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Webit is a cloud-based website building solution, which enables small businesses in roofing, accounting, landscaping, construction and other industries to manage customers, track orders, design online stores or web pages and more....Read more about Webit


HoneyBook is the centralized clientflow management platform that empowers independent businesses to deliver remarkable client experiences and operate with confidence. Use one platform to see what’s happening with all projects. M...Read more about HoneyBook

CCC Amplify

Having a website is key to meeting customers’ expectations of finding your shop online when they need you. CCC Amplify does the heavy lifting to help you build a sleek, mobile-responsive website using information from your CCC ONE...Read more about CCC Amplify

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GotPhoto is a cloud-based platform for volume photographers specializing in school, sports, and dance photography, senior portraits, headshots, and more. It's designed to streamline photographers' workflows and improve customer ex...Read more about GotPhoto

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FrontRunners 2024

Webador is an eCommerce software that helps businesses create customizable websites and digital webshops to streamline retail operations. Professionals can build branded websites using the drag-and-drop interface, register domain ...Read more about Webador


Shogun is a comprehensive suite of optimization, personalization, and visual merchandising tools designed to grow your business. Shogun is designed for Shopify and BigCommerce stores only. Our platform empowers your team to creat...Read more about Shogun


Elementor is a website builder solution for WordPress that helps businesses streamline operations related to text editing, history tracking, theme designing and landing pages development, among other processes. It allows employees...Read more about Elementor

Solodev CMS

Solodev is a cloud-first enterprise content management system (CMS) built exclusively for Amazon Web Services (AWS). Solodev unites marketers and developers in a single platform. Content teams can create beautiful websites that e...Read more about Solodev CMS


Fiare is a solution that powers multivendor marketplaces. It caters to companies across various industries looking to build and operate an online marketplace. Fiare offers a range of customizable features for marketplace owners ...Read more about Fiare

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Marketing 360

Marketing 360 is a cloud-based marketing platform suited for entrepreneurs as well as small and midsize businesses. This solution allows organizations to run social media advertising campaigns, conduct search engine optimization (...Read more about Marketing 360

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Fastozo is a website builder software that enables businesses to quickly and efficiently create pages through the simple drag-and-drop interface. It also helps build funnels and membership sites. To boost brand awareness, Fastozo...Read more about Fastozo

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FrontRunners 2024

Dorik is a cloud-based website building platform that allows users to create beautiful websites without coding. It provides access to pre-defined templates, UI blocks, and other customizable elements. It offers features such as la...Read more about Dorik

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BigCommerce is a cloud-based online design platform that provides solutions to e-commerce entrepreneurs with website customization, shipment management, transactions as well as listing products on Amazon, eBay and Facebook. The so...Read more about BigCommerce

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Zoey is a SaaS-based B2B eCommerce solution for small and medium-sized businesses that allows wholesalers, franchisers and distributors to capture orders anytime, anywhere on any device. The solution works in three parts: Zoey A...Read more about Zoey

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Gila CMS

Gila CMS is a website building and content management solution that helps businesses build device-optimized websites with custom templates, text, images, and buttons. It also lets organizations set up custom websites and email dom...Read more about Gila CMS


Olitt provides some of the coolest landing pages and website templates. Users can create a simple online store in record time: probably 20 minutes from the start to the end. An Online Store can include a single product listing, a...Read more about Olitt

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Scribble Funnels

Scribble Funnels is a website building solution, which helps businesses create online stores, funnels and blogs using various widgets on a drag-and-drop interface. Professionals can manage contacts, schedule events on a calendar a...Read more about Scribble Funnels


Resly is a cloud-based property management solution, which enables Australian resorts and hotels to streamline processes related to payments, accounting, guest communications, compliance, bank reconciliation and more. Professional...Read more about Resly

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Boxmode is a cloud-based website building software that offers essential tools for online projects, big or small. It was designed with remarkable scalability, users can effectively obtain any type of online presence, ranging from ...Read more about Boxmode

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Hotelwize is a cloud-based platform designed for tourism and hotel sectors. Professionals can use performance-driven websites to manage bookings and use a customizable website canvas to develop both design and content. Hotelwize...Read more about Hotelwize

Buyers Guide

Last Updated: March 16, 2023

Your business' website plays a vital role in brand awareness. Online research drives consumer purchasing decisions, and website builder software helps organizations create and launch user-friendly websites with minimal time and effort. With ready-to-use applications, design tools, and templates, companies don't have to outsource web design or learn complicated coding and programming languages to build a website.

