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ApplicantPRO by JobMatch is a cloud-based applicant tracking (ATS) system designed for small to midsized companies that are working to stay in compliance with EEO/AA and OFCCP guidelines.. Its interface can be utilized by organiza...Read more about ApplicantPRO


Joveo is the leader in programmatic job advertising, transforming talent sourcing for the world’s smartest employers, staffing businesses, RPOs, and media agencies. Powering millions of jobs every day, Joveo’s end-to-end talent s...Read more about MOJO

4.8 (5 reviews)


Cliquify is forever changing how candidates engage with employers to drive a better more human approach to connect people to amazing companies. ...Read more about Cliquify

4.6 (7 reviews)


Manatal is the next-generation recruitment software designed for recruiting agencies and in-house HR departments across industries. Cloud-based and built with the latest technologies, it is designed to streamline recruitment proce...Read more about Manatal


Recruiterflow is a modern applicant tracking & CRM software built for staffing & recruiting agencies. Recruiterflow helps you source candidates, engage them and collaborate with your team. With its custom pipelines and pipeli...Read more about Recruiterflow


Only the combination of tech and human expertise will help you and your business bridge the gap between the modern hiring reality and your hiring goals, getting the best possible talent: with a diverse and robust candidate pipelin...Read more about Relode

5.0 (1 reviews)


Axterior is an all-in-one SaaS recruitment platform helping companies source best-fit candidates smarter and hire them faster. Axterior was created for recruiters, HR managers and company owners. It offers the following features:...Read more about Axterior

5.0 (2 reviews)


Testlify is a comprehensive talent assessment platform designed to help recruiters quickly identify and hire top-performing candidates. With deep analysis that is accurate, automated, and unbiased, Testlify takes the stress out of...Read more about Testlify

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Mitratech’s TalentReef platform enables hiring managers to focus on business operations and customers while decreasing time-to-hire. Today's candidates want a fast, intuitive way to find jobs and apply. We go beyond simple job bo...Read more about TalentReef

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Firefish is a recruitment marketing platform designed to help hiring managers connect and recruit applicants. The solution enables administrators to post job advertisements across various social networking channels or websites and...Read more about Firefish

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VIVAHR is the fastest growing Applicant Tracking System for small business in the US. VIVAHR makes it easy to - Post Jobs - Manage Candidates - Collaborate with team members - Run reports/insights It's that easy! Start with a f...Read more about VIVAHR

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ZippyApp is a cloud-based recruitment marketing platform designed to help businesses manage and track applicants. Candidates can search for job vacancies, track ongoing applications and review submitted documents using a centraliz...Read more about ZippyApp


TalentLyft is a recruitment software that helps companies find, attract, and hire the best talent! TalentLyft consists of 5 essential products/modules: Applicant Tracking System: Streamline your selection process Key features: R...Read more about TalentLyft

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Freshteam is the smart HR software for growing businesses. With Freshteam, you can attract, hire and onboard new hires, offboard exiting employees, manage employee information, and time off - all in one place. Freshteam helps att...Read more about Freshteam

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The Applicant Manager

The Applicant Manager (TAM) is a cloud-based applicant tracking solution that helps recruiting agencies and teams to streamline their hiring and onboarding process. The solution lets users track job postings and actively engage qu...Read more about The Applicant Manager

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JobAdder is the Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) and CRM that recruiters love to use. It’s made for recruitment agencies, staffing firms and talent acquisition teams who want everything in one place without the complexity. Use it...Read more about JobAdder

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Teamtailor is the all-in-one recruitment software that companies and candidates love. Discover why over 8,500 of the smartest companies around the world use Teamtailor. From start-ups and SMBs to multinational enterprises, our so...Read more about Teamtailor

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HRworks is a cloud-based HR management solution for businesses of all sizes. With numerous functions of the software in the areas of personnel administration, travel expense accounting, wages & salaries and time management as we...Read more about HRworks

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Halaxia ATS is a recruitment system for companies and agencies. Some of its main features include a candidate base, job portal, branded company page, referral program, and reports and metrics. Companies can manage the entire selec...Read more about Halaxia

4.0 (3 reviews)


Inrecruiting is a recruiting software in the European HR Tech market. It is a cloud-based applicant tracking system that helps recruiters manage the entire talent acquisition process. In-recruiting is the core product of Interview...Read more about Inrecruiting

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Buyers Guide

Last Updated: March 16, 2023

HR professionals in talent acquisition and recruitment face the constant challenge of finding the right fit for open positions. It takes a lot of time and effort to reach potential candidates through the right channel.

Recruitment marketing platforms can help you generate job awareness, spur interest, and compel candidates to apply.

