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AutoLeap, an award-winning shop management software, is revolutionizing the auto repair industry. Tailored for both general repair and tire shops across the US and Canada, it empowers owners and managers to run their businesses wi...Read more about AutoLeap


Fullbay is a cloud-based shop management software designed for heavy-duty commercial repair shops.The app allows shop owners, technicians, managers, and customers to stay involved throughout the repair process—even if they’re outs...Read more about Fullbay


Shopmonkey is a cloud-based auto repair solution designed to help automotive businesses of all sizes manage processes related to appointment scheduling, messaging, reporting, invoicing, and more. The platform comes with a workflow...Read more about Shopmonkey


CCC ONE is a cloud-based auto shop management software that lets shops choose which package and product add-ons meet the company's unique business needs. With connections to multiple insurers, shops can receive more assignments t...Read more about CCC ONE

Shop Boss

Shop Boss Pro is cloud-based auto repair shop solution that helps auto shop owners with vehicle workflow management. The solution enables automotive repair shops to create customer invoices and manage vehicle repair history. Key f...Read more about Shop Boss

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Number 1 trusted by single location and multishop operators, Shop-Ware shop management solutions allow you to deliver consistent service with informed staff across all locations. Cloud-based repair orders and built-in vehicle insp...Read more about Shop-Ware

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SI Auto Pro is a cloud-based and on-premise auto shop management solution that serves small and midsize businesses in the automotive industry. Core features include auto-care management, contact automation, work order management, ...Read more about eServiceIntelligenceCRM

Yes Management System

Yes Management System by Pace Software is an on-premise auto repair shop solution that enables users to write and manage work orders, retain customers and track maintenance status. The solution helps repair facilities with either ...Read more about Yes Management System

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AutoRepair Cloud

AutoRepair Cloud is a cloud-based auto shop management software for auto service and repair shops that can be accessed across various platforms including the web, Android and iOS. The solution offers multiple features including t...Read more about AutoRepair Cloud

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Omnique is a cloud-based auto shop management solution suitable for small to midsize businesses. Omnique offers various features including estimate creation, parts ordering and appointment scheduling. It is able to integrate...Read more about Omnique


AutoServe1 is a cloud-based auto repair shop management solution that helps users in digital vehicle inspection. The solution educates vehicle owners about their auto repair tasks by updating them with latest videos and pictures. ...Read more about AutoServe1

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HITS is a cloud-based auto shop and tire dealership management solution for small and midsize businesses. Three separate modules are available: HITS BPOS, HITS ServiceCAT, and HITS TireLink. BPOS is the core module, providing poin...Read more about HITS

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AutoShop is an on-premise auto shop management solution that serves small and midsize businesses in the automotive industry. It is suitable for automotive repair shops, custom car builders, heavy truck shops, equipment repair, tir...Read more about AutoShop

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R.O. Writer is a comprehensive auto repair shop software built to help owners optimize every aspect of their business, from service writing to invoicing to customer communications. It is the most feature-rich shop management solut...Read more about R.O.Writer

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Conduct business concurrently and web-based in REAL-TIME with AutoFluent.NET. Get the most efficient, advanced, enterprise-level technology and security to take you into the future. Quotes, Work Orders, Invoices and individual Das...Read more about AutoFluent

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MaxxTraxx is an on-premise auto shop management solution with features such as order writing, workflow management and fleet maintenance. The solution can be used in automative, bicycle, heavy truck, restoration, motorcycle and mar...Read more about MaxxTraxx

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Auto Repair Bill

Auto Repair Bill is a cloud-based automotive solution for individual mechanics and small automobile repair shops. Auto Repair Bill helps mechanics to service requests, manage orders, schedule jobs and generate invoices for a...Read more about Auto Repair Bill

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Shop Methods

Shop Methods is a cloud-based auto repair solution that helps auto service providers such as repair facilities, car detailers, car customization shops and more to manage their day-to-day business operations. Shop Methods prov...Read more about Shop Methods

5.0 (8 reviews)

ProfitBoost Software

Pifpro is a cloud-based order management solution that caters to auto shops. Key features include billing and invoicing, parts management, service history records, vehicle tracking and more. Pifpro integrates with local and n...Read more about ProfitBoost Software

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Complete Auto Reports (CAR)

Complete Auto Reports (CAR) is a cloud-based auto shop solution designed to help automotive repair facilities manage their business processes. CAR is a mobile product which works on all devices, from PC/Mac to iOS and Android devi...Read more about Complete Auto Reports (CAR)

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Buyers Guide

Last Updated: April 19, 2024

What is auto repair software?