This guide explains the features and benefits of website builder software to help you find the best solution for your business. Here's what we'll cover:

Here's what we'll cover:

What is website builder software?

Website builder software helps users quickly create a website using design tools, templates, domain hosting, and coding options. These tools may include widgets for social media integration, credit card processing, and multimedia assets. Some website builder software solutions include SEO tools to help your website perform better in search results.

Common features of website builder software

Website builder software features vary from product to product, but these solutions typically offer some or all of the following functionality:

Content import/export

Import or export content to and from your website, including images,  audio, video, tables, and animations.

Real-time editing

Edit website content through an intuitive visual interface.

Prebuilt templates

Access a variety of prebuilt, industry-specific layouts and themes to create a user-friendly website. Customize templates by adding or changing images, text, and other page elements using drag-and-drop technology.

Automatic Updates

Automatic updates for core software functionality and themes ensure your website is always up-to-date, which enhances site performance and protects against security risks.


Use SEO analytics tools to improve your website's organic search ranking and increase your website traffic.

What type of buyer are you?

Businesses of every size and industry need a strong website and digital presence. Determining what type of buyer you are and what you want to do with your website will help you choose the best solution for your needs.

  • Retailers: Online sellers rely on driving traffic to their stores and converting viewers to customers. Look for website builder software features that make it easy for users to browse products and make purchases, such as prebuilt templates and online store builder functionality. Use form creation tools to collect important user data and offer incentives such as customer loyalty programs and daily deals.

  • Creative professionals: Artists, designers, and other creative professions need online portfolios to showcase their work and engage with clients. Prebuilt templates with content import/export functionality allow users to quickly add personalized content and launch their website. These types of buyers can use custom forms to capture site visitor data and communicate upcoming projects, sales, and other relevant information.

  • Startup companies: Startups and small businesses establish credibility with a strong online presence, which starts with a website. Look for features such as industry-specific templates and real-time editing. This makes it easy to build a user-friendly website without spending money on coding and design services.

Benefits and potential issues

  • Eliminate the need for in-depth coding. Website builder software offers industry-specific templates that don't require coding. Drag-and-drop design interfaces mean you can customize your templates and upload content whenever you want.

  • Reduce go-live time with a prebuilt template. With website builder software, there is no need to hire a professional designer or outsource the project. These tools provide ready-to-use applications and pre-populated web pages so users can add personalized content and quickly launch their website.

  • Train new users quickly. With drop-down menu options, a drag-and-drop interface, and quick access to editor tools, website builder software is easy to learn and use with little-to-no technical proficiency.

  • Ensure your audience can find your website. Most website builder software includes SEO management to help optimize your website in organic search results. This helps ensure your target audience is able to find your site.

Key considerations

  • Customer support: Website builder software is often used by people who aren't coding experts. It's important to ask software vendors what kind of training is available to ensure your staff can get up to speed quickly, and what online, telephone, and live chat customer support they offer to quickly resolve any issues your team encounters.

Market trends to understand

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) offers a personalized experience: AI-powered website builder software can automatically pick a website layout and design scheme based on the user's industry, customer segment, and other parameters. It can also optimize, arrange, and format website content according to user theme, content type, and preferences.

  • Chatbots assist users in website design: Some website builder systems are incorporating chatbots that ask web designers questions to understand their preferences and make suitable recommendations. Chatbots provide step-by-step advice on pages, images, content, and other multimedia elements.

  • Mobile experience: According to Google, 50% of B2B search queries are made on smartphones, and this number is expected to grow. A mobile-first website strategy will help your company build customer loyalty.