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Datacor ERP

Datacor ERP (formerly Chempax) is an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) application designed specifically for chemical process manufacturers and distributors. The solution can ...Read more about Datacor ERP

3E Protect

3E Protect is a health and safety management solution that helps businesses across healthcare, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and other industries manage associated safety data sheets (SDS) to reduce incidents across departments. T...Read more about 3E Protect

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HSC Chemistry

HSC Chemistry is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses utilize data modeling and simulation capabilities to streamline thermodynamic and mineral processing calculations. Professionals can create SharePoint databases, collec...Read more about HSC Chemistry

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Data Sheet Solutions

Data Sheet Solutions is a safety data sheets (SDS) management solution that helps organizations create a fully searchable library of safety documents. Administrators can configure permission and access rights, restricting specific...Read more about Data Sheet Solutions

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BatchMaster ERP

BatchMaster Software offers process manufacturing software solutions for the food, chemical, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries. Users can run the manufacturing application with QuickBooks, Sage 100&300, Microsoft Dynamic...Read more about BatchMaster ERP

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Manufacturing Vision

Manufacturing Vision in an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that enables manufacturers of all sizes to manage costing, quotations, production, accounting, invoicing and more. It includes an inventory management system, ...Read more about Manufacturing Vision

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Labguru is specifically built for life science & pharmaceutical companies and offers a unified research data and operations management solution, integrating laboratory informatics software with the classic Electronic Lab Notebook ...Read more about Labguru


Vicinity Software is a cloud-based or on-premise solution designed for process manufacturers with a specific focus on food & beverage (VicinityFood), chemical (VicinityChem) and breweries (VicinityBrew). Features include MRP, cent...Read more about Vicinity

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SBN Suite

SBN Inspect is an inspection management software that helps medium to large businesses create custom checklists and forms to capture data and ensure compliance with OSHA, ISO and other regulatory standards. Organizations can use ...Read more about SBN Suite

Salute Safety

Salute is a comprehensive solution for safety leaders managing increasingly complex risk with limited resources. Their cloud-based EHS platform was designed so that everyone within an organization can easily access what they nee...Read more about Salute Safety

5.0 (7 reviews)

CDD Vault

CDD Vault is a cloud-based informatics platform designed to help research foundations, hospitals, academic labs, pharmaceutical and consumer goods companies organize, track and analyze biological and chemical data. CDD Vault ena...Read more about CDD Vault

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LabCollector LIMS

LabCollector LIMS is a cloud-based and on-premise laboratory information management system, which assists research organizations, biotech companies and universities with data collection, inventory tracking and lab equipment monito...Read more about LabCollector LIMS


FindMolecule is a laboratory information management system designed to help chemical laboratories handle inventory, orders, data security, projects and more on a unified platform. Biologists can track hazardous chemicals, share ex...Read more about FindMolecule

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USIM PAC is a steady-state process modeling and simulation software dedicated to the design and optimization of mineral processing and metallurgical plants. USIM PAC enables you to evaluate various configurations and solve probl...Read more about USIM PAC

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SciShield software was built by scientists, for scientists. We created a platform built specifically for the laboratory environment so EHS, Researchers, and Lab Operations can stop relying on generic solutions and focus on what ma...Read more about SciShield

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Cority offers a cloud-based, enterprise quality management and compliance software solution for midsize to large global manufacturers. It is suitable for manufacturers that operate in industries such as automotive, aerospace and d...Read more about Cority

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EHS Insight

EHS Insight is a cloud-based environmental health and safety (EHS) and quality management solution. It helps clients track environmental effects, manages security and risks and ensures compliance with requirements. EHS Insight of...Read more about EHS Insight

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Chemical Safety EMS

Chemical Safety EH&S is a cloud-based environmental management solution (EMS) that helps organizations to manage the environmental impacts of their business, safety compliance, labeling, reporting and more. Key features incl...Read more about Chemical Safety EMS

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Risk and Safety Solutions

RSS Safety Platform is a cloud-based suite of EHS solutions that help businesses manage and streamline safety and compliance tasks/processes across the organization. Each solution comes with built-in analytics and reporting framew...Read more about Risk and Safety Solutions

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Visco helps chemical importers maximize sales opportunities by keeping track of their inventory, quickly searching corporate data, monitoring trends and patterns in the marketplace, and providing accurate sales forecasts...Read more about VISCOchem

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