Auto repair software helps automobile repair businesses manage their day-to-day operations, including managing job orders, invoices, customer data, and more. It includes features for scheduling maintenance appointments, tracking inventory parts, and calculating estimated costs. Additionally, the software offers communication tools, such as team chat, status updates, and appointment reminders to improve the flow of information between business owners, technicians, and customers.

The main purpose of this tool is to simplify auto repair business operations by reducing manual tasks, such as maintaining customer records and generating work orders. Users can also leverage the tool to generate vehicle inspection reports to inform customers about repairs.

What are the core features of auto repair software?

  • Inventory management: Tracks all parts and materials used in repair jobs, helping auto shops maintain optimal inventory levels. The software automatically updates stock quantities as soon as items are ordered or sold. Additionally, it sends alerts for low-stock levels and facilitates reordering of supplies to avoid shortages. The feature also ensures accurate record-keeping for better forecasting.

  • Work order management: Simplifies the process of creating, assigning, and tracking maintenance tasks. Work order management enables users to monitor job stages— from initiation to completion in real-time. Technicians can also use this feature to update work orders with details, such as labor hours, parts used, and final costs.

  • Quotes/estimates: Generates cost estimates for auto repair services. The feature allows service providers to calculate labor costs, parts charges, taxes, and discounts to provide customers with a detailed quote before the commencement of work. This helps in enhancing customer trust through pricing transparency.

  • Billing and invoicing: Automates the process of generating and sending invoices to customers. The feature helps users track payments, generate payment receipts, and manage unpaid invoices. It includes tax calculation capabilities to keep businesses compliant with local regulations while also ensuring timely payments from customers.

What are the benefits of auto repair software?

  • Simplifies scheduling and appointments: Auto repair software simplifies scheduling and appointments by enabling easy booking of services. It allows customers to check available slots on an online calendar, book their preferred time for service, and receive reminders about upcoming appointments. This reduces manual work in managing schedules and prevents double bookings or missed appointments, improving the overall efficiency of the auto repair shop.

  • Monitors technician productivity: Auto repair software can enhance productivity by monitoring and tracking technician performance. It allows managers to assign tasks to technicians, monitor job status in real time, and track the time spent on each task. Managers can also use this tool to generate important performance metrics, such as jobs completed per hour and average repair time. Overall, the tool helps users evaluate individual and team productivity, identifying bottlenecks in the repair process which can further lead to improved operational efficiency and better resource allocation within the repair shop.

  • Enhances customer service: Auto repair software simplifies communication by offering tools, such as two-way messaging and automated appointment reminders. It offers detailed work order updates to customers via text or email, keeping them informed and involved in the repair process. Auto repair tools also enable customers to book appointments and access detailed appointment history online via the website or a mobile app. All this leads to increased satisfaction and a positive experience for customers.

What are the potential issues with auto repair software?

  • Inaccurate diagnostics: Inaccurate diagnostics in auto repair software can lead to incorrect problem identification, causing unnecessary or wrong repairs that can further lead to a waste of time and resources. This not only increases costs but also damages the vehicle instead of fixing it correctly, which could negatively impact customer trust in your service offerings.

  • Limited vehicle compatibility: Some auto repair tools may not support all vehicle types and models, which can limit the software’s usefulness for workshops with a diverse range of vehicles to service. Incomplete or incorrect information about certain makes or models can further lead to improper repairs, hindering effective repairs and causing customer dissatisfaction.

  • Complex user interface: Auto repair software with a complex user interface can lead to difficulty in navigating the system, especially for those who are not well-versed in technology. This complexity could potentially lead to data entry errors or misinterpretation of information, subsequently affecting the quality and efficiency of repairs.

How much does auto repair software cost?

Most online auto repair software solutions on the market are priced on a “per month” basis, and their entry-level pricing plans range from $7.99 to $750+.* An enterprise-level tool that’s priced higher may include additional features such as digital vehicle inspection, integrated payment processing, vendor management, customer relationship management (CRM), 3D vehicle modeling, and advanced reporting.

