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Vitrium Security

Vitrium is a cloud-based document management and digital rights management (DRM) solution that empowers businesses to securely store and share confidential sensitive files with trusted parties with ease, online and offline, withou...Read more about Vitrium Security

Widevine DRM

Widevine provides a seamless end-to-end solution for content owners who are always looking for ways to deliver their premium video content safely, securely, and consistently. It ensures an outstanding user experience for any devic...Read more about Widevine DRM


M-Files is the leading platform for knowledge work automation. M-Files enables knowledge workers to instantly find the right information in any context, automate business processes, and enforce information control. This provides b...Read more about M-Files

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Lizard Safeguard PDF Security

Safeguard PDF Security protects your digital documents from being stolen or compromized. Share and sell PDF files securely regardless of their location. Protect high value, sensitive and confidential documents from unauthorized ...Read more about Lizard Safeguard PDF Security

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NetX is a cloud-based digital asset management solution for organizations in various industries, including museums, higher education, travel/tourism, plus more. The solution can also be deployed on-premise on Windows and Linux sys...Read more about NetX

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CapLinked is a cloud-based virtual data room for file sharing and document management that helps businesses seeking to exchange confidential documents with third parties. The most common uses of the application include mergers and...Read more about CapLinked

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Digify is a virtual data room solution for businesses of all sizes. The platform integrates data encryption, access control, rights management, dynamic watermarking and file tracking in one place. With Digify, users can creat...Read more about Digify

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MemberSpace is a cloud-based membership solution, which allows users to provide role-based access to content. Key features include account management, customizable branding, invoicing, analytics, and data analytics. MemberSpa...Read more about MemberSpace

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Bynder's native, cloud-based Digital Asset Management (DAM) software is designed to simplify and optimize the management of digital assets for both small and large teams. It provides a centralized location to store and manage all ...Read more about Bynder

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Red Points

Red Points is the most widely used solution to combat online fraud. Over 1,300 companies rely on our AI-led technology to fight online counterfeits, piracy, and impersonation. They leverage Red Points to recover their digital re...Read more about Red Points

Verimatrix HDCP/DTCP

Verimatrix HDCP/DTCP is a digital rights management solution designed for content providers, device manufacturers, and app developers in the connected device market. It allows secure delivery of premium video to set-top boxes, sma...Read more about Verimatrix HDCP/DTCP

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Streamkeeper Multi-DRM

Streamkeeper Multi-DRM offers video streaming service providers, content owners, and operators the chance to set up a customizable, powerfully secured cloud-based DRM system. Streamkeeper Multi-DRM is compatible with Playready, Wi...Read more about Streamkeeper Multi-DRM

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Tizra is an enterprise content management solution that helps businesses build white-labeled websites to store, manage and share content. The platform enables administrators to organize digital assets such as videos and documents ...Read more about Tizra


Rightsline is a cloud-based solution that helps legal, sales and finance teams handle catalogues, deals, inventory and royalties across intellectual properties and digital assets via a unified portal. The platform enables owners t...Read more about Rightsline

Fasoo Enterprise DRM

Fasoo Enterprise DRM (FED) provides comprehensive protection for sensitive documents throughout the entire document lifecycle, whether they are at rest, in transit, or in use, on any device and at any time. Fasoo Enterprise DRM (F...Read more about Fasoo Enterprise DRM

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Imagen is a digital asset management solution designed to help businesses in the sports, media and other industries view, distribute and store audios, videos, images and documents in a centralized repository. Administrators can cu...Read more about Imagen

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Yokoy automates business spend management for medium and large enterprises, with Artificial Intelligence. Offering you expense management, invoice processing and smart corporate cards in an all-in-one intuitive platform. With this...Read more about Yokoy

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Filecamp is a cloud-based Digital Asset Management (DAM) software solution that helps companies organize and share their digital media such as images, videos, and documents. Filecamp comes with unlimited users, each user conf...Read more about Filecamp

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Digital assets are all digital content generated by a company. Hence, all digital assets which relate to the brand (logos, documents, images, campaign materials, brand guides, etc.), represent a high value for the organization. ...Read more about brahms


As a cloud-based mobile learning platform, MagicBox is designed for K-12 publishers to create & distribute rich interactive eBooks and track learners' progress through analytics dashboards. With end-to-end digital publishing and n...Read more about MagicBox

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