Finding software can be overwhelming. Software Advice has helped many fundraising organizations and businesses choose the right auction software to increase bids and ensure event success.

Showing 1-20 of 42 products is a cloud-based auction management solution for nonprofits, charities, schools, clubs and congregations. Key features include donor management, event management, item listings, ticket management, online auctions... Read more

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OneCause offers fundraising software for nonprofits of any size. It supports activities such as donor management, online fundraising, ticketing and auctions with mobile bidding. The solution gives fundraisers tools for planni... Read more

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GiveSmart is a cloud-based auctioning and event application that is specifically designed for charities. Advanced algorithms help GiveSmart optimize event processes, increase revenue and help bidders save money. Various types of o... Read more

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Greater Giving

Greater Giving is a complete suite of nonprofit event auction products and services. It is designed to streamline check-in and check-out processes while improving the overall experience for donors, staff, and volunteers. Greater G... Read more

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Live Auction Software

Live Auction Software is a cloud-based solution designed to help auctioneers manage online bids, stream live auction videos, maintain customer records and process payments. Features include push notifications, bidder management, c... Read more


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BidJs is an online bidding software that allows online webcast auctions, asset sales, auctions and timed bidding on a website. Designed for B2B assets, the real-time user experience makes sure auctions are held without any glitche... Read more

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CausePilot is an auction and fundraising solution that helps organizations collect donations, organize fundraising events and manage online campaigns. The application allows event managers to capture and store volunteer data in a ... Read more


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Accelevents is a cloud-based event ticketing and mobile fundraising platform. In addition to online ticketing and registration solutions, Accelevents offers mobile and online silent auctions, opportunity drawings, online donation ... Read more

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ProcurePort offers a cloud-based e-procurement suite to assist companies with their sourcing, procurement and auction needs. It is suitable for small to midsize pharmaceutical companies, government agencies and more. ProcureP... Read more

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Easy.Auction is an auction site builder that allows businesses and charities to create an auction site online. The system supports automatic bidding, anti-sniping and responsive design. Easy.Auction features website management, ... Read more

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Promena e-Sourcing

Promena e-Sourcing is a cloud-based auction management, sourcing and procurement platform. It supports strategic solutions, such as request for information (RFI), request for proposal (RFP), request for quotation (RFQ) and e-aucti... Read more

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Silent Auction Pro

Silent Auction Pro is a cloud-based event management solution designed for charitable institutes, clubs and other nonprofit organizations. It provides tools to manage contacts, track donations, bundle auction items and generate au... Read more

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Team Procure

Team Procure is a procurement and auction solution, which enables businesses to manage orders, electronic auctions, bids, and more. Administrators can gain insights into purchased items based on project, department and category us... Read more


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AuctionMethod is a cloud-based auction management solution with features such as user-configurable auction websites, consignment management, invoice generation and payment processing. The software suits the needs of organizations ... Read more

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WEDO Charity Auctions

WEDO Charity Auctions is a web-based charity auction software that provides guest management, event ticketing, check-in/check-out, pre-event bidding, real-time reporting and in-event messaging. The solution offers real-time event ... Read more

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ZGIVE is a subscription-free digital auction platform helping nonprofits provide a fun and engaging experience. Our platform is designed to encourage more bidding, buying, and donating throughout the event. Our Digital Auction P... Read more

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Network for Good

Network for Good offers donor management software integrated with fundraising pages and personal coaching for growing nonprofits. Donor Management Software: Search and segment donors, track gifts, and launch personalized ema... Read more


Auctria is a cloud-based fundraising management solution designed for small and midsize nonprofits. It offers website management, payment processing, bid sheets, donor receipts and reporting functionalities within a suite. Au... Read more

Auction Software

Auction Software is designed to help businesses of all sizes manage reverse, forward, penny and silent auctions via a unified portal. The platform enables organizations to create deploy and manage e-commerce websites to sell produ... Read more


Sumac is powerful, customizable software designed specifically for nonprofits. It offers a complete solution for Donor Management, Fundraising, Case Management, Membership Management, and Volunteers. Choose the Add-ons you need to... Read more

Buyers guide

Last Updated: August 9, 2021

Auctions have the potential to raise a ton of money for your foundation, charity or school. Nonprofit event planners said as much when we surveyed them for Software Advice's 2015 report, “Which Fundraising Event Is Best for Your Nonprofit?"

That's the good news. The bad news is they're a ton of work.