*The pricing included is for the entry-level or lowest-priced offerings found on vendor websites as of April 4, 2024.

What is auto repair software used for?

Auto repair software can serve various purposes—from scheduling to inventory management and invoicing. It can have multiple use cases based on the data you feed into the system and the available software features. Some of these use cases could include:

  • Document management: Auto repair platforms securely store important documents, such as repair orders, invoices, vehicle service histories, warranties, certifications, and compliance documents, eliminating the need for physical files. Some tools also provide indexing and version control capabilities to facilitate easy information retrieval, document tracking, and management. These tools also allow quick sharing of documents among staff members, technicians, and departments. 

  • Customer management: Auto repair software enables business owners to maintain detailed customer information, including contact details, vehicle histories, service preferences, and appointment schedules. It offers scheduling features that help customers book appointments online and receive automated reminders for upcoming repairs. Some of the tools also facilitate the collection and management of customer feedback and reviews to identify areas of improvement. 

  • Labor estimation and tracking: Some auto repair software platforms offer features, such as quote management and custom labor rates that enable users to automatically calculate labor costs, parts costs, and total estimates in real-time. Likewise, there are tools that allow technicians to log and track the time spent on individual repair jobs using timers or manual entry options.

Which tools integrate with auto repair software?

Auto repair software often integrates with various tools to enhance its functionality. We looked at thousands of reviews from users of online auto repair software to identify products that users frequently mention integrating with their auto repair tool:

  • QuickBooks Online is an online accounting platform that integrates with auto repair software to automate the transfer of financial data, including invoices, sales receipts, and payroll information between the two systems. This integration facilitates real-time financial reporting, providing auto repair businesses insights into key performance indicators, such as cash flow and revenue. 

  • Payrix is payment software that integrates with auto repair software to facilitate secure payment processing for services rendered. The integration enables auto repair businesses to process various types of online payments, including debit/card payments and mobile payments. 

  • Mitchell RepairCenter is a repair management system that integrates with auto repair software to help businesses import and manage estimates for parts, labor, and material services. This integration facilitates repair status tracking, labor time management, parts ordering, and inventory management. 

  • Google Calendar is a calendar application from Google that integrates with auto repair software to sync customer bookings, service appointments, and repair jobs between the two platforms. An auto repair shop can use this to create and share specific Google calendars with different team members and departments to facilitate collaboration.

  • Slack is a digital workspace solution that integrates with auto repair software to enhance communication and collaboration among team members, technicians, managers, and customers. The integration promotes messaging, group chats, private conversations, and file sharing for effective collaboration.

Note: We identified these integrations mentioned most often in verified reviews of auto repair software published on Software Advice within the past two years (as of April 4, 2024).

Considerations when purchasing auto repair software

  • Assess ease of inventory management: Inventory management feature in auto repair software is important as it allows users to track parts and supplies efficiently. Before investing in an auto repair system, look for reordering automation, vendor management, inventory reports, and forecasting. These can help an auto repair business manage inventory, reduce costs, and ensure that the right parts are available when required. 

  • Consider service history tracking feature: While evaluating the best auto repair software solutions, make sure to check that the software allows technicians to maintain and manage detailed records of all past services, including inspections, maintenance activities, labor hours, and parts used for a vehicle. The software should provide insights based on historical data analysis and the vehicle’s service history to help technicians diagnose current issues more accurately and suggest preventive measures.

  • Look for automated alerts and reminders: The best auto repair software offers automated alerts and reminders to help technicians send personalized notifications based on predefined triggers and conditions, ensuring timely communication. Consider an auto repair tool with alerts and reminders for upcoming appointments, service updates, inventory levels, maintenance schedules, and warranty expiration.


Products evaluated for the pricing calculation were taken from Software Advice’s auto repair software directory. The pricing ranges exclude freemium versions of the products. The features highlighted were identified based on their relevance and the percentage of products in Software Advice’s directory that offer them.

Disclaimer: This auto repair software buyers guide was authored by Software Advice’s content team. We develop our guides using the author’s expertise, insights from 2M+ unique user reviews, and our proprietary data science algorithms to identify trends in user sentiment, preferences, and priorities. Some text was generated with assistance from AI tools.