with a suite of referral program tools for any brand or organization. It provides a scalable refer-a-friend platform that is suitable for all industries. Buyapowa is designed to help bus...Read more about Buyapowa


SocialChorus is a workforce communication platform for enterprises. It provides a single place to conduct major communication activities including planning, creating, publishing and monitoring employee communications. It helps man...Read more about SocialChorus


The ExpertVoice Advocacy Platform connects 900 of the world’s leading brands with more than 1 million vetted industry experts to improve recommendations and reviews in e-commerce experiences, retail stores, and social media commun...Read more about ExpertVoice

Phone2Action Grassroots

Capitol Canary provides a suite of solutions for advocacy and government affairs teams. The software supports nonprofits, large associations, and Fortune 500 corporations. Capitol Canary products, including KnowWho and GovPredict,...Read more about Phone2Action Grassroots


CiviCRM is the leading open source constituent relationship management solution built exclusively for the nonprofit / civic sector and association-based organizations. Because CiviCRM is open-source, it’s highly customizable, fre...Read more about CiviCRM

Buyers Guide

Last Updated: March 16, 2023

Advocacy in a nonprofit is a long-term process to engage representatives, policymakers, the community, influencers and stakeholders. These tasks aren't easy to manage, but with the help of the right tools, your nonprofit can run successful advocacy campaigns. One such tool is advocacy software.

Advocacy software allows nonprofits to organize their advocacy initiatives, measure the results of their efforts and take adequate steps to improve the efforts. It helps them sustain the organization and expand it with features such as automated emails, click-to-call capability and advocacy communities.

The software allows nonprofits to inform advocates/supporters about a cause, mobilize their volunteer base to take action and recruit new supporters. This guide will help you select the right advocacy software for your nonprofit.

In this guide, we'll cover:

What Is Advocacy Software?

Common Features of Advocacy Software

What Type of Buyer Are You?

Benefits and Potential Issues

Key Considerations

What Is Advocacy Software?

Advocacy software helps nonprofit organizations use social media, email and online campaigns to create awareness about a particular cause or mission and inspire change.

Typically, nonprofits can do the following tasks using advocacy software:

  • Automate their outreach efforts on social media and emails.

  • Manage fundraising campaigns.

  • Set action alerts to keep the supporters updated.

  • Create advocacy events to generate more support.

  • Build referral and recommendation programs.

We've explained the features in detail in the next section.


Targeted communication in Salsalabs (Source)

Common Features of Advocacy Software

The first step to selecting the right advocacy software is to understand all the software features. Based on the needs of your nonprofit, you should select a vendor that offers all the features you need. Here's a list of some important advocacy software features that you must check out:

Automated outreach

Allows you to send targeted communication through automated emails, e-newsletters, social media, etc., about your various causes, programs, policies, events and advocate contributions.

Petition management

Manages the sending of online petitions, pledges or emails. Track respondent's actions and collect insights about their responses.

Social advocacy tools

Lets advocates share on social media. You can sync the social profiles of your advocates using the software, and have them schedule and publish content on social media from the software dashboard.


Allows volunteers/advocates to call legislators over the internet with a simple click. Supporters get a script for conversations and a custom voice greeting them with further instructions. Advocacy calls are tracked and archived with the advocate's name, the legislators contacted and the duration of the call.

Campaign activity analytics

Helps you monitor and score advocates based on the actions taken during a campaign. You can export campaign data into a Microsoft Excel sheet and share the insights with the team as well.

Campaign management

Helps you plan, execute and implement the online advocacy campaigns, whether customized or using prebuilt campaign templates. You can add gamification elements for the supporters to foster interest and boost campaign performance.

Action alerts and notifications

Lets you build and broadcast an action alert to motivate your advocates into action.

Advocacy events

Manages event registration, collects guest data and facilitates communication with attendees. Create a custom event registration page and add surveys to gather data from the users.

What Type of Buyer Are You?

The next step in selecting advocacy software for your nonprofit is to know which buyer category you identify with the most. Based on this categorization, you can shortlist the software that will suit your nonprofit.

We've classified buyers of advocacy software into two types:

  • Charitable organizations: You could be generating charity for causes such as religion, education, public safety or infrastructure. Advocacy software can help you create awareness and organize fundraising events using its digital advocacy tools and events registration functionality.

  • For-profit organizations: If your organization is into educating and instructing about the conditions and efficiency of work, you require an advocacy solution that offers you the ability to lobby and outreach using automated emails, social media and web.

Benefits and Potential Issues

Advocacy software offers certain benefits for nonprofits. Let's look at some key ones:

  • Increased productivity: Advocacy software improves your advocates' productivity, as they are able to reach out to more people and generate a higher return on investment with targeted communication across channels. They save time by automating instructive and informative emails for stakeholders and dedicating more time for ideation and innovation.

  • Higher retention of advocates: The software helps you build a referral and rewards program for your advocates. Offer them perks and rewards for their contribution, based on their handling of advocacy calls, which will help you ensure that they feel appreciated. This would help you retain them as well.

However, despite these advantages, advocacy software could have certain issues such as:

  • Software downtime: Using software may make you dependent on the internet and, as a result, impede your advocacy process if the software or internet is down. To avoid exceeding your budgets and estimates every time, plan for delays in the overall campaign estimation.

  • Data breaches: Your advocacy data could contain a lot of confidential information. To avoid the risk of unauthorized access, invest in a vendor who offers necessary security protocols such as HIPAA and 56-bit DES encryption.

Key Considerations

After understanding the required features and benefits of advocacy software for nonprofits, you will feel better equipped to make an informed purchase. However, there are certain factors that you should keep in mind before you make the final purchase:

  • Opt for integrations, not complex solutions: In the future, you may have to scale-up your operations, for which you need additional features. But for now, purchase only the essential features for your organization. Don't go for solutions that have way too many features, as it'll be a waste of money. However, do ensure that the final solution offers add-on features and integrations for scaling up.

  • Beware of additional, hidden costs: You should thoroughly understand the investment needed to upgrade a solution and train your staff. It's helpful if the vendor provides training and support. Some offer onsite training during implementation. However, ensure that your budget has the scope of additional costs for live customer support, training manuals or customer support forums.

  • Trust user reviews of software: When you finally strike a balance between the cost and features, don't forget to check user sentiment about the shortlisted vendor/software. Check out online forums and communities for reviews on the strengths and weaknesses of the software and services offered by vendors.