You have to get auction items from donors and promote your event through email, social media and every other channel at your disposal to ensure a good turnout. On the day of the auction, the fun really starts: registering guests, capturing bids, collecting payments and writing receipts. Oh, and don't forget the government's cut. They'll want to see all of those 8282 and 8283 forms come tax time.

It's enough to make a short-staffed organization avoid auctions altogether.

If this struggle sounds familiar, you may want to invest in dedicated auction software—applications specifically designed to help users better manage their auction events.

In this Buyer's Guide, we'll break down auction software definitions, common functionality, pricing information and more to help you decide if auction software is right for your organization and what system might best fit your needs.

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What Is Auction Software?
Common Auction Software Functionality
Benefits of Auction Software
How Much Does Auction Software Cost?
Types of Auction Software Buyers

What Is Auction Software?

Auction software helps users with the event planning, bid capturing, payment processing and compliance management aspects of auction fundraisers. This kind of software can help with a one-time event or ongoing online auctions.

Auction setup in BidPal

These platforms offer a central hub to track item and registrant data and facilitate collaboration between members in your organization. They help make auction events run more smoothly, and improve the effectiveness of your fundraising initiatives.

Common Auction Software Functionality

The various features found in auction software are designed to help users manage the entire auction cycle, from pre-event planning to post-event analysis. Here is a list of some common functions to look for in auction software systems:

Event & item management Track and store auction event details, RSVPs, seating charts and more. Procure, tag and list items for auction.
Auction type customization Online or offline? Live, silent, reverse or sealed bid? 'Buy Now' items? This software helps you manage a number of types of auctions.
Website creation & user registration Create a branded auction event website and allow users to register for auctions online for easy bidding and payment.
Automatic bid capture Capture and update bids on auction items in real time. Automated outbid notifications encourage participation.
Payment processing & receipts Process payments immediately upon sale. Email receipts and acknowledgements to donors automatically afterwards.
Post-event analytics & reporting Gain insight and generate necessary forms. For example, you can find out which items did better than expected and what times had the most bidding activity.

Auction software integrates with other systems within your organization, whether it be fundraising software to see how much an auction contributed towards your goals or accounting software to easily capture event expenses in your general ledger.

Benefits of Auction Software

If you never do auction fundraisers or don't rely on them for significant funding, dedicated auction software can seem unnecessary. On the other hand, if big ticket auction events make or break your organization every year, dedicated auction software becomes a vital investment.

Here are three ways auction software can help you run and manage auctions:

  • Make your auctions more flexible. Traditionally, if attendees miss your auction event they can't bid on items. Guests can also get wrapped up at your event and forget to walk over and see what items are on the table. With features like mobile bidding and the ability to host auctions online, auction software offers more flexibility for participants.
  • Encourage participation. Auction software can send automatic push notifications when a person has been outbid and periodic reminders to guests to donate towards your worthy cause. The result? Higher final sale prices on your auction items and more fundraising overall.
  • Securely capture auction data. Bids, payments, receipts, acknowledgements, appraisals, RSVP lists, catering lists, donor information—losing track of any of this information can sink your auction. Auction software not only offers a place to securely store and process this information, but also weaves them together in an intuitive way to create efficient process workflows.

How Much Does Auction Software Cost?

It would be great if every auction software vendor got together and agreed to price their software using the same method, but unfortunately that's not the case. Some common pricing methods you can run into with auction software include:

  • One-time cost (i.e., perpetual license)
  • Per-auction
  • Flat monthly or annual fee
  • Per-user monthly or annual fee

There are other factors besides the software license cost to consider as well. Some vendors may limit the number of items you can put up for auction in a certain pricing tier or charge a “performance fee" (similar to what you'd pay an auctioneer). Others can charge extra for things like customer support or training.

When researching options, pay special attention to how and when you'll be charged for the software to budget accordingly.

Types of Auction Software Buyers

Nonprofit organizations (charities, foundations, schools) are the primary purchasers of auction software, but they're not the only ones. Here are some other types of auction software buyers from commercial businesses, along with examples of products that cater to each audience:

  • Manufacturers. If you need to run a reverse auction to get the best bid from competing suppliers, check out systems like ProcurePort.
  • Auction houses. If you want to create a private online auction to sell off real estate or industrial equipment, look for platforms like Sharp Auction Engine.
  • Car dealerships. If you need to run an auction to sell off vehicle inventory, research products like Auction123.
  • E-commerce businesses. If you're looking to build a long-term auction business online like eBay, consider software like Easy.Auction.