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Showing 1 - 20 of 40 products is a cloud-based machine learning software that helps users build AI for infrastructure jobs. It unifies code projects, models, and repositories and computes everything from a unified platform. Users simply need to decide...Read more about

5.0 (1 reviews)

SAS Viya

Organizations face increasing demands for high-powered analytics that produce fast, trustworthy results. Whether it’s providing teams of data scientists with advanced machine learning capabilities or delivering mobile applications...Read more about SAS Viya

4.4 (5 reviews)

HyperSense AI

Hypersense AI Studio is a no-code AI platform that can build and deploy machine learning models in minutes. HyperSense helps businesses thrive in a hyper-connected world by using data and analytics to sense change and respond eff...Read more about HyperSense AI

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Secure Redact

Secure Redact is a privacy platform that automatically blurs personal and sensitive data in captured and live security video. For all kinds of footage: CCTV, body-worn cameras, dash cam and more, Accessible via SaaS or integra...Read more about Secure Redact

4.3 (3 reviews)


Datapole is a 100% French "deeptech" software publisher, which transforms raw data into rapid and reliable decision-making as as close as possible to the real of the organization needs. Our original Artificial Intelligence Assist...Read more about Datapole

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Do you know the pain of not knowing where you can find the right information within your company? This is probably because of you don't know where to search, what to search for or who to ask... We know that pain. That's why we ha...Read more about amberSearch

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Cauliflower is a self-service, AI-powered customer feedback analysis tool that provides marketers and product teams with actionable insights on customer feedback. The platform surfaces the most relevant topics and their relative i...Read more about Cauliflower


OPUS is a no-code Artificial Intelligence platform, specifically designed and built for Industrial Big Data. It allows users to model processes and equipment to identify opportunities for optimization and predictive maintenance. ...Read more about OPUS

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MLS is a cloud-based learning management system, designed to help organizations of all sizes educate and train mechanical engineers using individual practical and targeted self-paced learning modes. The solution comes with a tas...Read more about MLS

4.5 (4 reviews)


Appen is an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled solution that helps businesses across automotive, retail, healthcare and other industries streamline data extraction and natural language processing (NLP) operations. It enables org...Read more about Appen

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Neural Designer

Neural Designer is a user-friendly app for data science and machine learning. It allows you to build AI-powered applications without coding or building block diagrams. Its graphical interface eliminates the need for coding and co...Read more about Neural Designer

Prime AI

For fashion retailers aiming to minimise refunds and enhance profitability, Prime AI presents its Size Finder technology. This cutting-edge solution not only makes apparel and footwear retailing more eco-friendly but also bolsters...Read more about Prime AI


Thinkzoom is a training and virtual classroom solution that helps businesses build courses, create leaderboards, conduct quizzes, monitor users, and more from within a unified platform. It allows educators to utilize the webcam to...Read more about HSI LMS

5.0 (2 reviews)


LityxIQ is a cloud-based advanced analytics platform for organizations of all sizes. It is an automated machine learning platform, which automates reporting, modeling, and optimization. This solution helps organizations scale thei...Read more about Lityx


Maple is a cloud-based math software that combines a math engine with an interface that makes it easier and more efficient for the user to analyze, visualize, explore, and solve mathematical problems. The software allows users t...Read more about Maple

5.0 (2 reviews)

Maple Flow

By providing a flexible, whiteboard-style environment, Maple Flow allows design engineers to easily sketch out and formalize technical ideas, revising and reordering content with simple drag-and-drop behavior. Users can add math, ...Read more about Maple Flow

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Scale Document AI

Scale Document AI is a data extraction tool that helps financial services, logistics, and healthcare businesses with automating data extraction and document annotation. The main features of Scale Document AI include automated docu...Read more about Scale Document AI

5.0 (1 reviews)


datango is a learning management solution that helps businesses in healthcare, automotive, telecommunications and other industries manage employee training on a unified interface. The platform offers an authoring and documentation...Read more about datango

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Scale Rapid

Scale Rapid is an artificial intelligence software designed to help businesses in the retail, government, eCommerce and other sectors set up projects and create production-quality labels. The platform enables managers to upload da...Read more about Scale Rapid

4.0 (1 reviews)

Patent Monitor

Patent Monitor is a patent analysis solution designed to help businesses protect property rights using artificial intelligence technology. Users can define target categories to assess relevance for the organization. Patent Monito...Read more about Patent Monitor

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