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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Audience Studio is a data management platform (DMP) designed to help businesses deliver personalized marketing experiences by capturing and storing data signals from multiple sources. Advertisers can utilize machine learning techn...Read more about Salesforce Marketing Cloud

EBS Toolbox

More4apps is committed to providing market-leading support. From assisting you during the trial period to the ongoing use of our products, we are readily available to help. Help is only a click away, so check out our product sup...Read more about EBS Toolbox

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Hevo is a no-code, bi-directional data pipeline platform specially built for modern ETL, ELT, and Reverse ETL Needs. It helps data teams streamline and automate org-wide data flows that result in a saving of ~10 hours of engineeri...Read more about Hevo

4.64 (64 reviews)

Tonic helps empower developers while protecting customer privacy by enabling companies to create safe, synthetic versions of their data for use in software development and testing. Founded in 2018 with offices in San Francisco ...Read more about Tonic

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CloverDX Data Management Platform helps businesses get timely, accurate and reliable data whenever and wherever they need it. CloverDX replaces manual data processing typically carried out by workers in Excel with automation, del...Read more about CloverDX

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Qumulo File Data Platform

The breakthrough leader in enterprise data management. Qumulo is the only file-based, scale-out management platform designed to offer robust capabilities on-premises and in the cloud. We built a unified file data platform to supp...Read more about Qumulo File Data Platform

4.87 (15 reviews)

OrbitSoft Ad Server

With over 20 years of software technology experience, Orbitsoft has created a wide range of advertising solutions. OrbitSoft Ad Server allows companies to manage their advertising solutions on websites and in applications. The sca...Read more about OrbitSoft Ad Server

5.00 (1 reviews)

Scale Document AI

Scale Document AI is a data extraction tool that helps financial services, logistics, and healthcare businesses with automating data extraction and document annotation. The main features of Scale Document AI include automated docu...Read more about Scale Document AI

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The EDGE Platform

EDGE is a platform that provides flexible and customizable managed solution to efficiently manage consultant database uploads process. The consultants have the expertise to help update databases with high-quality data. Combining e...Read more about The EDGE Platform

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Lotame is a cloud-based data management platform that allows users to collect, organize and activate data from different sources in real time. It collects data from sources such as online, offline, mobile, social, search, OTT etc ...Read more about Lotame

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Amobee is a cloud-based data management platform (DMP) designed to help broadcasters, agencies and brands discover, plan, activate, optimize and analyze marketing operations across various advertising channels. It includes researc...Read more about Amobee

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Nielsen DMP

Nielson DMP is a data management platform designed to help businesses activate, analyze and customize data, deliver personalized advertising content and improve marketing performance. Professionals can gain visibility into clients...Read more about Nielsen DMP

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Admixer.DMP is a data management platform designed to help businesses collect data from multiple sources and analyze, segment and target audiences to improve digital marketing processes. Professionals can gain granular insights in...Read more about Admixer.DMP

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K2View Data Product Platform democratized data access in the enterprise. It continually syncs, transforms, and serves data via data products – delivering a real-time, holistic view of any business entity – customer, order, device...Read more about K2View

4.88 (8 reviews)

Data Graphs

Data Graphs is a cloud-based data management platform (DMP) that helps businesses organize enterprise data and create structured knowledge graphs. Supervisors can organize concepts into multiple datasets, link them using semantica...Read more about Data Graphs

5.00 (2 reviews)

Veeam Backup & Replication

Veeam Backup & Replication is a data loss prevention solution that helps educational institutes, healthcare organizations, and government bodies streamline processes related to data backup, storage, and recovery from within a cent...Read more about Veeam Backup & Replication

4.85 (62 reviews)

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OnAudience DMP

OnAudience DMP is a cloud-based data management platform, which helps businesses of all sizes collect and analyze data to segment audience groups for targeted ad campaigns. Features include behavioral analytics, data sharing, comp...Read more about OnAudience DMP

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Mapp Cloud

Mapp Cloud is an Insight-led Customer Engagement Platform. With Mapp Cloud, marketers can focus on what makes a difference for their business, instead of spending precious time and resources taming the technology behind it. They c...Read more about Mapp Cloud

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Cohelion Data Platform

Cohelion is a cloud-based data integration, automation and transformation platform designed to connect with and consolidate on-site and cloud based corporate applications and datasources. The platform is designed for complete ma...Read more about Cohelion Data Platform

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UpMetrics is a data analysis and data management platform that helps foundations, nonprofit organizations and investors streamline operations related to data collection, goal tracking, data visualization and more on a centralized ...Read more about UpMetrics

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