These tools allow users to create engaging job descriptions and advertise/communicate them via email campaigns, career opportunity newsletters, social media sites, and career events. These tools also help track and measure data on which recruitment marketing strategies are successful and which need improvement.

Recruitment marketing platforms often integrate with applicant tracking systems, talent management systems, recruiting software, and other HR tools.

In this buyers guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about recruitment marketing platforms—including benefits and common features—to help you decide if this tool is right for you.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

What is recruitment marketing software?

Recruitment marketing platforms allow users to market and distribute job listings via social media websites, email campaigns, and online job boards (among other channels) to attract applicants and convert them to new hires. These software tools offer candidate relationship management, email recruiting campaigns, and talent networking features to automate, streamline, and improve overall recruitment marketing processes and operations.

The main aim of recruitment marketing tools is to find, attract, engage, and nurture high-quality candidates using marketing methods and tactics. Using a recruitment marketing tool can result in increased brand awareness, a more qualified talent pool, faster hiring, and an improved candidate experience.


Candidate management in recruitment marketing platform Jobvite (Source)

Common recruitment marketing platform features

Candidate management

Build, track, and maintain relationships with candidates.

Multichannel marketing

Use a combination of direct and indirect communication channels such as posting open jobs online, advertising on third-party websites, emails, text messages, job fairs and events, and social media channels to reach a wide audience.

Recruitment management

Manage the process of finding, tracking, and assessing candidates for open positions.

Applicant tracking

Organize, manage, and filter applicants as they move through the recruiting and interview process.

Campaign management

Automate the tracking, execution, and analysis of marketing campaigns.

Careers page

Build career pages to post jobs and content for job seekers, and optimize your careers page by designing a candidate pipeline.

Marketing automation

Automate marketing processes and campaign functions such as design, content publishing, customer segmentation, and marketing analytics.

Job boards

Advertise open positions on internal and external career sites.

Talent acquisition

Find and recruit employees including sourcing, interviewing, hiring, checking references, and onboarding.

What type of buyer are you?

Understanding the different types of buyers in the market can help you make an informed purchase. Most recruitment management platform buyers belong to the following two categories:

  • Recruiting and staffing agencies: Buyers in this category find and place candidates in positions at other companies using client-provided information and requirements. The right recruitment marketing platform helps these users spread awareness about different opportunities and generate interest.

  • These buyers should opt for an easy-to-use recruitment marketing tool that provides multichannel marketing (social media, email, and web sourcing), social recruiting, and candidate management capabilities. Look for tools that allow you to monitor your whole recruiting process in one place and provide metrics, reports, and analysis.

  • In-house recruiters: Businesses with an in-house recruiting team are responsible for filling open positions within their own organization. A recruitment marketing platform that offers applicant tracking, social recruiting, a careers page builder, and candidate relationship management features would be a good fit for such buyers.

  • These buyers need a tool that enables recruiting teams to market jobs, provides application forms that work on mobile as well as desktops, integrates with job boards, manages employer branding, and recruits talent.

Benefits of recruitment marketing platforms

  • Reduced hiring costs: Recruitment marketing platforms allow recruiters to build a talent pool through social media posts, employee referrals, and email campaigns. These tools can post to multiple channels at once, and track and engage with candidates in a single system. This streamlined process improves hiring speed and reduces costs associated with advertising openings and requiring multiple software tools. Reporting features can easily show which sources/channels are bringing in high-quality candidates at what speed, providing an ROI to help focus recruiting efforts.

  • Higher-quality applicant pool: The variety of features offered by recruitment marketing platforms help businesses attract quality passive and active candidates. Social media outreach tools, advertisements on third-party websites, and integration with job boards expose your business to a wide talent pool, which helps you source quality candidates for different jobs.

  • Improved brand awareness: Recruitment marketing solutions allow users to create and optimize career pages on their websites or on a landing page using custom messages, videos, and other branding that capture the essence of a company’s mission. Features such as customizable branding, email templates, and content management ensure job postings and information are brand-aligned, which helps elevate your company’s profile and strengthens brand awareness.

Market trends to understand

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) impacting recruitment marketing. HR managers are using predictive analytics to make hiring predictions and accurate workforce planning decisions. The use of predictive analytics has driven adoption of artificial intelligence in recruitment marketing. AI-enabled recruitment marketing platforms help recruiters create robust talent networks, speed up the talent matching process, and convert top talent from prospects to qualified applicants. Software vendors have started using this technology to create personalized websites, encourage candidates to apply, and schedule interviews.

Note: The application selected in this article is an example to show a feature in context and is not intended as an endorsement or recommendation. It has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.