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QGenda is a leading provider of healthcare workforce management solutions, dedicated to optimizing the delivery of care. With their comprehensive software, healthcare organizations can activate, deploy, and manage their workforce ...Read more about QGenda

Zoho Shifts

Zoho Shifts is an employee scheduling software solution designed to simplify workforce management for businesses of all sizes and varied industries. With features like shift templates, team messaging, time tracking, shift kiosks, ...Read more about Zoho Shifts

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Since 2008, EasyShifts has helped hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, memory care and CCRC’s streamline their scheduling process all while building stronger teams and helping improve work/life balance. EasyShift...Read more about EasyShifts


Everything you need to run a better practice. Noterro is an online clinic management tool for Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, and other health care providers. Our practice management software comes equipped w...Read more about Noterro

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Trusted by leading care providers, Medflyt's is a caregiver-centric home care solution that provides care providers with the tools to streamline home care operations. From onboarding to scheduling, Medflyt provides everything care...Read more about Medflyt

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TimeZynk is a smart scheduling solution that streamlines approvals and time management for managers and simplifies booking requests for employees. With mobile and desktop capabilities, users can access available shifts and submit ...Read more about Timezynk

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eSchedule is a web-based solution designed to help emergency medical services, fire departments, nurses, law enforcement agencies and emergency communication centers manage timesheets, payroll, training, certifications, vehicle ma...Read more about eSchedule

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SynPlan helps healthcare organizations collect large amounts of data from a variety of sources, including internal and external systems. Having this data presented on a dashboard allows healthcare leaders to get a holistic view of...Read more about SynPlan

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Designed for the Senior Care industry, StaffScheduleCare is an on-demand workforce management solution that manages scheduling, time and attendance or human capital management needs. StaffScheduleCare scheduling tools enable full ...Read more about StaffScheduleCare

StaffBridge VMS

StaffBridge VMS is a vendor management solution, which enables businesses to manage compliance with regulatory standards and gain visibility into staffing processes. Employees can receive automated alerts about work availability a...Read more about StaffBridge VMS

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StaffBridge is a workforce management solution that helps staffing and healthcare businesses manage onboarding, employee scheduling and timekeeping operations. The application enables managers to handle employees’ payroll, analyze...Read more about StaffBridge

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rFlex is a workforce management software for the healthcare industry to manage employee schedules, shifts, attendance records and leave. It provides a human resources portal, allowing management teams to calculate compensation, in...Read more about rFlex

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ScheduleAnywhere is a hybrid employee scheduling platform that helps human resources (HR) departments in businesses to manage employee scheduling routines and activities. The solution can either be deployed on-premise or hosted in...Read more about ScheduleAnywhere

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In Talana we deliver human technology for people in Chile and Peru, with which we have helped thousands of organizations to digitize their processes and reduce costs associated with the area. Our solutions Remuneration, Attendanc...Read more about Talana


Rotageek is one of the most comprehensive workforce management platforms in the market today. The application allows businesses to better communicate with employees and track their attendance, scheduling, leaves and more. Rotage...Read more about Rotageek

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MarketBox is appointment scheduling software specifically designed for businesses offering in-home and mobile services. We make it easy for consumers to self-book and pay online, and for businesses to manage provider logistics and...Read more about MarketBox

symplr Workforce

Everything that happens in healthcare takes place through the workforce. Your workforce management strategy can be your organization’s most significant strength or its greatest weakness. Developed specifically for healthcare, sym...Read more about symplr Workforce


Shiftboard is a cloud-based scheduling and workforce management solution that is suitable for businesses of any size that employ an hourly or shift-based workforce. Key features include employee management, scheduling, timekeeping...Read more about ScheduleFlex

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Schedule it

From only £249 month - Schedule it is an employee scheduling solution that helps small and medium businesses organize multiple resources and assets such as clients, projects, training and more on a unified platform. Key features i...Read more about Schedule it

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MESH AI is a cloud-based employee scheduling platform for small and midsize clinics, hospitals and residency programs. The key feature of the solution is automated staff allocation for managing leaves. MESH AI allows business...Read more about MESHAI