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WellnessLiving is a cloud-based business management solution for wellness studios of all sizes. The key features of the solution include online booking, payments, class scheduling and marketing management. WellnessLiving feature...Read more about WellnessLiving

Mariana Tek

Mariana Tek is a business management software that helps boutique fitness studios build a community and enhance clientele experience. Key features include waitlist & class management, class scheduling, billing & invoicing, attenda...Read more about Mariana Tek


Momence provides monetization and CRM tools for managing live, on-demand, and in-person content. The ticketing function integrates with existing websites and apps. Businesses can use the platform to sell tickets for events or gate...Read more about Momence


Hapana is an end-to-end fitness studio software designed to elevate engagement and fuel growth. With a robust suite of streamlines features, the system alleviates owners from having to use multiple plugins and incompatible softwar...Read more about Hapana


OfferingTree is a wellness business management solution designed for gyms, studios and instructors providing fitness, dance, yoga, health & wellness, coaching and other services. Users can build business websites to advertise and ...Read more about OfferingTree


Mindbody is a cloud-based club management and appointment scheduling solution designed for the needs of small to midsize businesses. The product is primarily used by gyms, fitness and personal training centers, salons, spas and ma...Read more about Mindbody

ABC Glofox

ABC Glofox is a gym and studio management and app solution, designed to cater to the unique needs of gyms, fitness, yoga, dance, pilates and martial arts studios. The solution helps gym and studio owners improve admin tasks such a...Read more about ABC Glofox

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Welcome new members, grow your membership base, and automate all your operations with Gymdesk, a leading membership management software loved by hundreds of sports clubs. Enjoy dozens of advanced features: - Bring your business' ...Read more about Gymdesk

Acuity Scheduling

Squarespace Scheduling is a cloud-based appointment scheduling software solution that enables business owners to manage their appointments online. The product caters to the needs of small and midsize businesses as well as individu...Read more about Acuity Scheduling

Zen Planner

Zen Planner is a member management software for gyms, affiliate gyms, martial arts schools, MMA schools and fitness studios. It includes integrated payment processing and automated billing, a self-service kiosk iPad app, both a me...Read more about Zen Planner is one of the world´s leading appointment scheduling solutions with tens of thousands of paying customers around the globe. offers a booking solution for smaller service based businesses as well as ente...Read more about


Powerful online appointment booking software designed for beauty, wellness, fitness businesses, tour and activities providers. Perfect for salons, spas, yoga studios, massage therapists, escape rooms, and other service-based busin...Read more about Bookeo

Fit Pro Tracker

Ask yourself, wouldn’t it be awesome to have easy-to-use gym software with a smart member billing system, client management, and marketing automation built with today’s technology and as easy and intuitive to use, like your smartp...Read more about Fit Pro Tracker

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Clubworx is a cloud-based member management solution for studios, gyms and martial arts schools. Clubworx gives you the tools you need to reduce time spent on daily admin tasks by automating payments, bookings and communicat...Read more about ClubWorx


Fitli is a cloud-based club management solution suitable for small and midsize businesses. It helps users book appointments, advertise club services, and manage classes. A dedicated mobile app helps users remotely engage with clie...Read more about fitli


CrossHero is an all-in-one management software. It allows gym business owners to digitize their daily bases tasks, saving them time and increasing profitability. It is a simple, fast, intuitive administrative management solution....Read more about CrossHero

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Membermeister is a dance studio software for dance, theatre, and performing arts schools aiming to automate, optimize and grow their business. Key features include recurring billing & invoicing, event scheduling & management, SMS ...Read more about membermeister

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Bookamat is one of the simplest and most cost-effective tools independent yoga, Pilates and fitness studio owners can use to manage all aspects of their business. What makes Bookamat stand out from the crowd is that it includes ...Read more about Bookamat

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Momoyoga is a cloud-based software designed to help yoga studios manage various administrative operations such as online bookings, payment processing, class management and more. Customers can use the mobile application to access t...Read more about Momoyoga

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TeamUp is a club management software designed to help fitness studios, personal trainers and gyms manage administrative operations related to online classes, payment collection, memberships and more. Using the customer relationshi...Read more about TeamUp

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Buyers Guide

Last Updated: March 16, 2023

Yoga studio software is the answer to handling customer details, class schedules, reminders, staff payments and the tons of information that yoga studios deal with every day. By eliminating the need to maintain paper records, the software makes it easy for owners to stay updated about each class, instructor and client.

With this guide, you can understand how yoga studio software benefits businesses and can help them grow. Here's what we'll cover:

What Is Yoga Studio Software?

Common Features of Yoga Studio Software

What Type of Buyer Are You?

Benefits and Potential Issues

Pricing and Purchasing Options

What Is Yoga Studio Software?

Yoga studio software streamlines the administrative tasks common to running a studio, so that classes are run efficiently without a hitch. The software helps eliminate the heavy books that some studios use to maintain their clients, staff, contacts etc.

It also provides self-service tools for clients, which will improve your productivity and increase their satisfaction. Yoga studio software lets clients book slots, sign up for new classes, renew their membership etc.

Some vendors also provide point of sale (POS) functionality, which can help studios easily sell items such as water bottles, yoga mats, clothing and accessories and more.

Yoga studio software allows business owners to be in much better control of their studio. Some software options also offer smartphone and tablet apps, meaning that business owners can easily manage tasks remotely or while they're on the go.

