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NetX is a cloud-based digital asset management solution for organizations in various industries, including museums, higher education, travel/tourism, plus more. The solution can also be deployed on-premise on Windows and Linux sys...Read more about NetX

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Lucidworks Fusion

Lucidworks Fusion is a cloud-based solution designed to help IT teams manage data discovery through natural language processing (NLP), query intent classification, information clustering and ranking algorithms. Key features includ...Read more about Lucidworks Fusion

4.0 (1 reviews) is an end-to-end retail automation platform that is trusted by over 100+ retailers across the globe, including Diesel, Nordstrom, Tata Cliq, Mercado Libre, ThredUp, Rent the Runway, and many more. is redesigning th...Read more about

No reviews yet is an artificial intelligence solution designed to help businesses store, share and embed video or audio files on a unified interface. The platform enables administrators to include custom logos and subtitles in visuals an...Read more about

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AllRead MLT is an IA & Computer Vision-based OCR software that tracks and monitors software for goods and vehicles in Ports and Intermodal Platforms with high accuracy, fast integration with ERPs or TOS, and hardware agnostic. ...Read more about AllRead

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Help Lightning

Help Lightning is a B2B software as a service (SaaS) company specializing in remote assistance. The company’s cloud-based solution applies augmented reality features, including the merging of two video streams and the use of 3D ...Read more about Help Lightning

Luxand FaceSDK

Discover a world where cutting-edge technology meets simplicity. Luxand Face SDK empowers developers with a robust toolkit to seamlessly integrate advanced facial recognition capabilities into their applications. Crafted for versa...Read more about Luxand FaceSDK

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pixolution automates existing workflows or help create entirely new products based on artificial intelligence. The high performance Visual Search Hub is pixolution Flow. Users can integrate it into their applications to perform ...Read more about pixolution

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VizSeek is a cloud-based visual search and identification tool that allows businesses to upload images or search for products by just clicking on the VizSeek button on their browser. The application leverages computer vision to de...Read more about VizSeek

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nyris provides users the ability to search and analyze their visual data, as well as providing their customers, partners, and employees with the ability to perform visual, textual, and combinations of these searches....Read more about nyris

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ViSenze shows users the items their shoppers are most likely to buy. It can help companies increase their sales by delivering accurate and relevant recommendations. The solution can instantly curate a collection of items to keep ...Read more about ViSenze

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VizRefra is a data visualization and analytics tool that data scientists, business analysts, and market researchers generate 2D and 3D maps, charts, graphs, and dashboards. Users can visualize data from multiple sources on a sing...Read more about VizRefra

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Tilesview is an AI-based software that will assist customers in creating the ideal design for their spaces. It displays a 3-D view of any room with selected tiles. It offers a wide range of room previews in various categories. Fo...Read more about TilesView

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Elastic Enterprise Search

Elastic Enterprise Search is Elasticsearch, with a complete set of specialized tools and extensible APIs that make it easy to build search solutions and give users the best answers, every time. Monitor performance with robust anal...Read more about Elastic Enterprise Search

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Griot Technology

Griot Technology is a communication and knowledge-sharing application designed for field technicians. The app allows teams of technicians to collaborate in real-time to resolve issues quickly. Griot brings technicians together int...Read more about Griot Technology

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Google Cloud Vision API

Google Cloud Vision AI is a cloud-based visual search solution designed to help businesses manage processes related to image recognition using custom machine learning models. AutoML Vision leverages neural network models, produced...Read more about Google Cloud Vision API

Learn More is a cloud-based visual search platform that helps businesses manage image labeling and recognition via artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The solution offers various features such as image annotation, training...Read more about

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Teramind offers employee monitoring, insider threat detection, and data loss prevention (DLP) solutions. Teramind UAM monitors user activities on applications, websites, file systems, network, email, social media and more. Behavio...Read more about Teramind

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Korra is an AI-powered customer support solution designed to help businesses enhance customer service experiences. Korra offers key features, such as a self-service AI chatbot, automated content analysis, and a powerful natural la...Read more about Korra

Coveo Relevance Cloud

Coveo Relevance Cloud is an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled solution that helps businesses across finance, manufacturing, telecommunications and other industries manage enterprise search and customer service operations. The a...Read more about Coveo Relevance Cloud

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