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Libraesva Email Security

Protect your business from disruption, financial loss and reputational damage. Libraesva Email Security stops known and emerging email threats from reaching their target, so you only receive legitimate messages. It provides except...Read more about Libraesva Email Security


AI-Powered Protection for Business Email Security -Stop sophisticated attacks before they reach a user's inbox -Ensure compliance with automated DLP and 256-bit AES encryption -Automatically disable access to compromised accoun...Read more about Trustifi

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DNSFilter is a cloud-based cybersecurity software that helps businesses leverage AI technology and DNS protection to streamline threat detection and content filtering processes. Professionals can classify unknown websites into mul...Read more about DNSFilter


Guardz was specifically built to empower MSPs with the tools to holistically secure and insure SMEs against ever-evolving threats such as phishing, ransomware attacks, data loss, and user risks by leveraging AI and a multilayered ...Read more about Guardz

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Virtru is a cloud-based data privacy and security platform that helps businesses of all sizes across education, IT, manufacturing, finance and various other industries manage and encrypt emails. The application enables supervisor...Read more about Virtru

Fortra's Agari DMARC Protection

Agari Brand Protection allows organizations to ensure security from email spoofing, phishing, and other online threats. A cloud-based solution, Agari provides DMARC email authentication, enterprise-grade SPF and DKIM that help pr...Read more about Fortra's Agari DMARC Protection

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Agari Phishing Defense

Agari Phishing Defense is a cloud-based software that helps protect businesses from online attacks — whether that be social engineering, spearphishing and other forms of identity theft. The solution combines behavioral analysis wi...Read more about Agari Phishing Defense

4.5 (8 reviews)

Heimdal Email Security

Heimdal Email Security is a cloud and on-premise email protection solution that mixes Office 365 support with proprietary threat prevention, helping enterprises augment defenses on their most-used corporate communication channel –...Read more about Heimdal Email Security

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ContentCatcher is a cloud-based, anti-spam and email security solution designed to help businesses of all sizes manage and prevent cyber threats. The centralized platform allows businesses to scan email attachments or URLs for mal...Read more about ContentCatcher

ESET Endpoint Security

ESET Endpoint Security software is a cloud-based and on-premises application for internet security and malware protection. It has a global user base that comprises businesses of every size. Cloud sandbox technology enables users t...Read more about ESET Endpoint Security


EasyDMARC is an email security and deliverability platform that streamlines the process of email authentication and helps you minimize cyberattack risks. Users can take control of their email security with EasyDMARC and enjoy peac...Read more about EasyDMARC

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Cyber Risk Aware

Designed for businesses of all sizes, Cyber Risk Aware is a cloud-based risk assessment software that helps deliver threat analysis training, monitor phishing attacks, and generate compliance reports on a unified platform. Key fea...Read more about Cyber Risk Aware

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AVG Internet Security Business Edition

AVG Internet Security Business Edition is a corporate endpoint security solution aimed towards small and midsize business units. Along with full-time antivirus protection, AVG Internet Security Business Edition also offers it...Read more about AVG Internet Security Business Edition

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Proofpoint Email Protection

Proofpoint Email Protection is a cloud-based email fraud protection platform. It helps users by detecting, blocking and giving responses to email threats. It also eliminates email fraud using real-time insights. Proofpoint Em...Read more about Proofpoint Email Protection

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Symantec Email

Email is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses prevent email and malware threats across built-in on-premise and cloud systems. Key features include spam defense, link protection, impersonation control, ...Read more about Symantec Email

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CipherBox is a Managed Detection & Response solution that provides your company with protection from cyber threats. Get alerts when threats to your digital environment arise and let Cipher act to notify you and mitigate them. Resp...Read more about CipherBox

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ConnectWise SIEM

ConnectWise SIEM (formerly Perch) is a threat detection and response management solution that allows organizations to design, deploy and manage custom cybersecurity programs. The platform includes a threat hunting functionality wi...Read more about ConnectWise SIEM

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OnDMARC is a message authentication system for business emails. It helps to prevent malicious use of business domains for spoof messages. Email is the main source of security breaches, and the system prevents unauthorized sendin...Read more about OnDMARC


Boolebox is a data protection suite designed to protect sensitive information against unwelcome hackers and third parties. Although no system is completely invulnerable, the application aims to provide nearly unbreakable high-leve...Read more about BooleBox

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modusCloud is a cloud-based email security solution that helps managed service providers (MSP), IT resellers and consultants protect business email accounts from spam, targeted phishing and more. Key features include context index...Read more about modusCloud

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