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Glofox is a gym and studio management and app solution, designed to cater to the unique needs of gyms, fitness, yoga, dance, pilates and martial arts studios. The solution helps gym and studio owners improve admin tasks such as cl...Read more about Glofox


Our platform is the only solution you need to create amazing customer experiences, smooth operations and delight within your business. Our custom-branded mobile app enables new and existing customers to browse, book and buy servic...Read more about GymFlow

5.00 (7 reviews)


GymMaster is a cloud-based gym and health club member management system designed for gyms, fitness studios and clubs of all sizes. Key features include membership management, administrative task management, automated marketing, re...Read more about GymMaster


Triib is a cloud-based gym management solution that offers attendance tracking, automatic billing, performance tracking, class calendars, membership management and event management. Triib provides an analytics dashboard that ...Read more about TRIIB

3.93 (29 reviews)

Gym Insight

Run your gym or studio with Insight! Designed by gym owners, Gym Insight intuitively knows what you need and how to help you manage your fitness center smoothly. Gym Insight is fully integrated across components and platforms, so...Read more about Gym Insight

4.74 (23 reviews)

ABC Fitness Solutions

ABC Fitness Solutions' IGNITE is a cloud-based club management solution exclusively designed for businesses in the health, wellness and fitness industries. IGNITE's features include application management, event management, dues ...Read more about ABC Fitness Solutions

3.86 (35 reviews)

Join It

Join It is a cloud-based membership management solution built for small and midsize businesses. It allows users to build a centralized membership database, search contacts, create web pages and more. With Join it, businesses ...Read more about Join It

4.71 (76 reviews)


Vagaro is a cloud-based salon, spa and fitness business management solution that allows professionals to book appointments and manage various facility roles. It offers an integrated solution to manage bookkeeping, payroll, client ...Read more about Vagaro


Welcome new members, grow your membership base, and automate all your operations with Gymdesk, a leading membership management software loved by hundreds of sports clubs. Enjoy dozens of advanced features: - Bring your business' ...Read more about Gymdesk

Membership Integrity System

Membership Integrity System is a cloud-based solution designed to help gyms and clubs organize events, process invoices and manage payments. Key features include attendance tracking, barcode scanning, waiver management, online cla...Read more about Membership Integrity System

4.71 (41 reviews)


Karmasoft is a business management solution for yoga or fitness studios and gyms. The core functionality includes membership management, payroll, staff management, marketing toolkit, video library for on-demand classes, Zoom and o...Read more about Karmasoft

4.33 (30 reviews)

Paramount Acceptance

PULSE is a cloud-based club management solution suitable for gyms, fitness centers and spas of all sizes. Key features including scheduling, reporting, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, point of sale (POS), lead manage...Read more about Paramount Acceptance

4.38 (13 reviews)


Zenoti is a cloud­-based business solution used by spas, salons, med spas, yoga, and fitness studios of all sizes. Business features include appointment scheduling, billing, marketing, inventory, payroll, and configurable repo...Read more about ZENOTI


TeamUp is a club management software designed to help fitness studios, personal trainers and gyms manage administrative operations related to online classes, payment collection, memberships and more. Using the customer relationshi...Read more about TeamUp


The complete Virtuagym software accommodates various fitness features, such as a nutrition app, a workout app, a membership management platform with a recurring billing system for each client, a custom business portal displaying y...Read more about Virtuagym


WodBoard is a cloud-based gym management platform that helps small to large health and wellness businesses manage user memberships, class passes, online courses and more. We help you attract new customers and manage the existing c...Read more about WodBoard

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ShapeNet, a club management software, is designed to optimize employee productivity and maximize member engagement for businesses in the fitness industry. This solution offers 24-hour club management, member billing, online regist...Read more about ShapeNet

4.34 (50 reviews)

Fit Pro Tracker

Ask yourself, wouldn’t it be awesome to have easy-to-use gym software with a smart member billing system, client management, and marketing automation built with today’s technology and as easy and intuitive to use, like your smartp...Read more about Fit Pro Tracker

5.00 (2 reviews)

OBM Gym Management Software

OBM Gym Management Software is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses handle memberships, customer relationships and other administrative processes on a centralized platform. Professionals can manage room occupancies and pro...Read more about OBM Gym Management Software

4.73 (11 reviews)


FitSW is a cloud-based personal training solution designed for health and fitness trainers. It allows them connect and collaborate with clients. Key features include a workout builder, appointment scheduling, nutrition management ...Read more about FitSW

Buyers Guide

Last Updated: January 31, 2022

Software Applications for Gym Management

If you are a fitness center or gym owner, you need to take care of tasks such as employee management, registering and managing clients, notifying them about changes in class schedules, and designing different fitness programs. Taking charge of the financial aspect of your business is also vital, as it includes budget planning, tracking generated revenue, and managing gym memberships that are created and canceled. Doing all this manually by maintaining different spreadsheets or keeping track of the information on paper, will only complicate your job.

Gym management software will help you reduce the time you spend on these administrative tasks, as well as help you keep track of memberships, your employees and their schedules, and track your finances to manage fitness centers efficiently. Administrators can efficiently communicate with clients, allow them to book classes online, and process payments.

