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AppFolio Investment Manager

AppFolio Investment Manager is a commercial real estate software partner that enhances your investor experiences and simplifies your investment operations. In other words, we are... A modernized portal that helps you stay ahead ...Read more about AppFolio Investment Manager


OptionTrax is a cloud-based equity management software that helps market research and other businesses access transaction details, generate real-time summary reports, and filter them by demographics. It lets users handle stocks, S...Read more about OptionTrax

4.8 (6 reviews)

CompTrak Long Term Incentive Management

Designed for businesses of all sizes, CompTrak Long Term Incentive Management is a cloud-based platform that helps gain insights into compensation packages, facilitate employee communication, and view equity awards. Key features i...Read more about CompTrak Long Term Incentive Management

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Certent Equity Management

•Transmit information seamlessly between existing data sources. •Your choice of broker and payroll providers •Access to insightsoftware’s expert support team of CEPs and CPAs to help users through complex equity challenges and ...Read more about Certent Equity Management


Backstop, a service of ION Analytics is a cloud-based, investment management software designed to help growth and enterprise businesses in the institutional investment industry. The platform provides various solutions to manage mu...Read more about Backstop

Juniper Square

Juniper Square is the leader in partnership enablement for the private funds industry, offering a universal system for GPs and their LPs to seamlessly connect and communicate across every stage of their partnerships, from fundrais...Read more about Juniper Square

Global Shares

Global Shares is an equity management software with solutions for small-medium sized companies as well as large enterprises. The solution helps manage and administer all major employee stock plans and provides the tools users need...Read more about Global Shares

4.6 (7 reviews)

JUMP Front-to-Back

JUMP Front-to-Back is a comprehensive and modular asset management platform covering front-to-back office functions. It streamlines operations for asset managers, wealth managers, insurers, and other financial services firms. The...Read more about JUMP Front-to-Back

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The World's Fastest Private Equity Platform, Create SPVs Instantly to Fund Your Projects. Set up SPVs and funds instantly to invest in multiple deals. Allocations provides an end-to-end fund platform that increases efficiency and ...Read more about Allocations

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FolioSure is a cloud-based solution designed to help private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) firms monitor and analyze the performance of portfolio companies. Using the built-in cash flow engine, managers can calculate net to...Read more about FolioSure

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Corporify revolutionizes the way in which legal teams, legal service providers and investments funds handle their legal entity management and corporate housekeeping. The cloud-based SaaS platform allows users to manage the full e...Read more about Corporify


Pulley is a cap table platform taking a new approach to equity management. We give founders and employees the tools and insights to make smarter decisions about their equity. Equity is your company’s most important asset. Make s...Read more about Pulley

Diligent Equity

EquityEffect is a cloud-based equity management solution, which helps law firms, investors and financial institutions of all sizes monitor, manage and organize shares using cap tables and what-if analysis. It comes with a stock an...Read more about Diligent Equity


Kushim is an all-in-one investment tracking suite built for VC and PE firms. From deal screening to exit, Kushim's suite of products can help streamline workflows and manage funds. Kushim allows users to spend less time searching ...Read more about Kushim

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Ledgy is an equity management software solution for growing companies. It engages employees and investors to align them with the common goal of achieving growth. Key features include employee participation plan templates and autom...Read more about Ledgy

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Eqvista is a cloud-based equity management software designed to help investors and shareholders manage capitalization tables, equity shares, valuations, and more. Eqvista is suitable for organizations of all sizes, from small star...Read more about Eqvista

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Capiche is a cloud-based equity management platform that brings capital raising online, simplifying the entire process while ensuring regulatory compliance. With Capiche, both private and public companies can reduce the time and c...Read more about Capiche

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Vestd is a legal document management software that helps businesses manage equity or start a share scheme. The platform enables managers to divide shares with a cofounder and gain real-time insights into the portfolio using a unif...Read more about Vestd

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Orchestra is the leading platform to manage distributed equity in one place. Helping businesses get out of manual spreadsheets, Orchestra has the tools to easily manage a trusted source of truth across share registries, cap tabl...Read more about Orchestra

Founded in 2018, is a deal-sourcing platform that specialises in private market data. The platform is designed to provide in-depth insights into companies, investors, industries & investment activity globally for research...Read more about

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