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Phorest is a salon management software solution designed for small and midsize businesses that features appointment bookings, point-of-sale, inventory management and reporting. The software offers cloud-based deployment and a salo...Read more about Phorest

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Rosy Salon Software is a cloud-based salon and spa management solution designed for small and midsize businesses. It offers client scheduling, point-of-sale, inventory management, reporting and marketing within a suite. The produc...Read more about Rosy

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Dayful allows businesses to streamline scheduling, payments & admin with time-saving automations, 24/7 bookings from any channel, business calendar, flexible payment options, automated SMS & email reminders, and client & owner mob...Read more about Dayful

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Zenoti is a cloud­-based business solution used by spas, salons, med spas, yoga, and fitness studios of all sizes. Business features include appointment scheduling, billing, marketing, inventory, payroll, and configurable repo...Read more about ZENOTI

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Uzeli is a cloud-based and on-premise solution, designed to help small to large salons and spas manage client appointments and point-of-sale (POS) operations. Features include client database, text message reminders, referral prog...Read more about Uzeli

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WellnessLiving is a cloud-based business management solution for wellness studios of all sizes. The key features of the solution include online booking, payments, class scheduling and marketing management. WellnessLiving feature...Read more about WellnessLiving

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*30 DAY FREE TRIAL* Ovatu is a world-class salon booking software provider with full point of sale, reminders, online booking options, marketing tools, and more. Ovatu customises the entire booking experience to your brand and hel...Read more about Ovatu

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BookSteam is an online appointment scheduling solution. It offers business and customer-facing functionality so that customers/clients can schedule appointments online, while businesses can manage these appointments on the backend...Read more about BookSteam

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All-in-one scheduling appointment software built for businesses. Don't waste time arranging meetings with clients. Streamline your company's workflow - automatically. Thanks to Calendesk, you will be able to accept bookings from...Read more about Calendesk

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Visibook is a cloud-based appointment scheduling solution which assists personal trainers, barbers and spas with online bookings and managing customer relationships. Its key features include calendar sync, booking reminders, payme...Read more about Visibook

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Mindbody is a cloud-based club management and appointment scheduling solution designed for the needs of small to midsize businesses. The product is primarily used by gyms, fitness and personal training centers, salons, spas and ma...Read more about Mindbody

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Savvy Barbers

Savvy Barbers makes it easy to schedule clients using our 24/7 online booking, ensuring your constant engagement with customers. Enabling you to spend less time on admin and more with your patrons. Attract new clients and boost cu...Read more about Savvy Barbers

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Designed for small to large health and wellness businesses, Request is a cloud-based scheduling solution that helps manage customer appointments, set up recurring bookings, handle client records and more. With Request, salon mana...Read more about Request

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5280 Book

5280 Book is the best Salon booking software available. Easy, Affordable, Full Featured, Secure, why settle for less. 100% Affordable starting at $10/mo and 2 month free trial. 5280 Book is accessible from any device, anywhere, an...Read more about 5280 Book

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FlexBooker is a cloud-based appointment management solution that enables users to manage appointments, facilities, classes and service delivery for their customers. The software allows users to make online reservations, schedule s...Read more about FlexBooker

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Square Appointments

Square Appointments is a cloud-based appointment management solution that enables professionals to manage bookings, appointments, generate leads and accept payments. The solution suits the needs of retailers of all sizes in a vari...Read more about Square Appointments

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Salon Booking

Salon Booking is an appointment booking system that helps businesses get more reservations on the business' website without wasting time with paper-based schedules. The software targets hairdressers, salons, barbershops, tutors, c...Read more about Salon Booking

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Appointment scheduling and booking software for small businesses that's flexible and simple to use. Jezzam provides you with cloud-based software that's mobile ready for both you and your customers. A 30-day free trial lets you...Read more about Jezzam

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Slick for Salon

Slick is a cloud-based business management solution designed to help salons streamline processes related to appointment scheduling, online booking, SMS marketing and more. Managers can gain visibility into appointments per staff m...Read more about Slick for Salon

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Reservo aims to save time for what truly matters. We understand that as long as your business grows, the less hands and time to manage your staff and task will remain. Managing appointments efficiently is a big problem which eve...Read more about Reservo

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