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Lost Returns

Lost Returns is a lost and found software designed to help businesses across a variety of industries including car rental, airlines, schools, airports, hotels, taxi, cruise lines, trains, security, venues and more. Key features in...Read more about Lost Returns

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Lost and Found Manager

Lost and Found Manager is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses in the aviation, public transport and hospitality industries register found items, manage returns, streamline customer service operations, and more. With its A...Read more about Lost and Found Manager

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iLost for Business

iLost for Business is a cloud-based lost and found software for municipalities, amusement parks, hotels, transportation businesses and more. It allows complete shipping of items to a customer's door, regardless of where the item o...Read more about iLost for Business


RepoApp is a cloud-based system designed to help businesses and organizations, including hospitality and retail companies, manage lost and found items and claims. RepoApp allows users to manage items in a list form, displayin...Read more about RepoApp

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Troov’s lost and found items management software allows users to categorize items into different categories such as bags, electronics, wallets, pets, identity documents and more. Manages item inventory with an intuitive interface ...Read more about Troov


FindMyLost is a cloud-based lost and found software that helps airlines, municipalities, hotels, universities, entertainment centers, and transport companies streamline lost property management processes. The platform enables staf...Read more about FindMyLost

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Found Hero

Designed for businesses in the transportation, hospitality, aviation, and entertainment industries, Found Hero is a cloud-based solution that helps customers register and track lost items on a unified dashboard. The platform enabl...Read more about Found Hero

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Catering to businesses in the education, hospitality, healthcare and transportation sectors, BOUNTE is a cloud-based software that helps identify, track, and return lost and found items. With the GPS functionality, employees can p...Read more about BOUNTE

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Crowdfind is a cloud-based lost and found software used by airports, educational institutions, venues and other businesses to track inventory, create reports, manage claims and communicate with customers. Employees can utilize the...Read more about Crowdfind

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It'sFound is a web-based lost property management solution for businesses of all sizes in the transportation, hospitality and retail industries. Customers can utilize the image recognition functionality to capture and upload image...Read more about it'sFOUND

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IQware's Property Management System (IQpms) is a comprehensive Hospitality solution designed to enhance RevPAR and effectively meet the distinct needs of various accommodations, ranging from small to large Hotels, Condo-Hotels, Re...Read more about IQware