Common Features of Yoga Studio Software

Here some common features of yoga studio software:

Client management

Organizes different segments of clients, such as whether they're new or old, or recurring or irregular clients. The members are categorized according to their classes and levels (beginner, expert or recreational) for easy management. This way, you can assign them to relevant classes and teachers.

Online booking

Offers your clients the ability to book slots online by themselves, giving them control of their schedules and availabilities. In addition to booking slots for regular classes, you can let them register and pay for new workshops or classes as well.

Class scheduling

Automates the process of scheduling classes. Changes can be sent to studio staff and clients in real time.

Staff management

Manage your instructors, their classes, wages and communication from one dashboard. Set up the primary and backup instructor for each class, so that classes don't have to be cancelled. Also, ensure that your staff are paid on time based on each class, week or month based on their preference.

Communication and marketing

Includes automated reminders about class schedules, upcoming workshops, promos, payments due etc. You can promote your business using social media, emails, push notifications, etc., so that clients and potential students know about offers and new classes.

Point-of-sale functionality

Allows yoga studios to accept payments from existing clients when they renew and from new members. Point-of-sale hardware allows staff to swipe credit cards; some vendors bundle it with their software.

Reports and analysis

This feature provides important insights into how the business is performing and answers to difficult questions, such as whether the class scheduling is efficient, how much revenue you are generating versus expenses, opportunities to cut costs and more.

What Type of Buyer Are You?

The target audience for yoga studio software are health and wellness businesses and yoga instructors who want a more streamlined business. The size of each studio and business is different, so their expectations from the software differ as well. However, buyers in this category can be broadly classified into the following three types:

Personal yoga trainer: If you fall into this category, there are also standalone personal training software that you can check out. The most important features for these types of buyers are client management and appointment scheduling. Some solutions allow you to create a detailed client profile listing their training level, contact details, membership details, renewal due date and payments made to easily manage them.

The appointment scheduling feature can help you set up classes after factoring in travel time, client requests and other bookings. You can plan your weeks well in advance, and in case of any cancellations, take up last-minute bookings or visit potential clients.

Single studio owner: These businesses need a lot more features than personal yoga trainers do, as they have to manage a lot more. A single space requires efficient scheduling of classes and staff management.

Additional features that such buyers require includes a streamlined payments acceptance process for better management of finances. They should also have point of sale hardware such as barcode scanners or credit swipe machines to quickly process purchases and manage inventory.

Multiple studio owner: Such types of buyers would require detailed dashboards and reports to analyze how each studio is performing. The focus would be on ensuring that finances are accurate, marketing campaigns are run efficiently, classes are run smoothly, new instructors are trained faster, etc. They need to be able to manage the complete network of yoga studios from their desktop, mobile or tablet.

Benefits and Potential Issues

There are many benefits to be derived from using software to manage your yoga studio, and not any issues. The main issue you address with yoga studio software is to streamline your business. Let's look at some of the benefits in detail:

Save scheduling time: This is the biggest benefit of using yoga studio software. You can update the schedule in real time and instantly text or email your instructors. This takes care of communication and ensures the least bit of disruption to the classes. With instructors on standby, you can continue classes without cancellations. Also, if a customer is late, you can adjust them to a later class where slots are available.


Scheduling feature for yoga studios in StudioBookings (Source: StudioBookings)

Communicate easily with clients: You can send push notifications via your app or text/email clients with just a click. Many solutions allow you to automate messages so as to contact multiple people at once. In case a customer has been missing classes, you can email them that they're being missed and add a discount to a product or a free class to get them back.


MINDBODY's automated email feature (Source: MINDBODY)

Engage your clients with direct marketing: Advertise new workshops, classes, products, seminars or affiliate businesses using the marketing feature, which is included in many solutions. You can choose the kind of campaign to run (text, email, push notification or mixed channels), whether to make it recurring and the time to send them.


Email marketing campaigns on Zenoti

Organize your business: Reporting and analysis can help you understand how each function is performing. Is any instructor irregular with classes, what's the attendance percentage of each class, how many prospective customers have become regulars, etc. A graphical view of the studio's performance is helpful in figuring out which area needs immediate improvements.


Admin dashboard view of your business on Zen Planner

Earn more money with streamlined processes: With a streamlined business, you can focus on increasing revenue by attracting more clients through marketing. The mobile feature will let you know manage the business from anywhere, which leaves you free to spread the word about your studio at health and wellness retreats, conferences, etc.


Streamlined bookings list view on Glofox

Pricing and Purchasing Options

Most vendors try to offer simplified pricing options to cater to small studios as well as the large chains. They have tiered options based on the features offered: the more complex your requirements, the more features you'll need and hence, the more you'll have to pay. But, the basic versions are usually sufficient for small studios.

Some vendors offer mobile apps or integrations with your website or Facebook page. This allows you to receive payments from these channels, which gives customers the flexibility to use the channel they're comfortable with.

A few vendors allow you to have unlimited students or instructors per studio, but offer only the very basic features such as staff management, data storage and website integration. This option suits those businesses which already have a CRM solution for their clients or appointment scheduling apps, but lack some specific features to manage their yoga studio. They can simply integrate the yoga studio software with their existing systems.

When you're choosing a vendor and pricing package, you can opt to pay per month, called subscription pricing. However, you can also sign a contract for a year or quarter, which allows you to negotiate with the vendor for revised pricing. You could also customize your packages so that you don't have to pay for features you don't need.