Given the many options available on the market, deciding which software to purchase can be difficult. In this buyers guide, we’ve provided all the information you need to make the right purchase decision for operating your gyms efficiently.

Here’s what we'll cover:

What is gym management software?

Gym management software or gym software is a type of system that allows gyms and fitness centers to manage and operate their businesses efficiently. It allows you to manage gym schedules, track members and their attendance, communicate with clients, and automate billing processes.

Using this type of software, trainers can check their availability, member information, and their schedule. Clients can enroll for memberships and sign-up for classes, and owners can view reports, create new programs, run payroll, and manage marketing communications.

Client portal in RhinoFit Software (Source)

Common features of gym management software

Most gym management software tools have the following features in common:

Billing and invoicing Manage monetary transactions with clients and members when they sign up for memberships or register for classes. The software lets you invoice your clients when booking.
Membership management Store member contact information, interactions, payment due dates, relevant interests, and more. The software helps you keep in touch with members by creating lists so you can send customized messages.
Attendance tracking Track client attendance to know who is a regular versus who is not. The software also lets you manage trainer schedules, track hours logged, overtime, and absences by staff.
Calendar management Create and manage an electronic calendar of upcoming programs to be shared with members and clients. This can help users book and register classes in which they are interested.
Class scheduling Allow members and clients to schedule fitness classes in-person or online.
Client portal Allow stakeholders and members to log in to the software to view their member profile and keep their personal information, such as contact details, payment details, and address, updated.
Email campaign management Build an email list of members and clients to send newsletters, promotions, and discount offers to multiple recipients at once. This helps you keep your clients notified of any discount offers or updates in training schedules or programs.
Payment processing Accept and record payments from members and clients through different methods, such as debit/credit cards, net banking, and mobile wallets. This lets you reconcile your financial transactions.
Online booking Allow end users to sign-up online for classes.
Access controls/permissions Control which features users have access to within the software. E.g., clients have access to the client portal and training schedules, while trainers have access to client preferences, client schedules, etc.

What type of buyer are you?

Most buyers of gym management software platforms belong to one of the following categories:

  • For standalone gyms: Gyms in this category are usually startups, small businesses, or are personal trainers. Most of the time, the owners of smaller gyms are also trainers, and they need an easy-to-use tool that can help them manage their gym’s operations and members. A gym management solution with basic features such as reporting, membership management, class scheduling, payment processing, and calendar management capabilities would be beneficial for this type of buyer. This will help them manage their training appointments, track progress, and design workouts.
  • For multi-site gyms: Gyms in this category have chains or branches situated at different locations. Compared to standalone gyms, these gyms have more resources in terms of staff, fitness trainers, and equipment. They usually have a large client base so they require software that can help them manage their back office operations, (such as accounting and employee management), customer database, registrations, and training schedules. A gym management tool with features that include customer relationship management (CRM), membership management, accounting, reporting analytics, marketing, and client portals can help them plan their budget, strengthen client relationships, and form efficient business plans. Opting for a tool that also provides a mobile application will help these fitness businesses manage their branches 24/7.

Benefits of gym management software

  • Better client acquisition: With the help of gym management software, you can keep track of your leads in various stages of your marketing and sales funnel. Based on this information, you can send emails and SMS texts through the software to keep prospective customers engaged and interested. You can also send them membership offers and discounts that will attract them to sign up for your classes.
  • Better communication: Most gym management systems provide a client-facing portal that enables gym members to book their own time slots and classes and register for new memberships. The notification feature within the app allows you to communicate with your clients about upcoming fitness programs and share other important updates. Additionally, it also increases employee engagement by improving internal communications regarding staff scheduling issues and task management.
  • Better decision-making: A gym management system with business intelligence tools or reporting capabilities can provide you with information on your peak hours, financials, staff availability, and memberships that are purchased and canceled in real time so you can make more informed decisions. These reports can help you oversee the performance of your fitness club and track your members to gain better understanding of their interest levels for different programs. Using these reports you can make future business plans to better engage and retain your clients.

Key considerations when purchasing gym management software

Here are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a gym management solution:

  • Integration with your website: It is important to invest in a gym management system that offers website integration capabilities. The software should be able to give your members the same feel as your website with a seamless experience. Make sure that your website is compatible with the gym management solution you choose so that your members can view, book, and pay for your services from any location at any time.
  • Mobile app: Customers today look for mobile solutions, and gyms are no exception. Your customers should be able to access class schedules, register themselves, book workouts at home, complete payments, and track workout progress from any location using their mobile device. Gym management software that provides a mobile app allows your customers to interact directly with your business regularly which can increase customer engagement and loyalty.

Market trends

Biometric integration with gym management software solutions: In order to enhance security within the premises, many gyms are using biometric technology to keep unauthorized personnel from entering the gym. Integrating biometric devices with gym management software will help owners know how many people are entering their gym, and get staff to become acquainted with customers that are or aren’t regulars. Vendors providing biometric integration can also help gym administrators track clients’ and employees' attendance.

Note: The applications mentioned in this article are examples to show a feature in context and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations. They have been obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.